Cove Caning

Caning chairs has been a hobby since I was a teenager. This interest has grown into a part-time business here on Tancook Island. Some chairs are sold on the island at Popplerock during the summer season but most of the caning is based on custom work. I have caned chairs for hundreds of people in the area as well as for customers as far away as Ontario. The photos above show examples of 3 chairs caned this past year.

Chairs arrive in various conditions. It is best to have the chair in its final state (you donít want to strip or paint the chair after it has been caned). Chairs with varnishes can be stripped at an extra cost but painted chairs can be stripped at a lower cost by having them dipped at a factory specializing in stripping (it's very costly/time consuming to strip a painted chair by hand).

If you have a chair or rocker that needs caning please send me a photo and I will prepare an estimate. It usually takes about 1 - 2 weeks to cane a chair but rush orders can be accommodated if you are in the area for a short time.

Itís time to repair that old chair! Send me an e-mail at
[email protected] and we can discuss the work involved.

Martha Farrar ([email protected])