Celebrating Family History



Celebrating Family and Friends

This is Buddy the Cat.

Buddy's Christmas trip and his Christmas at home.

A birthday aquarium of six fish given to Buddy the Cat

Buddy and His Pal, Winston the Parakeet

They've grown and left home!

Buddy's Goldfish Have a Reunion

Buddy and His Wonderful Blue Stroller

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Sarah Grace Pitchford Lee Sarah Grace Pitchford Lee was born 29 May 1914 in Phoenix, MS. She was a nurse's aide at the Vicksburg (MS) Hospital from 1952 until her retirement. She was a member of the Calvary Baptist Church in Vicksburg. In her spare time, she was a poet, and her wonderful poems are preserved here, capturing the adventure of her widowhood and the witness of her faith.



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Celebrating Family History