The Stuell Family History


From Ancestry and Descendants of the Nassau-Siegen Immigrants to Virginia, 1714-1750

By B. C. Holtsclaw


The Stuell (Steull, Still) Family of Klafeld and Seelbach

In what follows, "A" will be used for Boettger's "Auf den Huet­ten," a history of Weidenau; and "K" for Boettger and Busch, "Ges­chichte der Gemeinde Klafeld-Geisweid", a history of the Klafeld township.

The name Stuell or Steull seems to have originated in the Dis­trict of Burbach in the Free Ground, just south of Nassau-Siegen, where it appears as early as the late 1400's. It appears in Nassau-Sie­gen in various places in the 16th century (K 213). There are various spellings of the name in the early records. It is always spelled Still at the present time. Hans Stuell of Weidenau, and Hans and Henrich Stuell of the adjacent township of Klafeld, all appear in the records 1563-66, and were probably related. Anna Stuell, wife of Johannes Ot­terbach of Trupbach, was descended from Hans Stuell of Klafeld, but we shall deal briefly first with the family of Hans Stuell of Weidenau and his brother, Kurt Stuell of Eiserfeld. These two brothers, along with Hans's wife, Kunigund, joined in a deed in 1559, selling a mea­dow that belonged to them at Buschgotthardshuetten in the Weidenau township. Hans Stuell was probably born about 1525, as he was young enough to be in the militia at Weidenau in 1572. His wife, Kunigund, may have 'been a Zinner. In the records of Weidenau, 1563-1583, he is called both Hans Stuell and Hans Schneider, and last appears there in 1583. He seems to have been the father of Johann Trupbach of Weidenau, who was also called Schneider. In 1597 Her­mann Schneider of Trupbach, son of Johann Schneider of Weidenau, decd., was appointed an associate justice of the Hain Court, and con­tinued to live at Trupbach until his death in 1637. We have indicated that the Otterbach family of Trupbach may have been descended from him. In Weidenau the descendants of Johann Trupbach‑Schnider were usually called Trupbach, but occasionally Schneider (A 34-35, also 44-45). Thus the name Stuell seems to have died out at Weidenau and been replaced by Schneider at Trupbach, and Trupbach at Wei­denau.