The Tait and Tate Families of America

Tait & Tate Wanted Information

This is a listing of the Tait & Tate Information that we are working on at the moment. 
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William A. Tait Seeking the parents and Siblings to William A. Tait.
He was born in GA, yr 1805. Wife Catherine, children, James Henry,
Madison, Brantley M., Charles, William H., George, Sarah, Mary. 
 He died in Decatur Co., GA 1873.
John Tait,Age, 25. Carpenter with wife and four children. 
Scotland, from Whitby to Savannah GA, August 1744 on the Marlbourgh. 
Looking for the name of his wife and the four children. There have been 
NO records found on him yet by us as to his where abouts since he landed 
in Savannah, Ga.
John Tait was born in Ireland in 1758. He came to America in 1763
and enlisted in the Rev. War from Cumberland Co., PA. After the war, he
moved to Baltimore MD, then to Burke Co., NC and to Franklin Co., GA 
in 1796.He had a wife Ann called Nancy and a son William. John in 
1827 drew Coweta Co., land grant 3 Dec 1827.
Andrew A. Tate, also a Rev. War Veteran, in Franklin Co., GA in 
1820 drew Early Co., land grant 21 August 1841. An Andrew Tate of 
Wilkes Co., NC bought land in Pendleton Dist, SC 12 Feb. 1794 and was 
enumerated there in 1800 along with James, Robert and Samuel Tate.
By 1795 several of the VA Families were taxed in Wilkes Co., GA.
James Tate having both land in Wilkes Co (Elbert Co.,)and Franklin Co.,
GA. It is noted, that Andrew Tate was the father of 11 children, 
have list of only 3 at this time.
Rev. William Tate born in Sc yr 1810. He migrated to Lumpkin Co., Ga
where he married and raised his family. Most of his family is still 
living there today, Seeing the parents of this William Tate. 
William Tate: Information is rare on him. Only known record is of his 
marriage to Sally Howard in Warren Co., GA August 17, 1802. 
Seeking children and or parents and siblings.
Rowland Tate: Rowland Tate was found in Decatur Co., GA. He was murdered 
in his home in 1825. His wife was Sarah Tate. Listed in the household
when the murder took place states the following, Ann (Anay) and 
three other children. Possible children of Rowland Tate are: 
Jeremiah Tate md Mary Manisfield June 27, 1833, John Tate md 
Louise Phillips March 17, 1842 and Ann Tate md Hugh Donalson Jan 1829.
UPDATE: Rowland Tate won a land grant to Decatur Co.,
in 1827 Land Lottery from COWETA Co. GA. He is related some how to 
that branch of Tates that lived there.
George Tate: Born in GA abt 1800 death some time after 1850. He married
Malinda born 1811. Children listed: James Madison b 1829, 
Letitia b: 1831 John b: 1837, Nancy b: 1839, Edwin b: 1840, 
Washington b: 1843 and Henry b:1845. Seeking his parents and siblings.

Jesse Tate: Was found listed on the 1820 census record in Early Co., GA. 
Listed along with him are two sons, between the ages of 10-16. 
Names are unknown at this time.



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