Generation Two



6.  William “Billy” MORRICLE Jr. (William); born 1777 in Frederick Co., MD;[1] married Margaret Weaver, daughter of George Weaver Sr, January 31, 1804 in Montgomery Co., VA;[2] died March, 1864 in Floyd Co., VA and buried in the family cemetery on the farm, no stones.[3]

     He is listed in survey as owner of 300 acres on July 15, 1799 in Montgomery Co., VA.[4] He was a  Charter member of the Zion Lutheran Church.[5] He inherited the home plantation at death of father in 1820 in Montgomery Co., PA.[6] He owned 275 1/2 acres and three horses in 1838 in Floyd Co., VA.  1 He owned 275 1/2 acres, 5 horses and a clock in 1849 in Floyd Co., VA.  He was a farmer, blacksmith and shoemaker before 1864 in Floyd Co., VA.[7]


     Margaret “Peggy” WEAVER[8] was born in April, 1782 in PA. She died on September 6, 1862 in Floyd Co., VA, at age 80 of heart disease and was buried in the family cemetery on the farm, no stones.[9]

     Children of William Morricle Jr. and Margaret Weaver were as follows:

              9.          i.     Salome “Sallie;” born July 28, 1804 in Montgomery Co., VA;[10] baptized July 14, 1805 in Montgomery Co., VA;[11],[12] died after 1828 in Indiana.[13],[14]

+          10.          ii.     Elizabeth, born August 10, 1807 in Floyd County, VA; married George Duncan Sr.

+          11.        iii.     Samuel, born August 5, 1809 in Floyd Co., VA; married Mildred Williams.

            12.         iv.     Mary; born June 29, 1812 in Montgomery Co., VA;[15],[16] married Blanch Duncan Jr., son of Blanch Duncan Sr. and Nancy Reed, March 28, 1829 in Montgomery Co., VA;[17] died circa 1830.[18],[19]

            13.         v.     Nancy; born May, 1815 in Montgomery Co., VA; married George Weeks December 27, 1836 in Floyd Co., VA; died circa 1902.  "Nancy met a tragic death.  After George Weeks's death, one of the Lane grandchildren stayed with her grandmother at night.  One day, after her granddaughter had left for the day, Nancy presumably had a stroke and fell in the open fireplace and burned to death.  Her body was discovered when the child returned that night."  She was  buried on the farm where she and George lived on Alum ridge, the graves, marked only by field stones, are enclosed by a fence.[20]

     Nancy inherited 85 acres of land at Billy Morricle's death.  In 1871 they sold out to her nephew, Harvey Dickerson, and moved to Alum Ridge, Floyd Co., VA in 1864 in Floyd Co., VA.[21]

+          14.         vi.     Naomi, born 1817 in Montgomery Co., VA; married Moral R. Dickerson.

            15.       vii.     Susannah “Susan”; born August 15, 1821 in Montgomery Co., VA; married Hector Williams October 15, 1837 in Rockbridge Co., VA; died July 4, 1891 in Floyd Co., VA, at age 69 and was buried in the Zion Lutheran Cemetery.[22]

     "When Hector Williams came to Floyd to visit his sister Mildred, Sam Morricle's wife, he met and fell in love with Sam's sister Susan, and they were married."

     "Susan Morricle Williams was a gentle person, with an uncomplaining disposition.  She was ill for the last two years of her life, probably with diabetes, though it was not so diagnosed at the time."[23]




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