The Gunn Family History



Cavaliers and Pioneers (1623-1666) by Nugent

Gun, Wm.        p. 35

     DICTORIS CHRISTMAS, 300 acres, Elizabeth Citty Co., 21 Nov. 1635, p. 317…for transport of 4 persons: William Gun…


Gun, Margery   p. 134

     Lieut. Francis Mason, 1,250 acres.  Last of August, 1642, Page 816.  Beginning at Hoggpen Point, near land of Capt. Thomas Willoughbye, “near the howse of Marrace” & adjacent land of Downeman, now in the tenure of said Mason.  Transport of 25 pers:…Margery Gun…


Gunn, John       p. 301

     JOHN SKERRETT, 300 acres…17 Mar. 1654, p. 317.  Transport of 6 persons:…John Gunn…


Gunne, Jno.      p. 422

     JNO. LEWIS & THOMAS MICHELL, 1680 acres New Kent Co., 15 Jan. 1662, p. 84 (565)…Transport of:…Jno. Gunne…


Gunn, Wm.       p. 491

     ROBT. TOMLYN & WM. MOSSE, 600 acres, Rappahannock Co…25 May 1663, p. 301 (271)…Transport of 12 persons:…Wm. Gunn…



Cavaliers and Pioneers (1666-1695) by Nugent

Gunn, Wm.       p. 62

     CAPT. THO. BRERETON, 600 acres; New Kent Co…14 Aug. 1669, p. 245.  Transport of 12 persons:…Wm. Gunn…


Gunn, Robt.      p. 83

     MR. JOHN MEDFORD, 250 acres Rappahannock Co….21 June 1670, p. 323…Transport of 5 persons:…Robert Gunn…


Gun, Roger       pp. 96-97

     COL. JNO. BLAKE, 2400 acres, Nancemond Co., …10 Oct. 1670, p. 369.  Transport of 48 persons:…Roger Gun…


Gunn, Roger     p. 153

     MR. THOMAS WOODWARD, SENR., 1300 acres, Isle of Wight Co…25 Sept. 1674, p. 527…Transport of 26 persons:…Roger Gunn…


Gunn, Hum.      p. 204

     LT. COLL. JOHN WEST, 2500 acres, Accomack Co…25 Nov. 1679…for transport of 50 persons:…Hum. Gunn…


Gun, Her.         p. 214

     DENNIS DALLEY, 1235 acres, Lower Norfolk Co…27 Sept. 1680…Transport of 25 persons:…Her. Gun…


Gun, Jno.          p. 324

     JOHN SANDFORD, 1517 acres…Lower Norfolk Co., 23 Apr. 1688…Transport of 31 persons:…Jno. Gun…



Cavaliers and Pioneers (1695-1732) by Nugent

Gunn, James     pp. 170-171

     JOHN WOODSON, 1596 acres…Henrico Co…16 Aug. 1715, p. 237.  Importation of 32 persons:…James Gunn…


Virginia in 1720: A Reconstructed Census

Gun, John                     Henrico Co.

            William             Charles City, Westover Parish


Gunne, James               Charles City

            John                 Charles City

            Mary                Charles City

            William             Charles City    



Cavaliers and Pioneers (1695-1732) by Nugent

Gun, John         p. 225

     JOHN GUN, 150 acres (N. L.), Henrico Co.; on north side of James River; 17 Aug. 1720, p. 44.  15 Shillings.


Gunn, Widow  p. 226

     DAVID OSHEAL, 71 acres…Nansemond Co.; adjacent…the Widow Gunn…21 Feb. 1720, p. 53.  Imp. Of 2 persons…


Gun, John         p. 240

     JOHN GUN, 250 acres. (N. L.), Henrico Co.; on Horse Pen Creek of Beaver Dam; on North side of James River; adjacent his own; Joseph Woodson; & land of William Ladd; 18 Feb. 1722, p. 157.  2 Shillings


Gun, John         p. 295

     JOHN WOODRAM, 400 acres (N. L.), Henrico Co.; on North side of James River; adjacent John Gun…18 Mar. 1725, p. 344.  40 Shillings.


