Generation Four


27.  Caleb HOWELL (2245); born 1829;[1] married Eliza Melvina Howell (2177), daughter of Alexander Howell (2164) and Timandra Dobyns (2175), March 11, 1858 in Floyd Co., VA;[2] died 1894.[3]

     He lived in 1855 in Carroll Co., VA.[4] He began military service circa 1861 at Carroll Co., VA.  A Civil War soldier, he enlisted in the 51st VA INF, Co. H.[5]


     Eliza Melvina HOWELL (2177) was born in 1833.[6] She died in 1912.[7]

     Children of Caleb Howell (2245) and Eliza Melvina Howell (2177) were:

         52.        i.    Emma S. (2267);[8] born 1859 in VA.


40.  William A. HOWELL (115); born October 14, 1827 in Floyd County, VA;[9] married Lucinda Duncan (116), daughter of George Duncan Sr. (128) and Elizabeth Morricle (129), January 9, 1850 in Floyd County, VA;[10] married Elizabeth S. (-?-) (117) circa 1887;[11] died October 16, 1905 in Floyd County, VA, at age 78. Burial in Duncan Cemetery in Willis, VA (Floyd Co.).[12]

     He was a farmer in 1870 in Floyd Co., VA.[13]


     Lucinda DUNCAN (116) was born on April 7, 1829 in Floyd County, VA.[14] She died on April 25, 1884 in Floyd County, VA, at age 55. Burial in Duncan Cemetery in Willis, VA (Floyd Co.).[15]

     Children of William A. Howell (115) and Lucinda Duncan (116) were as follows:

+       53.        i.    Elisha (100), born 1851 in Floyd Co., VA; married Catherine Keith (109).

+       54.        ii.    George Washington (98), born May, 1853 in Floyd County, VA; married Rosabell Pratt (99).

         55.      iii.    William A. (101); born July 7, 1855 in Floyd Co., VA;[16] died May 11, 1905 in age 49.[17]

         56.       iv.    James A. (102); born August 9, 1859 in Floyd Co., VA.[18]

         57.       v.    Robert (103); born 1861 in Floyd Co., VA.[19]

         58.       vi.    Jesse (104); born 1863 in Floyd Co., VA.[20]

         59.     vii.    David E. (105); born August 5, 1865 in Floyd Co., VA;[21] married Lutero M. ? (5557) circa 1885;[22] died July 9, 1950 at age 84. Buried in Greasy Creek Church cemetery in Floyd Co., VA.[23]

         60.     viii.    William A. Jr. (106); born April 15, 1867 in Floyd Co., VA;[24] died March 6, 1885 in Floyd Co., VA, at age 17. Cause of death was pneumonia and age listed as 17 years and 11 months.  Buried in Floyd Co., VA.[25],[26]

         61.       ix.    Simon P. (107); born April 29, 1869 in Floyd Co., VA;[27] married Lillie P. Phillips (5547) circa 1905;[28] died September 6, 1949 at age 80. Buried in the Elisha Reed Cemetery in Willis, Floyd Co., VA.[29]

         62.       x.    Gordon A. (108); born 1872 in Floyd Co., VA.[30]


     Elizabeth S. (-?-) (117) was born in December, 1836 in VA.[31]

     There were no children of William A. Howell (115) and Elizabeth S. (-?-) (117).


47.  Martha Jane HOWELL (312); born 1834 in Floyd County, VA;[32] married Ishmael Pratt (311), son of John Pratt (315) and Agnes ? (316), June 22, 1854 in Floyd County, VA.[33]


     Ishmael PRATT (311) He was born on December 25, 1832 in Floyd County, VA[34] and died in Floyd County, VA   Buried in a Private Cemetery in Floyd Co., VA.[35]

     He was a farmer in 1860 in Floyd Co., VA.[36]

     Children of Martha Jane Howell (312) and Ishmael Pratt (311) were as follows:

         63.        i.    Asa L. (309); born 1855 in Floyd County, VA;[37],[38] married Frances B. ? (5572) circa 1880;[39] died 1932. Buried in Pratt Cemetery, Floyd Co., VA.[40]

+       64.        ii.    Rosabell (99), born April 11, 1856 in VA; married George Washington Howell (98).

         65.      iii.    Mary A. (310); born 1859 in Floyd County, VA.[41]





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