Descendants of Jesse Roseberry





Generation One



1.  Jesse1 ROSEBERRY; born circa 1750.

     Jesse Roseberry is a working hypothesis only.  He is found in a World Family Tree lineage tracing the branch of his grandson, also named Jesse Roseberry, who married Lucinda Auxier.  There are problems with this lineage as will be noted under the different individuals.  The World Family Tree lineage lists the William Roseberry born in 1801 as Jesse's son, not the William Roseberry born abt. 1775 after 1775.[1]


     Children of Jesse1 Roseberry include:

+            2.          i.     William2 Roseberry, born circa 1775.


Generation Two



2.  William2 ROSEBERRY (Jesse1) born circa 1775.[2]

     This William Roseberry is probably the father of James Roseberry.  William Roseberry is the first Roseberry to appear in North Carolina in the 1810 Rockingham Co. Census.  Here he is listed with 6 children, 3 male and 3 female.  In the 1820 NC Census, 4 Roseberrys appear, James, John, Keziah and Samuel.  James and Keziah Roseberry are from Rockingham County and John and Samuel are from Rowan County which is SW of Rockingham.  James, Samuel and Keziah Roseberry are all mentioned in the will of Prithiah Allen, probated in Rockingham Co., NC in 1821.

     Documentation is lacking, however, to prove William is the father of James Roseberry.  In the 1830 Rockingham Co., NC Census, a 60-70 year old male is living with James (who would have been 31 and is listed in the 30-40 year age group.)

     I believe this is the William Roseberry that was the 16-18 immigrant referred to in Willard A. Roseberry's 1978 letter rather than his son William (b. 1801) in NC.

Possibilities Concerning William Roseberry born abt. 1775

     The Willard A. Roseberry letter discussing family lore mentions that both the James Roseberry branch and the William Roseberry (born in 1801) branch of the Roseberry family had been contacted by the English Government to see if a claim could be established to the "Roseberry Estate."  The first attempt was in 1880 and the second just prior to WWII.

     The letter states that William Roseberry's (born in 1801) father was the Roseberry who came over from England at age 16 or 18.  By location and date the father of William Roseberry (born in 1801) and also James Roseberry (born in 1799) was probably another William Roseberry.

     The 1810 Rockingham Co., NC Census gives his age as 26-45 meaning he was born between 1765 and 1784 or abt. 1775 give or take 10 years.  Since James was born in 1799 and William in 1801, their father was probably born abt. 1775 which is 1799 subtract 25 years and rounded off to the nearest 5. This is, of course, a rough estimate to give an app. time frame.

     If the first William was born in abt. 1775, then he would have immigrated to America in abt. 1791-93.  He could have immigrated as early as 1781 but probably not much later than 1795 if he was to be old enough to have sons in 1799 and 1801.

     On the 1790 Census, there is only one William Roseberry. This William Roseberry lived in Allegheny Co., PA and the only age given is over 16.  In addition, this household included a "free white male" under 16 and two females.

     On May 3, 1798, a Win. Roseberry living in Westmoreland Co., PA became a naturalized citizen. Interesting enough, his nativity is listed as Ireland.  In 1800, no William Roseberry is listed for Pennsylvania.  A William Rosberry is in Jefferson Co., KY and a William Roseborough in Montgomery Co., KY.

     In 1810, KY has two William Roseberrys and one William Rosebrough while NC has one William Roseberry in Rockingham Co. as mentioned above.  This William is the father of many NC, VA, WVA & KY Roseberrys.  More information is needed to determine whether the 1790 PA William Roseberry who moved by 1800 is the one who first appeared in NC in 1810 or if the 1790 PA William Roseberry moved to Kentucky and stayed or if the 1790 PA William Roseberry moved to KY and then to NC.  In addition, its possible that each of these Roseberrys is a seperate individual.  Finally is the naturalized Roseberry of 1798 the same as this 1790 PA William Roseberry?

      Children of William2 Roseberry both born NC include:

+            3.          i.     James3 Roseberry, born 1799; married Elizabeth (--?--).

+            4.          ii.     William Roseberry, born 1801; married Margaret Sartin.





Generations 1 & 2

Generation 3

Generation 4

Generation 5


Generation 6













[1]World Family Tree Research, Vol. 1-27 , CD-ROM (Broderbund Software, Inc.). Hereinafter cited as World Family Tree.

[2]1810 NC, Rockingham County Census; 1810 NC, Rockingham County Census, p. 27.  Age given as 26-45. Hereinafter cited as 1810 NC, Rockingham Co. Census.