Descendants of Hieronymus Gucker




Generation One



1.  Hieronymus GUCKER; born circa 1680 in of Germany; married Agnes (--?--) circa 1705.[1]


     Agnes (--?--) was born circa 1680 in of Germany.[2]

     Children of Hieronymus Gucker and Agnes (--?--) were:

+            2.          i.     Anna Maria, born circa 1709 in Oberriexingen, Wurttemberg, Germany; married Hans Jerg Beck.


Generation Two



2.  Anna Maria GUCKER; born circa 1709 in Oberriexingen, Wurttemberg, Germany;[3] married Hans Jerg Beck, son of Ulrich Beck and Margaretha (--?--), June 21, 1729 in Oberriexingen, Wurttemberg, Germany; died after 1775.[4]


     Hans “George” Jerg BECK was born circa 1705 in Oberriexingen, Wurttemberg, Germany.[5] He emigrated circa 1754 from Germany to America.  A Certificate issued in Germany before emigration was dated Apr. 24, 1752 and Elizabeth Beck wed Adam Weiser in PA in 1755. He died in May, 1775 and was buried in Beck Cemetery, Mt. Bethel, Northampton Co., PA.[6]

     More on this family can be found in the Beck section.










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