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72.  Elbert Eden HOWELL (14); born December 25, 1878 in Floyd County, VA;[1] married Bertha Burnop (15), daughter of Richard Thompson Burnop (164) and Nancy E. Vaughn (165), October 1, 1900 in Radford, VA;[2] died March 24, 1964 in Radford, VA, at age 85. Burial in West View Cemetery in Radford, VA.[3]


     Memories of Elbert Eden Howell and Bertha Burnop

     Grandmother and Granddaddy Howell lived at 4th and Ingles Streets in Radford. The house was on a steep hill. It started as a one story, 2 bedroom house but had been expanded when I was little.    

     The living room and 4 bedrooms were upstairs with a kitchen, dining room, and den downstairs.  I remember a marble top hall tree, dresser (marble top) and a curved glass front dish cabinet; also a white bowl and pitcher set.  There was a wide porch with a swing upstairs.

     In the back were cherry and apple trees, a grape vine, a smokehouse, and a vegetable garden; lots of flowers everywhere.  I remember a cow, chickens, and pigs.

     Since we were in town, we had electricity and plumbing all my life but when we went to Granddad's relatives in Floyd, I remember outhouses.

     Granddad Howell had moved from Floyd.  He worked first at an Extract Plant but later had a shoe repair shop. Grandmother was a great cook and wonderful seamstress. She made and sold fruitcakes and did sewing-everything from tailored suites to wedding dresses.  She made all my clothes including my wedding dress.

One of my earliest memories is playing under a quilt frame with my cousins while our mothers quilted. I also remember making applebutter outdoors in a large iron pot over an open f ire.  Hogs were always killed on Thanksgiving Day. We ate together on Sunday.

     Grandmother and Granddaddy were members of the Radford Christian Church, Disciples of Christ.  She loved to tell about Preacher Warren Hastings when he was a student at Lynchburg College.  Hastings would come to Radford on Saturday night and come with her boys and sleep there.    

     She told of washing his shirts and sewing buttons on it.  Hastings became a very well known minister in Washington, D.C.

     Family get-togethers were important. Sunday dinners, Christmas,  I remember.  Radio was a family time; Kate Smith, Irv Sharp, Lone Ranger, Jack Benny; all listened together.  My dad had the only car in the family so he drove us to visit Burnops in Bluefield, WVA and Howells in Floyd.

     I remember seeing granddad and Grandmother walking to or from the bus holding hands.    

     She always rode the bus down to his shop and they came home together on Saturday.

     In later years, Granddad suffered from arthritis and Grandmother had severe allergies. They are buried in the cemetery on 5th Street near the Roseberry house.

Betty J. Keister [4]


 (A Memorial Record from Seaver-Saunders Funeral Home in Radford)

               In Memory of ELBERT E. HOWELL

               Born: December 25, 1878     Passed Away: March 24, 1964 Age 85

               Services: Radford Christian Church    Thursday Afternoon      2:00 P.M.

               Clergymen: Rev. Alfred J. Clifton       Rev. L. E. Moseley

               Interment: West View Cemetery[5]


     He worked at the Extract Plant and later owned a shoe repair shop in Radford, VA.[6] He lived at 4th and Ingles Street, Radford, VA.[7]


     Bertha BURNOP (15) was born on September 7, 1883.[8] She lived at 4th and Ingles Street, Radford, VA.[9] She died on December 3, 1956 in Radford, VA, at age 73. Burial in West View Cemetery in Radford, VA.[10]

      Her obituary (Newspaper Obituary with "b. 9-7-83    d. 12-3-56" written at top)

            Mrs. Bertha B. Howell

    Funeral services for Bertha Burnope Howell, 74, who died yesterday morning in the Radford Community Hospital, will be held tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. in the Radford Christian Church. The Rev. L. E. Moseley, assisted by the Rev. Robert S. Tatlock will conduct the services.

     Active Pallbearers will be Bill Duncan, Charlie Roseberry, Donald Flinchum, James Burnette, Tommy Howell and James Robertson.  Honorary pallbearers are Dr. T. Gemmill, Worth Umberger, George W. Lyle, Reginald Long, W. F. Amonette, Charlie Vaughn, Max Rupe, Roy Mayberry, Tim Young, Pat Burnette, James Bocock, Mike Wilson, Loren Smith, Edsel Shumate, John Godbey and Delmas Conrad.

     The body will remain at Seaver Funeral Home until 10 a. m. Wednesday. Burial will be in the West View Cemetery after December 3, 1956.[11]

     Children of Elbert Eden Howell (14) and Bertha Burnop (15) were as follows:

         76.        i.    Elbert Franklin (5), born June 15, 1902; married Hattie Lou Holliday (6).

         77.        ii.    Byra (16); born July 9, 1904 in Radford, VA; died January 31, 1987 in Montgomery County, VA, at age 82.   

         78.      iii.    James Rudolph (17), born September 4, 1906 in Radford, VA; married Virgie Lillian Lester Flinchum (23).

         79.       iv.    Margaret Virginia (18), born September 27, 1908 in Radford, VA; married Harry Price Keister (24); died Mar. 4, 1992 in Salem, VA.

         80.       v.    George Thomas (19), born October 11, 1910 in Radford, VA; married Virginia K. Showalter (27).

         81.       vi.    Nannie (20); born June 11, 1912 in Radford, VA; died July, 1912 in Radford, VA.

         82.     vii.    Raymond (21), born December 19, 1916 in Radford, VA; married Polly Perdue (28).

         83.     viii.    JULIA (22), born July 4, 1919 in Radford, VA; married Edward Francis (30)




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