Descendants of Benjamin Howell (1735-1799) of Pennsylvania



Generation One



1.  Benjamin HOWELL (149);[1] born circa 1735;[2] married Elizabeth ? (150) circa 1758;[3] died 1799 in Montgomery County, VA.[4]

     "BENJAMIN HOWELL, 354 acres on Little River, west fork; 1782 additions, 165 acres on south fork Little River adjoining Ignatius Turman, granted 1787, and 194 acres on west fork; 1783, 104 acres on west fork; 1787, 214 acres on Lick branch of Little River." in 1774 in Botetourt Co., VA.[5]

      "1799, JEREMIAH BUCHANAN from Benjamin Howell, Sr., 120 acres south fork of Little River." in Montgomery Co., VA.[6]

     He was listed in July 15, 1799 survey as owner of 100 acres in Montgomery Co., VA.[7]

     He left a will on April 25, 1799 in Montgomery Co., VA.[8]

Benjamin Howell, Sen Will

Bird Smith and William Griffith to divide lands

Sons: David, Benjamin

Daughter: Mary

Exec: Joshua Howell, brother and Benjamin Howell, son

Signed: April 25, 1700 Benjamin Howell Sen. 0=his mark

Witnesses: Bird Smith, Joshua Howell, Marcus Linkins (m=his mark) and Benjamine Hickman (*=his mark)

Returned August 1799 Charles Taylor, CMC


Benjamin Howell Appraisal

Given October 3, 1799 by James Thompson, Benj'n Weddle and John Vancil

Returned April 1800   Charles Taylor CMC.


     Elizabeth ? (150) was born circa 1735. She died circa 1795.[9]

     Children of Benjamin Howell (149) and Elizabeth ? (150) were as follows:

+         2.        i.    Daniel (151), born 1759 in Philadelphia, PA; married Frances ? (2281).

           3.        ii.    Mary (163) born circa 1760.[10]

+         4.      iii.    David Sr. (130), born 1764 in PA; married Jane Allen (131).

+         5.       iv.    Benjamin (155), born 1772 in Floyd Co., VA; married Elizabeth Kendall (156).

           6.       v.    Hannah (161); born circa 1775;[11] married Conrad Plasters (162) November 17, 1795 in Montgomery County, VA.[12]





1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation

6th Generation










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