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Welcome to the
The SYMONS & Variants Resource Centre
A Genealogical Resource Centre for anyone 

with interests in the SYMONS & any Variant Surnames

This website is intended to be used as an Symons & variants resource centre. We will collect, collate and publish to this site any references to the Symons and its variants that we find or that are sent to us. The information will be published "as is" and it is up to each individual to verify the information is correct. 

Warning! Please remember that all of this information has been transcribed from numerous sources and you should ALWAYS check the original source. Information is open to being misread, incorrectly spelled or just typed up wrong! Please treat this as a finding aid or an index. Also, please bear in mind that names may be different to those you expect for example Jn could also be John Eliza - Elizabeth or even Jenny for Jane. 

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