Gun, John         p. 384

     JOHN GUN, 300 acres (N.L.), Goochland Co.; on north side of James River; on East side the Horsepen Branch of Beaverdam Creek, in line of Joseph Woodson; & on line dividing Goochland & Hanover Counties; 28 September 1730, p. 46.  30 Shillings.



Cavaliers and Pioneers (1732-1741) by Nugent

Gun, John         p. 81

     JAMES COCK of Henrico Co., Gentleman, 88 acres…adjacent...John Gun…1 Aug 1735, p. 99.  10 Shillings.


Gun, John         p. 113

     JOHN GUN, 717 acres Henrico Co. on the North side of James River & the Branches of Shoccoe Creek, North side of the main Road, crossing Johnston’s Branch & a Branch of Gillys Creek; 5 June 1736, p. 116.  391 acres part formerly  granted Daniel Johnston by Patent 20 Apr 1689 [Daniel Johnston, PB 7 p. 713] & by mesne conveyances the Right & Title is vested in said John Gun.


Gunn, William   p. 223

     WILLIAM GUNN, 365 acres Brunswick Co., North side of the great Creek, along the Road; adjacent Ravenscroft, Harrison, Brown & Edloe; 20 Aug 1740, p. 705.  &2



Virginia in 1740: A Reconstructed Census

Gun, John                     Henrico Co.

            Mary                Goochland Co.

            William             York Co.


Gun (?), John                Henrico Co.


Gunn, James                 Brunswick Co.

            Mary                Goochland Co.

            Michael            Brunswick Co.

            William             Brunswick. Co.

            William             Brunswick Co., St. Andrew’s

            William             Charles City



Cavaliers and Pioneers (1741-1749) by Nugent

Gunn                p. 22

     WILLIAM SMITH, 440 acres Brunswick Co…adjacent Battersby, Gunn & Overbey; 20 May 1742, p. 328.  &2.S5


Gun, John         p. 26

     JAMES YOUNG, 317 acres Henrico Co…adjacent…John Gun…30 Jul 1742, p. 396.  &1.S15.


Gunn, William   p. 73

     WILLIAM GUNN, 125 acres Brunswick Co. on the South side of Roanoke River; 16 Jun 1744, p. 80.  15 Shillings.


Gunn, William   p. 272

     THEOPHILUS FIELD, 365 acres Brunswick Co…20 Aug 1748…Whereas by patent 20 Aug 1740 granted William Gunn [PB 19, p. 705] and Whereas the said William Gunn hath failed to pay Quitrents and Theophilus Field hath made humble Suit and obtained a grant for the same. 



Marriages of some Virginia Residents 1607-1800 by Dorothy Wulfeck

Gunn, John m. 30 Sept., 1753, Martha Shamlin.  OPR.



Scots-Irish in Virginia, Vol. 1

MARCH, 1754 (B).  Jacob Gunn vs. Robert Craven.--Robert Craven had bought land of Joseph Hite on Linville Creek; Jacob Gunn came from Pennsylvania and bought the land from Craven, 1743. Bill filed March, 1746.



Marriages of some Virginia Residents 1607-1800 by Dorothy Wulfeck

Mary Gunn m. 16 Jan. 1757, Robert Day.  OPR.



Virginia in 1760: A Reconstructed Census

Gun, Thomas               Lunenburg Co.


Gunn, Daniel                 Amelia Co.

            James               Henrico Co.

            John                 Amelia Co.

            Woodham        (non-resident)



Scots-Irish in Virginia, Vol. 1
NOVEMBER 16, 1773.  Page (223) Norton Gunn qualified Constable.



Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution by John Gwathmey, p.333

Gun, Sterling, E.


Gunn, Claypole, of Rockingham, E.

Elisha, 2 CL

George, Corp., 1 VA State Reg.

            Jacob, Ky. Mil., C

            James, Sgt. 1st Continental Dragoons Jan. 1777 to Feb. 1779; Lieut. Feb. 1779;

Captain --; retired Nov. 9, 1782; died July 30, 1801. 

