The Roseberry Family History


The Roseberry Journeys


            The Roseberry history begins with William Roseberry in Rockingham Co., North Carolina.  It is possible he came from Pennsylvania but this is not established.  Family lore says William Roseberry came to North Carolina from England when he was 16-18.

            The Roseberrys were in the Rockingham area for 30-40 years, from before 1810 until about 1845, when Samuel Roseberry moved into Carroll Co., VA along with his father and brother.  Other related North Carolina Roseberrys moved into southwest Virginia also.

            The Carroll County, VA Roseberrys stayed for about 30 years until in 1872 Samuel Roseberry moved his family to Pulaski County.  Earlier in 1867 the second SW Virginia group of Roseberrys moved west into Kentucky.  Finally, Charles Wesley Roseberry moved from Pulaski into Radford, VA.  Some families of Roseberrys are still in the Montgomery/Pulaski County, VA area whereas others have continued eastward.





Rockingham Co. NC Will Abstracts 1785-1865

A:133.  Prithiah Allen.  Nov 8, 1821.  Prb. Nov 1821. Betsey Butler, dau of Moses Butler. Samuel Rokbury, son of James Roseberry. Wit: Keziah Rosebury, Sally Jones.


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From a Letter from Willard Roseberry


Samuel Roseberry had a brother, William Roseberry


1867 Three generations of Roseberrys left Scott County and Gate City, VA travelling west through Pound Gap, VA


William's Father from England

1st Generation           (Dates from 1880 KY Soundex and then estimates)

William Roseberry        (abt. 1800) Morgan Co., KY

2nd Generation

Jesse Roseberry           (1825)

3rd Generation

John Henry Roseberry  (1853)

4th Generation

William H. Roseberry   (1973)

5th Generation

Williard A. Roseberry   (abt. 1893-1913)

                         Grayson, Ky


The Actual Letter


Grayson, Ky.


Aug. 26, 1978

Dear Mrs. Roseberry (Elizabeth Sutton, wife of Charles Wesley Roseberry)

            I was surprised &delighted to hear from you. (Elizabeth Roseberry must have written to him first as this is his response. What information she had to initiate this contact is unknown except as is revealed later in this letter)

            In 1950 a sister & I took our parents to Scott County, & Gate City, Va. where in 1867, 3 generations of Roseberrys left and traveled West by way of Pound Gap, Va. (The writer is remembering a trip he personally took but it is 28 years in the past. Three generations may indicate Jesse Roseberry's generation and probably Jesse's father, William Roseberry, and Jesse's children.)

            We couldn't find much about the clan.  One thing we did find was the record of Huston Roseberry & a Bond lady got license to marry. Roseberry was from Pulaski, Va. We went to Pulaski. There we found a John Roseberry age 87 (John Chester Roseberry). He had been an officer in that community. His wife's maiden name was King (Cornelia Idella King). His father had been married twice(As far as we know, Samuel Roseberry was only married once.  His father James however was married twice); he was of the 2nd marriage. His father (James Roseberry), or perhaps grandfather (William Roseberry), had come over from England. The English Government got in touch with him just before WWII for the purpose of establishing a claim to "The Roseberry Estate" there in England. He got everything in legal order except the name of the 16 or 18 year old Roseberry who came to N.C from England-his grandfather. And my great-great-great-grandfather.  There were several other Roseberrys in the area all his offspring.

            My father's name William H., his father's name was John Henry; his father's name was Jesse, his father's name was William; his father came over from England.

            Recently a party got in touch with me who lived in Louisville, Ky. Said they had a Bible record of Charles Roseberry born in 1779. Their son Wm Hareley born in 1808. Charles Roseberry came from Va.

            I'd like to hear more from you


                                                            Willard A. Roseberry



P. S. The English Government got in touch with William Roseberry about 1880 in Morgan County, Ky. His father came from England. He got a lawyer to start to England. The lawyer got to New York but something caused him not to go on.

