Descendants of William King (4296), Sutton Side



Generation One



1. William KING (4296);[1] married Elizabeth ? (4297); born circa 1790.


Elizabeth ? (4297)[2] was born circa 1790.

Children of William King (4296) and Elizabeth ? (4297) were:

+ 2. i. Joseph (648), born 1815 in Pulaski Co., VA; married Elizabeth Mullin (649).


Generation Two



2. Joseph KING (648); born 1815 in Pulaski Co., VA;[3] married Elizabeth Mullin (649), daughter of William Mullin (659) and Elizabeth Dillow (660), July 17, 1838 in Montgomery County, VA;[4] died after 1880.

From Pulaski County, Virginia and Virginians

JOSEPH KING-son of William and Elizabeth King, and Elizabeth Mullin, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Dillard) Mullin, were united in marriage in Pulaski county, and their home is in Newbern district, where he follows the avocations of a farm life.

He was born in 1815, His wife was born in 1810, and their children were born: W. M., 1839; Chester B., 1840; Susan J., 1841; James T., 1843; Jonathan R., 1844; Elizabeth H., 1846; Cynthia M., 1847; Joseph S., l850; Sarah L., 1852; Horatio F., 1854.

The four older sons of this family all marched to the battlefield in defense of Southern principles, serving through the war between the States. One lost an arm in the service.

The post office address of Joseph King is Newbern, Pulaski county, Virginia circa 1880.[5]


Elizabeth MULLIN (649) was born in 1810 in Pulaski Co., VA.[6] She died after 1880.

Children of Joseph King (648) and Elizabeth Mullin (649) were as follows:

+ 3. i. William M. (644), born May 22, 1839 in Pulaski Co., VA; married Eva C. Shufflebarger (645).

4. ii. Chester B. (650); born 1840 in Pulaski Co., VA.[7]

He lived in 1850 and 1860 in Dublin Depot, Pulaski Co., VA.[8] He began military service on September 9, 1861 when he enlisted in the 54th VA INF, Co. F in Newbern, Pulaski Co., VA.

He was absent, sick in hospital on Jan. 1, 1862, then had no further record in CSR. He served 3 years per Post War Record.

The records of the 50th VA INF has a receipt roll for Chester B. King in Co. I listed with record for C. B. King, Co. H. This Chester was captured at Spottsylvania C.H. on May 12, 1864 then taken to Elmira, NY on July 30, 1864. He was released on June 16, 1865. His oath of allegiance shows a height of 5'5, a fair complexion, grey eyes and a residence of Dublin Depot, VA. The 54th Chester B. King was a resident of Pulaski Co., age 9, on the 1850 Census and age 19 on the 1860 Pulaski County Census.[9] He was described as 5' 5" with a fair complexion and grey eyes in 1864.[10] He ended military service on June 16, 1865 at Elmira POW camp, Elmira, NY.[11]

5. iii. Susan J. (651); born 1841 in Pulaski Co., VA.[12]

6. iv. James T. (652); born 1843 in Pulaski Co., VA.[13]

He was a farm laborer in 1860, age 19, [14] and lived in 1860 and 1888 in Pulaski Co., VA.[15]

James began military service on June 25, 1861 when he enlisted in the 50th VA INF as a Private, Co. I. at Wytheville, Wythe Co.

On July 29, 1861, James was in the hospital and left sick in Newbern,

From Sep. 15, 1861 through Oct. 30, 1861, he was in the hospital, sick, in Lewisburg.

James was wounded in the right leg below the knee by a shell fragment "in the charge on the Gettysburg heights," on July 2, 1863. "Typhoid fever resulted causing flesh to drop off from bone."

James was captured at Spotsylvania C. H. on May 12, 1864. He was a prisoner of war at Pt. Lookout (MD) from May 18, 1864 until July 30, 1864. Then he was a prisoner of war at Elmira (NY) from Aug. 2, 1864 until June 27, 1865 when released on oath.[16] He was 5' 8", dark complexion, dark hair, dark eyes in 1865. [17]

He was living, age 45, in Pulaski Co. on Apr. 2, 1888.[18]

7. v. Jonathon R. (653);[19] born 1844 in Dublin, Pulaski Co., VA;[20],[21] married Lucinda R. Williams (4418) October 17, 1866 in Pulaski Co., VA;[22] married Ellen E. Robinson (4419) February 10, 1892;[23] died January 28, 1924 in Pulaski Co., VA.[24],[25]

He lived between 1860 and 1907 in Pulaski Co., VA.[26],[27],[28] A Civil War Veteran, he enlisted in 1862 in Dublin, Pulaski Co., VA in 50th VA INF, Co. I

Jonathon served nearly three years. He was hospitalized for a long time during the war with rheumatism and heart palpitations according to his pension application.

In 1860 Jonathon was living, age 15, in Pulaski Co., VA. He was living in Pulaski Co., VA, age 58, on Sep. 25, 1902 and was still in Pulaski Co. on Aug. 12, 1907.[29] He ended military service in 1865.[30],[31]

He was a farmer between 1866 and 1868.[32],[33]

8. vi. Elizabeth H. (654); born 1846 in Pulaski Co., VA.[34]

9. vii. Cynthia M. (655); born 1847 in Pulaski Co., VA.[35]

10. viii. Joseph S. (656);[36] born 1850 in Pulaski Co., VA.[37]

11. ix. Sarah L. (657);[38] born 1852 in Pulaski Co., VA.[39]

12. x. Horatio F. (658);[40] born 1854 in Pulaski Co., VA.[41]




3rd Generation










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