Awarded 5,383 acres.  Elizabeth City pet.

            James, Pvt. 1st Light Dragoons.



VA Heads of Families 1782

Gunn, Thomas              11 White          18 Black        Amelia County

Gunn, James                 11 White          27 Black        Amelia County


Gunn, Thos.                  12 White                                  Mecklenburg County



City of Richmond VA 1782

Gunn, John (apprentice) Age 13                                    Wardship No. 1

Negro permitted to hire themselves; Rachael belonging to John Gun, Junr.          Wardship No. 2

Gunn, John                   Age 18             No business      Wardship No. 3



VA Heads of Families 1785

Gunn, James                 13 White          1 Dwelling        12 Other Buildings        Amelia County

Gunn, Elisha                   3 White          1 Dwelling          4 Other Buildings        Amelia County

Gunn, Thomas              11White          1 Dwelling          8 Other Buildings        Amelia County



Marriages of some Virginia Residents 1607-1800 by Dorothy Wulfeck

Gunn, Jemimah m. 24 Nov. 1785, James Williams.  Sur. George Hightower.  Amelia Co. Mar. Bond.

Gunn, Daniel m. 9 Nov., 1786, Jemima Winn.  Sur. B. Snead.  Lunenburg Co. Mar. Bond.

Gunn, Eliza m. Burwell Wilkes 1 Dec., 1787.  Sur. William Gunn.  Amelia Co. Mar. Bond.

Gunn, William m. 28 June, 1788, Amelia Co., Sally Clark Cross, d. after 1859, La., dau.

of Richard and Anna (Maclin) Cross.  HarlleeIII:2703.

Gunn, Hamblin m. 1 May 1794, Elizabeth Tunstall.  Halifax Co.  Mar. Record.



Scots-Irish in Virginia, Vol. 2

Patrick vs. Abney--O. S. 300; N. S. 107--Bill, 3d April, 1815. In ----, 1788, John Abney of Staunton died, testate (he was a hatter). leaving wife Isabella and 7 children, viz: William; Margaret, who married Philip North, now deceased; John; Nancy, who married John Hicklin, now deceased; Sarah, who married Robert McClenachan; Patsey, who married Peter Hogg, and Polly. John Abney lives in Kentucky. Hog and wife live in Mason County. John Gunn was a hatter in Staunton in 1789. Jacob Peck was a butcher. William Abney was born 8th August and was in 23d year when married. He was 16 at father's death. Mrs. Robertson was William's aunt. William went to Pittsburg in 1794 against the insurgents. William went to Parson Chambers' school.



Scots-Irish in Virginia, Vol. 3

Page 403.--9th January, 1790. Organization of Staunton Fire Company. W. Bowyer, Michael Bowyer, Alex. St. Clair, Ro. Gamble, James Lyle, Jr., Robert Stuart, Daniel Donovan, A. Stuart, Wm. Abney, R. Douthat, W. Chambers, Jno. and Samuel Boys, P. Heiskell, Jacob Peck, Ro. McDowell, Michael Garber, Michael Sifort, Jacob Geiger, Adam Bickle, James Megongal, A. Waterman, Robert McCullough, J. Holmes for Robert Astrop. Joseph Dickey, John Gorden, Michael Garber, Jr., A. Mustoe, Alex. Humphreys, Geo. Harden, Jno. Fleiger, Sol. Wolfort, Jno. Price, Hugh McDowell, Wm. Forbes, Jno. ( ) Moore, Margt. Reed, Wm. Sharyer, Andrew Cutler, Jno. Gunn, Wm. McDowell, North and Mathews, Alex. Nelson, Jr., Jno. Bosang, Chr. Grove, James McLoughlin, Jno. ( ) Gates, Smith Thompson, Francis Huff, Michael Cawley, Christian Mummer. Nicholas Faulkler, Samuel Merrit, Daniel Kidd, Jno. Tennant, Geo. Weifford, Isaac Ong, Charles Hedrick, Joshua Parry, Henry, Spering, Anthony ( ) Ingleton, Jno. Backenst, James Kenner. [p.589]



Marriages of some Virginia Residents 1607-1800 by Dorothy Wulfeck

Gunn, Arianna m. M. Robert Castney 24 Dec. 1790 by Rev. Benjamin Blagrove.  Henrico Co. Minister’s Returns.