            The report of the 1950 trip is to the best of my memory which is not too good. Thank you, W. R.






Newspaper articles about John Chester Roseberry and wife Cornelia King




            Mr. Roseberry, who is better known as "Dad," is 77 years of age. He is quite active and is a valued employee of the Pulaski Veneer corporation where he has been employed for the last 13 years. He likes his work very much and is loved by his fellow workers.

            He was born in Carroll county, a son of Samuel and Agnes Roseberry. He came to Pulaski county at the age of nine, and has resided here since. He and his brother, Sam Roseberry, of Mt. View, are the only surviving members of this family.

            Mrs. Roseberry, who was before her marriage Miss Cornelia King, is 73 years of age. She is also quite active. The couple have been married 55 years. They are the parents of eight children, five sons and three daughters, all of whom are living except one daughter. They have 44 grand-children and 23 great grandchildren.

            Mr. and Mrs. Roseberry when asked for their recipe for a long active life said, "Live right and work hard."





69th Wedding Anniversary To Be Observed by Mr. And Mrs. John Roseberry This Fall

Local Couple Has 93 Great Grandchildren

Mrs. C. W. Cooke

            Mr. and Mrs. John C. Roseberry lay claim to being married longer than any other Pulaski couple. Doubtless, few will dispute this, for Mr. and Mrs. Roseberry will celebrate their 69th wedding anniversary this fall.

            Before her marriage, Mrs. Roseberry was Miss Cornelia King, daughter of the late Mr. And Mrs. Thomas B. King. She and Mr. Roseberry were married Sept. 17, 1885, at the home of her parents in the Howe section of Pulaski county.

Six Living Children

            They have six living children, C. A Roseberry, Lawrence Roseberry, both of Pulaski; J. T. Roseberry, Dublin; Charles W. Roseberry, Radford; Mrs. Ellen Owen, Pulaski, and Mrs. Muncy

Pennington, Dublin.  They have five deceased-Mrs. Clarence Roope, A. C. Roseberry, and Bascom, Willie and Edward Roseberry.

            They have 46 grandchildren and 93 great grandchildren.

            Mrs. Roseberry is almost 86 and Mr. Roseberry is nearly ninety years of age.  She was born in August 28, 1867 and he was born October 11, 1863.

Long-Time Residents

            During their married life they have lived in Newbern, Dublin, Pulaski and Pulaski county and also in the state of Maryland.

            Mrs. Roseberry has three living sisters and two living brothers, but Mr. Roseberry is the last member of his immediate family.

            Both Mr. and Mrs. Roseberry are members of the Aldersgate Methodist church of Pulaski.

            Mr. Roseberry worked for many years at the Pulaski Veneer company and later for RCA.


Seems Like Only Yesterday (Picture Caption)

            Mr. And Mrs. J. C. Roseberry of Newbern road are entering their 69th year of marriage and have loved every minute of.  Seated with the couple is Johnny Willis, one of their 93 great grandchildren.  Johnny has been reared by Mr. And Mrs. Roseberry and likes to thing he is just like “grandpaw.”




From The Roseberrys Since 1798 published by Halbert's Family Heritage, pp. 23-24

How the Old and Distinguished Roseberry Family Got Its Name And What The Roseberry Name Means

            The surname Roseberry appears to be locational in origin. Our research indicates that it can be associated with the English, meaning, "one who came from or lived near Roseberry."


From The Roseberrys in America: From 1790 to 1997 published by Halbert's Family Heritage, pp. 4.16-26

Spelling Variations Of The Roseberry Family Name

            Knowing that different spellings of the same original surname are a common occurrence, it is not surprising that dictionaries of surnames indicate probable spelling variations of the Roseberry surname to be Rosenberry, Roseberry and Roseberrys. Although bearers of the old and distinguished Roseberry name comprise a small percentage of individuals living in the world today, there may be a large number of your direct relatives who are using one of the Roseberry name variations.




The Roseberry Family History

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