Abstracted from the "Biographical Encycopaedia of American Women"

          Volume II
          Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army During the War of the Revolution
          Alphabetical List of Officers of the Continental Army
          Fifteenth Virginia
          page 533
          Tate, Adam (Pa). Ensign 11th Pennsylvania, 21st April, 1777; 2d Lieutenant, 11th September, 1777; resigned
          25th October, 1777
          Tate, James (N. C.). Chaplain 1st North Carolina, 13th October, 1775; Brigade Chaplain North Carolina
          Troops, 1st June, 1778, and served to close of war.
          Tate, James (Pa). Surgeon Delaware Battalion of the Fling Camp, July to December, 1776; Surgeon's Mate
          2d Maryland, 1st January, 1777; Surgeon 3d Pennsylvania, 1st August, 1777, to 31st July, 1780. (Died
          Tate, James (S. C.). Lieutenant South Carolina Militia; killed at Guilford, 15th March, 1781.
          Tate, John (Pa). Ensign 11th Pennsylvania, 1st January, 1777; resigned — October, 1777; Surgeon's Mate
          2d Maryland, 10th May, 1778; resigned April, 1779.
          Tate, Joseph (N. C.). 1st Lieutenant 2d North Carolina, 1st September, 1775; Captain, 16th May, 1776; died
          2d June, 1777.
          Tate, Robert (S. C.). Captain South Carolina Dragoons, 5th April to September, 1781.
          Tate, Samuel (S. C.). Captain South Carolina Militia; wounded at Guilford, 15th March, 1781. (Died 1798.)
          Tate, William (S. C.). Captain Lieutenant 4th South Carolina (Artillery) Regiment, 8th October, 1779; taken
          prisoner at Charleston, 12th May, 1780; exchanged October, 1780, and served to close of war.



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