The Descendants of Joahan Michael Waidele of Germany




Generation One



1.  Michael1 WEDDLE; born 1681 in Rhine Region, Lorraine, Germany;,[1] married Anna Barbara Vogler circa 1710; [2] died circa 1757 in York Co., PA.[3]

     “Sometime during the year 1742, Michael Weddle with all his family left the banks of the Rhine River in Germany and set sail on the ship "Francis and Elizabeth" for the new world.  They settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. His son, Benjamin, was born the same year (1742) in Lancaster County.

     “The Weddles came to this country seeking religious freedom and the opportunity for a better life.  The Weddles brought with them from Germany  a large Bible printed in German.  This Bible was last owned by Mrs Finetta Weddle Weeks from whom it was borrowed and never returned.

     “Mrs. C. R. Blair of Thomasville, NC has an old clock that the Weddle family brought from Germany.  It has writing on the back in the German language.  It is an open face clock with long chains and weights.  In being moved so much one of the chains was lost.  Mrs. Blair's great-grandfather Johnny Weddle made another chain in his blacksmith shop by the one he had.

     “The clock runs now and keeps correct time.  It strikes on the hour.

     Michael Weddle and Anna Barbara Vogler were the parents of 7 children.”[4]

     He was also known as Johan Michael Waidele.[5] He arrived on the ship "Francis & Elizabeth" in Philadelphia, PA on September 21, 1742.[6]


     Anna Barbara VOGLER was born before 1707. She died after 1722. [7]

     Children of Michael1 Weddle and Anna Barbara Vogler were as follows:

          2.        i.    Elijah2 Weddle; born before 1724 in Lancaster Co., PA; married Mary J. Stigleman circa 1745.[8]

+        3.       ii.    Martin Weddle, born before 1724; married Catherine (--?--).

+        4.     iii.    Christian Weddle, born before 1724.

          5.      iv.    Catherina Weddle; born circa 1724 in PA; married Jeremiah Wolf circa 1750. [9]

          6.       v.    Barbara Weddle; born circa 1724 in PA; married Mark Farne circa 1750.[10]




1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation

6th  Generation








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