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This surname index will take you to the generations of  that surname leading directly to the Roseberry-Sutton; Keister-Foster and Howell-Burnop families.  From this page of  “Generations,” links will lead you to all the information I have on that family. 


The pages of  “Family History” are often primary records concentrating on the census and tax lists.  The 1720, 1740 and 1760 Virginia Censuses are reconstructed censuses by TLC Genealogy.  These are not complete census records.  They are based on deed, wills, tax lists etc.


The pages of “Descendants of” are the most complete information I have.  They begin with the earliest ancestor for each surname and give his descendants.  This of course covers many family lines (“cousin’s lines”) other than the direct line to the Roseberry-Sutton; Keister-Foster and Howell-Burnop families.




The AngstaTT Family of Alsace, Germany          KEISTER-FOSTER Family



The Bane Family of Scotland                         KEISTER-FOSTER Family

The Beck Family, Wurttemberg, Germany   ROSEBERRY-SUTTON Family

The Beer Family, Nassau-Siegen, Germany HOWELL-BURNOP Family

The Bryant Family of North Carolina         HOWELL-BURNOP Family

The Burk Family of Ireland                            KEISTER-FOSTER Family

The Burnop Family of England                    HOWELL-BURNOP Family



The Carper Family of Frederick Co., VA    ROSEBERRY-SUTTON Family



The DAUX Family of England                         ROSEBERRY-SUTTON Family

The Duncan Family of Fauquier Co., VA   HOWELL-BURNOP Family



The Ferguson Family of Bedford Co., VA KEISTER-FOSTER Family

The Fillenger Family of Germany             KEISTER-FOSTER Family

The Fischbach Family of Germany            HOWELL-BURNOP Family

The Foster Family of Giles Co., VA             KEISTER-FOSTER Family



The GLASGOW Family of Wythe Co., VA     ROSEBERRY-SUTTON Family

The Godbey Family of England                    ROSEBERRY-SUTTON Family

The GuckerS of Wurttemberg, Germany    ROSEBERRY-SUTTON Family

The Gunn Family of Pulaski Co., VA           ROSEBERRY-SUTTON Family



The Hanks Family of England                      HOWELL-BURNOP Family

The Heimbach Family of Germany             HOWELL-BURNOP Family

The Hinds Family of Virginia                        HOWELL-BURNOP Family

The Holtzclaw Family of Germany                   HOWELL-BURNOP Family

The Howell Family of Pennsylvania           HOWELL-BURNOP Family

The Hylton Family of Virginia                    HOWELL-BURNOP Family



The ILLER Family of Germany                        HOWELL-BURNOP Family



The Keister Family of Germany                             KEISTER-FOSTER Family

The King Families of Pulaski, VA                  ROSEBERRY-SUTTON Family



The Long Family of Germany                       KEISTER-FOSTER Family



The Mills Family of Virginia                         HOWELL-BURNOP Family

The Morricle Family of Germany              HOWELL-BURNOP Family

The Muenker Family of Nassau-Siegen      HOWELL-BURNOP Family

The MuessES  of Nassau-Siegen, Germany   HOWELL-BURNOP Family



The Otterbach Family of Nassau-Siegen  HOWELL-BURNOP Family



The PattS of Nassau-Siegen, Germany         HOWELL-BURNOP Family

The Patterson Family of Virginia             ROSEBERRY-SUTTON Family

The Patton Family of Scotland                              ROSEBERRY-SUTTON Family

The Pratt Family of Floyd Co., VA              HOWELL-BURNOP Family

The PRESTON Family of Ireland                    ROSEBERRY-SUTTON Family



The Rankin Family of Pulaski Co., VA        ROSEBERRY-SUTTON Family

The RoseberryS of Rockingham Co., NC   ROSEBERRY-SUTTON Family

The Russell Family                                       HOWELL-BURNOP Family



The Schneider Family                                 KEISTER-FOSTER Family

The Schreyer Family                                    KEISTER-FOSTER Family

The Shell Family of Pennsylvania               KEISTER-FOSTER Family

The ShufflebargeRS of Switzerland        ROSEBERRY-SUTTON Family

The Skaggs Family of Tazewell Co., VA     ROSEBERRY-SUTTON Family

The Solbach Family of Germany                HOWELL-BURNOP Family

The Songer Family of Germany                            KEISTER-FOSTER Family

The StuellS of Nassau-Siegen, Germany    HOWELL-BURNOP Family

The Sutton Family of Pulaski Co., VA        ROSEBERRY-SUTTON Family



The VaughAn Family of Carroll Co., VA   HOWELL-BURNOP Family



The Weaver Family                                       HOWELL-BURNOP Family

The WEDDLE Family of Germany                  HOWELL-BURNOP Family

The White Family of New England              HOWELL-BURNOP Family

The Whitt Family of England                       ROSEBERRY-SUTTON Family

The Wysor Family of Germany                     ROSEBERRY-SUTTON Family










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