Scots-Irish in Virginia, Vol. 3
Page 59.--Poll of election for two trustees for the town of Staunton, taken 1st January, 1793--For Michael Garber, 18, viz: Jacob Geiger, Robt Gratton, Andrew Cutler, Jno. Boys, Phillip Dyre, Robt. Bailey, Anthony Ingleton, Michael Syford, Jno. Gates, Geo. Weifford, Jno. Gunn, Jno. Backinster, Wm. Heginbotham, Wm. Brieze, Michael Cawley, Jno. Moore, Jno. Price, John Diddy. For Robert Douthat, 22, viz: Jacob Kinney, Daniel Donavan, Robt. McDowell, Peter Heiskell, Jno. Grates, Jos. Dickey, Jas. Barry, Samuel Merrila, Jas. Cochran, Jno. Gardner, Jas. McLaughlan, Jas. Mathews, Alex. Mason, Smith Thompson, Michael Cawley, Wm. Chambers, G. Christian, Jno. Price, Jno. McDowell, Alex. Humphreys. For James McGonegal, 4, viz: Michael Syford, Jno. Gunn, Jno. Backinston, Jno. Diddy. For Peter Heiskell, 25, viz: Jacob Geiger, Andrew Cutler, Jacob Kinney, Jos. Dickey, Jas. Barry, James Cochran, Wm. Heginbotham. [p.201]



Scots-Irish in Virginia, Vol. 2

Philip Dyer vs. John Gunn--A. and B. Writ, July, 1793.



Marriages of some Virginia Residents 1607-1800 by Dorothy Wulfeck

Gunn, Sally m. 30 Jan. 1794, Thomas Wilkes.  Nottoway Co. Cameron.



Scots-Irish in Virginia, Vol. 1

APRIL 16, 1794.  Page (81) Henry Hall, heretofore bound to John Gunn, to be bound to Philip Hopkins.



Scots-Irish in Virginia, Vol. 2

1794?  Commonwealth vs. John Gunn--Indictment for assault on Charles Brooks (barkeeper), in Augusta.



Scots-Irish in Virginia, Vol. 2

Insolvents and Delinquents, 1795: James Bell, removed to Kentucky; James Coalter, to Kentucky; Philip Dyer, to Kentucky; William Downey, in the army; John Gunn, to Richmond; William Throckmorton, dead; John Cooper, to Pendleton; Daniel Donavan, to Moorefields; Andrew Donaldson, to Penna.; Christian Good, in the army; Richard Hays, to Kentucky; William Mitchell, dead; William Stogdall, in the army; John Vernum, to Georgia; John Beeker, inlisted; Daniel Krows, to Penna.; John Scott, to Kentucky.



Marriages of some Virginia Residents 1607-1800 by Dorothy Wulfeck

Gunn, Elizabeth m. 21 Dec., 1795 John Richardson.  Sur. Daniel Winn.  Lunenburg Co. Mar. Bond.

Gunn, Sally B. m. 24 March 1800, Joel Blackwell, by Rev. John Neblett, Methodist.  Lunenburg Co. Ministers’ Returns.

Gunn, Nancy m. 14 June 1800, Marcus Hurt by Rev. John Neblett, Methodist.  Lunenburg Co. Ministers’ Returns.



1810 VA Census, Montgomery Co.

Gunn, William

Males               2 under 10                                1, age 26-45

Females            1 under 10        2, age 10-16    1, age 26-45



1840 VA Census, Pulaski Co.

Gunn, John C.

Males               2, under 5         2, age 5-10      1, age 20-30

Females            1, age 15-20                            1, age 30-40



1860 VA Census, Pulaski Co.

Gunn, John C.              49        Overseer          $192 Personal Property            VA

            Sarah               50

            Samuel             25        Laborer

            Joseph              23        Carpenter

            William             19        Laborer

            Elizabeth           18

            Louiza              14










This is a picture of John C. Sutton with his wife Elizabeth J. Gunn.  It was taken in Pulaski Co., VA but the circumstances are unknown.  A very rough guess of the date would be 1885.















