Descendants of Scultheiss Tyl Van Fispe (c. 1415-c. 1485)





Generation One



1.  Scultheiss Tyl Van FISPE (or Tyl van Hollensteyn )(5097); of Niederschelden, Germany ; born circa 1415;[1] died between 1482 and 1488.[2]

     He was the owner of the iron-works in Niederndorf (1444-death) and Schultheiss of the district of Freudenberg (representative of the Count and chief justice of the district court from 1465)

     He was lessee of the Count's ironworks in the castle in Freudenberg and part owner of copper and iron mines on the Lurzenbach near Oberschelden-Gosenbach between 1444 and 1445.[3]


     Children of Scultheiss Tyl Van Fispe (5097) and an unknown spouse were as follows:

+         2.        i.    ? (5346), born circa 1435; married Hen vor der Hardt (5122).

+         3.        ii.    Johann Van (5096), born circa 1445.



Generation Two



2.  ? VAN FISPHE (5346); born circa 1435;[4] married Hen vor der Hardt (5122), son of Hermann auf dem Berge (5117) and Gertrud Sel (5118), circa 1460.[5]

     Hen VOR DER HARDT (5122) was born circa 1435.[6] He was the principal owner of the Hardt iron-works before 1504 in Weidenau, Nassau-Siegen, Germany.[7] He died after 1504 in the Haardt ironworks, Weidenau, Nassau-Siegen, Germany.[8]  For more on this family see the Patt chapter.


3.  Johann Van FISPE (or Fischpe )(5096); born circa 1445;[9] died circa 1495.

     He was the owner of the ironworks between 1493 and 1495 in Niederndorf, Germany.[10]


     Children of Johann Van Fispe (5096) and an unknown spouse were:

+         5.       i.    Johann (5206), of Niederschelden, Germany; born between 1475 and 1480.





1st & 2nd Generations

3rd & 4th Generations

5th Generation

6th Generation










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