Tancook Genealogy


This page is devoted to all the families of Tancook Island that produced roots here. Eventually there will be gedcom files for each one of these families. Feel free to download these gedcom files but remember, genealogy is not an exact science, so you may come across occasional errors or omissions of which I would be most appreciative to learn.

ALINARD- The first ALINARD in my records is Elias who was born circa 1850.

BAKER- The first BAKERs in Lunenburg County arrived in 1752 from Hessia, Germany. The BAKER gedcom starts with Hendrick BAKER, father of Johannes BAKER. Hendrick was born circa 1708 in Hessia, Germany and arrived in Lunenburg on the "Sally" in 1752 at the age of 44.

CROOKS- John CROOKS was born in England in 1702 and served in the Royal Navy before coming to Halifax in 1750. He died in February 1794.

CROSS- Conrad CROSS {Grass} was born in Switzerland in 1727. He arrived in Nova Scotia as a single farmer, aged 26 yrs, landing in Halifax on July 24, 1752 on ship "Betty".

HEISLER- My research has found Hans George HAUSSLER who was b. circa 1688 in Knielingen, Baden-Durlach, Germany.

HIRTLE- Joseph HIRTLE was born in 1857. His parentage is still a mystery.

HUTT/HATT-Johannes HATT arrived in Halifax, NS May 11, 1751 on the "Speedwell", under the protection of Michael Schmidt. He was born in Hemmenthal, Shaffhausen Canton, Switzerland on 28 July 1737.

JOLLYMORE-The first JOLLYMORE in my database is Isaac who was born 2 Aug 1842 and married Caroline Domine of Mill Cove area.

LANGILLE-Leopold, son of David and Catherine (BOUTENOT) arrived on the "Betty" in July 1752 from Dampierre-les-Bois, Montbeliard, France.

LEVY- Isaac LEVY was born in Spain in the 1600's and was married in Spain or Germany. Many Spanish Jews were forced to move to more friendly countries and under the edict of Napoleon I, Jews had to take family names. Because the ancestors belonged to the tribe of Levi, they chose Levi, Levy, Levitt, or Levin. Ref: The Complete Book of Jewish Observance, page 230, byOrthodox Rabbi Leo Trepp, T. Punch, and confirmed by Rabbi Rev. Avner (Ian) Solomon.

MASON- George MASON was born in the 1800's.

PEARL- The first PEARL in my database is Walter who was born in 1813 in Ireland.

RODENHISER- Hans Henrick ROTHENHAUSEN was born circa 1651 in Hoffstetten, Erzbistum, Mainz, Germany.

SLAUNWHITE- Frederick SLAUNWHITE was born in the mid 1700's.

STEVENS- John George STEEBING was born 1 Dec 1753 in Solms, Land Hess, Germany. He enlisted in the 2nd company of the von Stein garrison regiment and was stationed in Halifax in 1780-1783. There he remained either legally or by desertion, the first known date of his presence in October 1785 when he was a sponser at the baptism of John George Jolimony at St. John's Anglican, Lunenburg. In 1807 George purchased the entire 140 acres of Little Tancook for 140 pounds from Christian Graves and lived there for the next 20 years.

WILNEFF- George WILNEFF was born in the early 1800's.

WILSON- Alexander WILSON was born in the early 1800's.

YOUNG- Johann Andreas JUNG, Jr. was born in 1730 in Litzelinden near Giessen in the principality of Nassau-Weilburg (modern state of Hessen). He left there on 3 June 1750 at the age of 20 to come to Nova Scotia on the ship "Ann".

From all these different families come the settlers of Big and Little Tancook. Feel free to download the zipped gedcoms. I would greatly appreciate any corrections, omissions or additions that anyone may have. What started out as the making of a simple map of the cemetery here on Tancook, mushroomed into this!

**I am in the process of working on the FLEET family at this time and will upload it as soon as I am able to.

TANCOOK- I have made a gedcom of my whole database if anyone is interested in downloading it.