From an unidentified newspaper clipping (probably the Radford or Pulaski Co. paper)


Trenches 24th Regiment, Va. Infy.

Jan., 1865.

Dear Sister:

     Yours of the 8th instant came to hand this morning, was very glad to hear from you, pleased to hear that you were all well, happy to inform you that my health is improving, have had no chill for two weeks. I have news, the soldiers seem determined to stop this war, by deserting to the enemy. They go every day, but not in very great numbers. I don't know what will be the end of all this mighty strife, but I expect to stand by my countrys cause until the last of Virginia's sons have deserted her, or if she goes down, I expect to go down with her, for there are few things to make life desirable here, and I have not forgotten that two brothers came into the service with me, and have both fallen victims to the ruthless enemy of our Country, and why should I desire to cling to this, world only to reap, the fruits of its great calamities.

     I am glad that you are learning little Sammie to spell, for you don't know that he will ever have the advantage of going to school. Tell him if I get a furlough this winter, I will bring him a nice book. I have writ- ten home very often but I suppose the letters have been lost on the way. Tell, father that Tipton is at home on furlough and will be at the Depot on his return about the first of February and I would like for him to send me some little eatables, if he can, for our rations are still short.

     I hope that you may not be visited by a raid from the enemy. You all have been remarkably fortunate in this particular. The enemy has never had an opportunity of insulting you at your own home and you ought to know how to appreciate such good fortune, for many others of your country, women have had to bear the (tear) ... ion of outragious conduct from (tear) ... oldier, besides seeing every (tear) of their property destroyed. (tear) deliver you from all such fiendish perpretrations is my prayer.

     My best, wishes to grana. Glappo and compliments to all Mrs. Sutton's family. I send you two United States postage stamps. You can dispose of them if you wish or keep them for your own use. My love to you and Samme, good-bye,

     B. GUNN.    (Birdine Gunn, brother of Elizabeth J. Sutton)



From Pulaski County: Virginia & Virginians by Brock, pp. 18-19      circa 1890 in Newbern, Pulaski Co., VA.

BIRDINE GUNN-Born in Pulaski county, August 5, 1834, and E. Madora Lowman, born in this county, May 3, 1850, were here united in wedlock February 28, 1877.

     Their four children were born: Ola E., January 5, 1878; Cora L., October 11, 1879; Robert C., September 9, 1881; Ralph B., February 27, 1883.

     John C. and Sarah (Owens) Gunn, both now deceased, were the parents of Birdine Gunn, and his wife is a daughter of Abel and Elizabeth S. (Harris) Lowman. Her parents have been residents of Pulaski county since 1819.

     Birdine Gunn entered the Confederate army with rank of third lieutenant in the Twenty-Fourth Virginia Infantry, Company E. After one year's service he was promoted to second lieutenant, and four months later received commission as first lieutenant, which rank he held until he received a captain's commission. As captain of the company in which he enlisted he then served till the close of the war.

The principal battles in which he took part were the Seven Days Battle, Fair Oaks, Williamsburg, South Mountain, Second Manassas and Sharpsburg. He enlisted in 1861, was wounded at Gettysburg in the left groin, the wound was so serious as to keep him from the field six months. He was again wounded at Drurys Bluff, in the left hip, but returned to duty in forty-five days. He was cared for at the hospital Chimborazo, at Richmond, in 1864, after his last wound. At the battle of Five Forks, April 1, 1865, he was made prisoner, and sent to Johnsons Island, in Lake Erie, and there held until the close of the war.

He is in partnership with H. L. Stone, Newbern, in the dry goods business, and owns a farm of 200 acres where he resides in Newbern district. This farm was settled under a grant from Gov. Patrick Henry to Hugh Patrick in Revolutionary days. He devotes it principally to grazing, and is a breeder of fine cattle. Post office address, Newbern, Pulaski county, Virginia.