Generation Three



16.  John MORICAL (Jacob Morricle, William); born May 31, 1806; married Elizabeth Kitterman September 27, 1831 in Floyd Co., VA. [1]

     He lived in 1850 in Union Co., IN.[2] 


     Elizabeth KITTERMAN[3] was born in 1809. As of September 27, 1831, her married name was Morricle.[4]

     Children of John Morical and Elizabeth Kitterman all born in IN were as follows:

            58.          i.     Mary E.; born 1832.[5]

            59.          ii.     Francis M.; born circa 1833.[6]

            60.        iii.     Phillip; born 1836.[7]

            61.         iv.     David; born 1838.[8]

            62.         v.     Rebecca; born 1840.[9]

            63.         vi.     Sarah J.; born 1842.[10]

            64.       vii.     Eliza; born 1844.[11]

            65.       viii.     Nancy; born 1847.[12]

            66.         ix.     Julia A.;[13] born 1850.[14]

            67.         x.     Eliza A.;[15] born 1850.[16]



18.  Solomon MORRICAL (Jacob Morricle, William); born October 21, 1809 in Montgomery Co., VA;[17] married Catherine Foland November 17, 1833 in Wayne Co., IN; married Elizabeth Sutton circa 1860; died October 9, 1877 in IN at age 67 and buried Flesher Cemetery, Jay Co., IN.[18]


     Catherine FOLAND was born in 1808 in OH.[19]

     Children of Solomon Morrical and Catherine Foland were as follows:

            68.          i.     Sarah; born 1834 in IN.[20]

            69.          ii.     Eliza; born 1838 in IN.[21]

            70.        iii.     Henry; born 1840 in IN.[22]

     He began military service on September 18, 1862 in IN.  A Civil War Veteran.  Enlisted 20th IN Reg. Light Artillery as a private.  Residence in Jay Co., IN.[23] He ended military service on June 28, 1865 in Indianapolis, IN.[24],[25]

            71.         iv.     Elizabeth; born 1846 in IN.[26]

            72.         v.     Ephraim; born 1847 in IN.[27]

            73.         vi.     George; born 1849 in IN.[28]

            74.       vii.     Catherine; born 1852.[29]

            75.       viii.     Mary E.; born 1855.[30]

            76.         ix.     Phebe; born 1856.[31]


     Elizabeth SUTTON was born circa 1810.[32]

     Children of Solomon Morrical and Elizabeth Sutton were:

+          77.          i.     Adam, born January 23, 1842 in IN; married Mariah Elizabeth Mendenhall.




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[3]daughter of John and Juliana Kitterman.










[13]twin of Eliza A.


[15]twin of Julia A.


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