Turning Back the Clock


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1. Tancook Island Baptist Church (recent photo of the church)
2. View of the interior of the Tancook Baptist Church
3. Humorous picture taken on NW Cove beach
4. Front view of the Mason Boatyard/Paintshop taken before demolition

5. Rear view of the Mason Boatyard
6. Tancook whalers that were run up on their slips in NW Cove
7. Oxteam driven by Bob Cross as a small boy
8. Same oxteam, different view
9. Cabbage fields on Crooks' Hill
10. Tancook whalers under full sail in NW Cove
11. Fishstore in SE Cove
12. Israel Baker's barn in SW Beach

13. The oxteam of Roland Stevens
14. People gathered for the launching of a boat
15. A view of NW Cove from post office hill
16. A view of NW Cove from opposite direction

17. The Baptist Church parsonage
18. The building of "Ramona", Clemence and Hovey Slaunwhite's Cape Island boat built by Melvin Stevens
19. The knockabout schooner, "White Birch", owned by Clemence and Hovey Slaunwhite built by Stanley Mason and David Langille
20. Thanks to Nancy Manning, this photo has been identified - It is a picture of her grandparents' home in Dawson Settlement, Albert County, NB. Her grandparents were Mildred Pearl Cross of Big Tancook Island, daughter of Leander Cross and Jessie Stevens, and Ozro Enoch Hopper who were married in Boston in the early 1920's.
21. The building of the Wharf in SE Cove
22. The Mason Homestead, the house I live in

*Thanks to the following people for sharing these pictures with me and for allowing me to scan them:
Francine Levy, Vera Stevens, Shelly Cross, Judy Crooks and Evelyn Hutt