DNA Surname Project -Matthews/Mathews

The Family Coordinator for this DNA Surname Project is:

John (Matthews) Manley
7250 S Hwy 211
Canby, OR 97013

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"Genetic Genealogy of MATTHEWS/MATHEWS Surname"

A Matthews/Mathews DNA Surname Project has been undertaken to identify and establish the Genetic Genealogy Baseline of current generation bloodlines for these surnames. Family Tree DNA, a pioneer in the new field of Genetic Genealogy, will provide DNA testing services. Any Male of these Surnames is invited to participate in this Genetic Genealogy Research Study and hopefully unlock the "Clues" to the History of their Lineage.


The purpose of this study is to prove or disprove lines of Matthews/Mathews genealogy.
It is to enhance the documented genealogy and help break down those brick walls.

With the advent of genetic genealogy, some light may be shed on certain suspected relationships that could not previously be documented. However, it is important to realize that genetic genealogy has limitations to what it can and cannot prove.

Y-chromosome unique is that the information carried on Y-chromosomes is inherited largely intact over time. Unlike other chromosomes, the genetic material on the Y-chromosome is not mixed with each new generation. All men and only men have a Y-chromosome. This biological fact allows us to trace back in time a direct, largely unchanged genetic line of inheritance from father to son. Occasionally, during the DNA copying process small changes or mutations occur, and it is these mutational differences that allow us to distinguish the Y-chromosome of an individual from his ancestors. Thus an actual genetic record of the male line going back through time exists -- as clear a marker of paternal heritage as a fathers family name.

For more information concerning the DNA test and analysis, please go to the Family Tree DNA site.

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Last Update: November 15, 2003