Descendants of Joseph Glasgow



Generation One



1.  Joseph GLASGOW; born circa 1760; married Elizabeth (--?--) circa 1785; died April 11, 1831 in Wythe Co., VA.[1], [2]


     Joseph is listed provisionally as William's father circa 1790 in Wythe Co., VA.[3]  Joseph is the only listing of Glasgow in Wythe County in the 1810 and 1820 VA Census Indexes.  In 1830 both Joseph and a William P. Glasgow are listed.  Joseph died in 1831 and in 1840 and 1850 only William is listed in the Wythe Co., VA Census Indexes.

     The 1810 Census for Joseph lists a male over 45 and a male, age 16-26, as well as a female over 45 and 5 slaves.

     In Joseph's will in 1831 he mentions the children of William Glasgow and after the sale of Joseph's property, the accounting included amounts to Eliza Glasgow and William Glasgow.  Eliza is the nickname of Elizabeth Glasgow Sutton but of course many Elizabeths then were called Eliza


     Land records show he entered a 100 acre tract of land as assignee of Frederick Edwards in 1782 in Millers Run. In other land records in 1783 in Wythe Co., VA, he had 68 acres surveyed for him with grant following in 1785.[4]

     He received a grant for a 300 acre tract in 1803 in Wythe Co., VA.[5]

     He was a slaveowner.  In his will, a trustee was provided for his slaves who were to be freed.  Joseph left them the proceeds from the sale of a 59 acre tract and a 100 acre tract.

     His slave Jack was not to be freed.  He was devised to George Keesling because Jack had a family and did not wish to leave them.

     The slaves received all the kitchen furniture and his slave Frank was to get a bed claimed by him as well as a rifle gun with a shot pouch, three head of cattle and all of the hogs on April 2, 1831 in Wythe Co., VA.[6]


     Elizabeth (--?--) was born circa 1760.[7]

     Children of Joseph Glasgow and Elizabeth (--?--) were:

+            2.          i.     William, born circa 1790; married Sally Patterson.


Generation Two



2.  William GLASGOW (Joseph); born circa 1790; married Sally Patterson, daughter of William Patterson and Agnes Patton, circa 1810.[8]

     He lived in 1815 on Reed Creek in Wythe Co., VA on a 190 acre farm with a 1 & 1/2 story wooden house, 24' X 20', a kitchen, and stable; all valued at $800. On June 8, 1829 in Reed Creek, Wythe Co., VA  he sold the 190 acre farm sold to Steven Sayers.[9]


     Sally PATTERSON[10] was born circa 1790.[11]

     Children of William Glasgow and Sally Patterson were:

+            3.          i.     Elizabeth C., born 1812 in VA; married John C. Sutton.


Generation Three



3.  Elizabeth C. GLASGOW (William, Joseph);[12] born 1812 in VA;[13] married John C. Sutton March 21, 1837;[14] died after 1870.[15]

     She was also known as Elizabeth "Eliza" Sutton. She was listed as a farmer with $20,250 in real estate and $845 in personal property in 1860 in Pulaski Co., VA.[16]

     John C. SUTTON was born on September 27, 1793 in Pulaski Co., VA.[17],[18] In 1840 in Pulaski Co., VA there were 5 slaves listed, 3 male and 2 female.[19] He was a farmer with $3000 in real estate in 1850 in Pulaski Co., VA.[20] He died on December 7, 1858 in Pulaski Co., VA, at age 65. [21]

     For more on this family see the SUTTON section.    









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