Generation Four



42.  Headen Bean MORRICLE (Samuel, William, William); born October 4, 1840; married Mary Emaline Epperly December 20, 1866 in Floyd Co., VA; died October 9, 1914 at age 74 and buried in Agnew Cemetery.[1]

     A Civil War veteran, he began military service circa 1861 in Floyd Co., VA, in the 54th VA Infantry, Co. A.  Postwar record only.  Taken POW at Resaca, GA on May 15, 1864.  Resident of Floyd Co.[2]


     Mary Emaline EPPERLY[3] was born on June 3, 1842. She died in 1918 and is buried in the Agnew Cemetery.[4]

     Children of Headen Bean Morricle and Mary Emaline Epperly were as follows:

+          88.          i.     Luther Homer, born December, 1867; married Lena (--?--).

+          89.          ii.     Tazewell Curtis, born November 17, 1869; married Sarah Frances Hogan.

            90.        iii.     James P.; born March, 1871; married Ollie Dillon October 3, 1908 in Floyd Co., VA.[5]

            91.         iv.     Charles O.; born 1873; died in mine in WV.[6]

            92.         v.     Nancy Lee; born March, 1876; married Olie Waren Jenkins September 23, 1900 in Floyd Co., VA; died  and buried in Smith Cemetery in unmarked grave.[7]

            93.         vi.     Samuel Albert; born October 18, 1878; married Lottie Harman February 10, 1904 in Floyd Co., VA;[8] died May 15, 1944 at age 65 and buried in Lee Cemetery.[9]

            94.       vii.     Joseph Edgar; born 1881; married Rosa (--?--) circa 1906. [10]

            95.       viii.     John Vernon Sr.; born December 13, 1883; died 1968 in WV and buried Lebanon Methodist Church Cemetery, Elk Creek, WV.[11]




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