Generation Four


43.  James William MORRICLE (Samuel, William, William); born December 1, 1841; married Mary Elizabeth Finch September 2, 1869 in Floyd Co., VA; died December 29, 1912 in Reidsville, NC, at age 71and buried Greenview Cemetery.[1]

     "William Morricle and his family lived on the east side of the town of Floyd, across the street from the Baptist Church.  Beginning about 1893 and for the next two years, William drove the hack on the mail line which met the train in Christiansburg and Floyd.  In 1895, he moved his family to Reidsville, NC, which offered better opportunities for employment"[2]


     Mary Elizabeth FINCH[3] was born on October 5, 1851. She died on July 5, 1927 in Reidsville, NC, at age 75 and buried Greenview Cemetery.[4]

     Children of James William Morricle and Mary Elizabeth Finch were as follows:

            96.          i.     Zora A.; born 1871; died circa 1885.[5]

            97.          ii.     Samuel H.; born December 10, 1872; died in infancy;[6]

            98.        iii.     Roscoe C.; born December 25, 1873; died January 26, 1936 in Washington, D. C, at age 62.[7]

            99.         iv.     Lucinda Pearl; born September 10, 1876; died September 10, 1967 in Reidsville, NC, at age 91.[8]

          100.         v.     Sallie May; born February 18, 1878; died June 4, 1950 at age 72 and buried in the Reidlawn Cemetery.[9]

          101.         vi.     Elmo; born August 8, 1881; died July 14, 1949 in Reidsville, NC, at age 67 and buried in the Reidlawn Cemetery.[10]

     "Elmo Morricle founded Reidsville's modern slaughterhouse.  He had five sons who were "emblems of conspicuous contribution to the citizenship of Reidsville." (quoted from his obituary in the Reidsville Review)" in Reidsville, NC.[11]

          102.       vii.     Mullin Constant Sr.; born December 18, 1885; died April, 1977 in Reidsville, NC, at age 91 and buried in the Reidlawn Cemetery.[12]

          103.       viii.     Asa “Ace” H.; born December, 1888.[13]

          104.         ix.     Zach; born March, 1890.[14]

          105.         x.     Rainer; born May 11, 1896; died February 15, 1935 in Reidsville, NC, at age 38 and was buried in the Greenview Cemetery.[15]



47.  John T. MORRICLE (Samuel, William, William); born December, 1851; married Mary E. Whitlow September 2, 1886 in Floyd Co., VA. [16]

     "John was a fine shoemaker but was said to be a heavy drinker; they moved to North Carolina."[17]


     Mary “Molly” E. WHITLOW[18] was born in October, 1862.[19]

     Children of John T. Morricle and Mary E. Whitlow were as follows:

          106.          i.     Bertha M.; born June, 1888.[20]

          107.          ii.     Frank P.; born April, 1892.[21]

          108.        iii.     Orlena; born February, 1894.[22]

          109.         iv.     Burks R.; born September, 1897.[23]




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