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My KIBBEE research started with stories I remembered my grandmother Marie KIBBEE ROSNAGEL telling to me when I was a little girl. I already knew Grandma's younger sister Coletta Mildred KIBBEE HINTZ RAKOCZY as my sister and I spent much time with Millie (as she liked to be called) and her second husband Henry (or Rocky as everyone called him). I also knew her older brother Alvin KIBBEE because he lived with my grandparents until his death in 1970. He always seemed to be reading the newspaper in Grandma's basement whenever we paid a visit. But from Grandma's stories I also learned she had 2 other brothers named Mert and Clyde. Clyde was confined to a wheel chair and died at a young age. She also admitted to some sort of "falling out" with brother Mert but never really said why. That subject always made her very sad (and she was a very sentimental person). From Grandma I also learned her mother had been very sick before she died; and that her father was a painter. She also insisted that she was Irish but I'm not so sure about that. But . . .  that's what her father told her . . .

Boy, would they ALL be surprised by what I've found so far . . .

Some surnames connected to my KIBBEE branch:


Some surnames connected to my STADLER branch:



Well, I've since filled in many of the blanks. This in turn has led mainly to more questions but did have one very positive result. Some of the "blanks" were filled in by Jeannie King, the wife of a previously-unknown third cousin. Many thanks to Jeannie for the information she provided. Some of the photos and scrapbook items belong to her husband Jeff.

I would also like to thank Bill Van Hemert and "Jo" for their help on the Bovee branch. There is circumstantial evidence that Maria BOVEE is the daughter of Peter and Elizabeth REDDING BOVEE. This means that her descendants are eligible for the Mayflower Society as Elizabeth is a proven descendant of William MULLINS through his daughter Priscilla MULLINS and John ALDEN. There are a couple of other Mayflower connections due to intermarriage. More on the Mayflower connection later.

Another big thanks goes to "Jo" who sent me quite a bit of KIBBEE information from the Hardwick (Vermont) Town Records. (Sorry, Jo, but I don't know your last name.)

More information on the KIBBEE family is located at my RootsWeb WorldConnect database. Type KIBBEE in the search box below to go directly to the index page containing my KIBBEEs.

Henry Martin KIBBEE was born 12 October 1826 in Hardwick, Caledonia County, Vermont. His parents were Martin KIBBEE and Sophronia GIFFEN or GILES (I have found her under both names in various WorldConnect and other databases but I believe GILES is her maiden name). Other children of Martin and Sophronia were Daniel Austin (or is it Austin Daniel?), Mary Ann and Lorin. Daniel Austin and Lorin were born in Hardwick and Mary Ann was probably born in Somers, Tolland County, Connecticut. Sophronia died in 1832 and Martin remarried in 1834 to Lucy WEBBER.

Henry Martin KIBBEE married Maria R. BOVEE sometime before 1849, most likely in Vermont. Marie was probably the daughter of Peter and Margaret MCLERAN BOVEE. Henry, Maria and daughter Sophronia KIBBY were living with the Peter BOVIE family in Danville, Caledonia County, Vermont in 1850. Henry was 24 years old, Maria was 22 years old and Sophronia was 1 year old. Their second child, Henry Alvin KIBBEE (my 2nd great-grandfather), was born in August or September, 1851. By 1860, Henry M. had moved his family to Farmington Township, Trumbull County, Ohio, where they were enumerated in the 1860 Census. His name was given as Martin Kibbe with wife Maria, daughter Sophronia, son Alvin (Henry Alvin) and Lucy A. Kibbe who was presumably his sister. Martin claimed real estate worth $400 and personal estate worth $200. Martin was a 31-year-old farmer. Lucy was a 21-year-old dressmaker. Maria was 30, Sophronia was 12 and Alvin was 10. Everyone was listed as being born in Vermont. Their third child, Harland KIBBEE, was born between 1861 and 1864 in Ohio - probably Farmington, Trumbull County.

Henry M. KIBBEE enrolled in the 171st Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company H as a sergeant on 17 April 1864 at Sandusky, Ohio. He was mustered in on 05 May 1864 at Sandusky, Ohio. His physical description was given as age 37, height 6 feet 1/2 inches, complexion light, eyes grey, hair brown, place of birth Wardwick Co., Vermont, occupation farmer in one of the documents contained in his invalid pension file. Another document shows a date of birth of 12 October 1820 in Hardwick, Vermont. According to Henry's invalid pension claim, he collapsed from heatstroke while transferring stores on 10 June 1864 at Covington, Kentucky. This proved to be a blessing in disguise as his company was captured by John Morgan's forces on 11 June 1864 at Heller's Bridge. Henry rejoined his company prior to muster out. He was mustered out 20 August 1864.

Maria BOVEE KIBBEE died in 1864. The exact date is not clear from the pension files of Henry KIBBEE and his second wife Rachel. Dates of death for Maria are given as 10 July 1864, 08 September 1864, 1863 and 1868. The 1868 date is definitely ruled out as Henry remarried in 1865. The date of 10 July 1864 is the one most commonly given and the one I'm going with right now. Their 3rd child Harland states in the 1900 Census that he was born July 1864, so it is possible that Maria died from complications of childbirth. According to the book Trumbull County, Ohio, cemetery inscriptions, 1800-1930, Maria R. Bovee Kibbee was born in 1828 and died in 1864. Her name is given as Mariah.

Henry remarried on 08 October 1865. He married Rachel HOON BALLARD in Middlefield Township, Geauga County, Ohio. She was born between 1838 and 1843 in Ohio (In 1916, Rachel gave her birth date as 08 August 1840 at Edinburg, Portage County, Ohio). Rachel was the widow of Luther M. BALLARD who died of disease in the Civil War. Luther served in Company B, 41st Ohio Volunteers. Luther and Rachel had one daughter, Ruth Ada BALLARD born 19 June 1859 in Middlefield Township, Geauga County, Ohio. Henry and Rachel KIBBEE had one son, William M. KIBBEE born about 1868 or March 1869 in Ohio.

The 1870 Census shows Henry M. KIBBEE in Farmington Township, Trumbull County, Ohio, with wife Rachel, sons Harland and William, and Rachel's daughter Ada BALLARD. Henry, a 43-year-old day laborer born in Vermont, claimed real estate worth $400 and personal estate worth $250. Rachel M. KIBBEE, age 30 born in Ohio, claimed personal estate worth $250. Harland was 5, William was 2 and Ada was 10, all born in Ohio.

Henry Kibbee was enumerated in the 1880 Census in West Farmington, Trumbull County, Ohio, with wife Rachel M. and son William. Henry was a 55-year-old farmer born in Vermont. Rachel was a 39-year-old dressmaker born in Ohio. William was 12 years old and born in Ohio.

Henry and Rachel KIBBEE enumerated in the hamlet of West Farmington, Trumbull County, Ohio. Henry's age and birth date are given as 79 and October 1820. Rachel's age and birth date are given as 59 and August 1840. They are shown as being married for 35 years. Henry died about 15 November 1908.

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