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Curtis 1988-2 June 1998----Kyle 1986-2 June 1998

This is going to be a difficult page for me to create, but I'll do the best I'm able to in memory of my wonderful nephews who came into our lives 17 September 1986 and 20 May 1988.

kyleKyle Grant FARRAR was born in Birmingham, Alabama to Sherry Lynn HEISLER and Stephen B.H. FARRAR. I met Kyle in October 1986 when I took a trip to the states to help his Mom out a little. He was about 3 weeks old and like most newborns, pink and wrinkled, with just a hint of red hair on his bald head. After a couple of days getting used to Auntie, he smiled and never stopped smiling all his short life. We took Kyle to the Birmingham Zoo facing temperatures of over 100F where we introduced him to all the strange and wonderful animals that he would eventually love learning about. By the age of 5 he knew all there was about dinosaurs, even down to the correct pronunciation of each of them.
Kyle loved the outdoors......it didn't matter what the weather was, he could always be found outside doing just about anything that full grown men did! He was happiest sawing down dead trees, mowing his Unky's lawn with the ride-on, pulling old tires out of a swamp with his "come-along", tilling a garden with a neighbor or for himself, helping his Dad build rock walls, barbecuing pork chops for his Mom when Dad was out to sea, giving his "unky" some muscle power lifting freight onto a truck at the wharf or waking up his "auntie" at 5:00 a.m. to catch a low tide for clam digging. His Unky called him the "Clam-digger Extraordinaire"!!!

Curtis Stephen FARRAR, his brother, came into this world, with a little assistance from the doctors at the Grace Maternity Hospital in Halifax, on 20 May 1988. He was a lot taller than Kyle was at birth so we always said he had the FARRAR gene in him for height (my son Grant at age 26 is 6'6"!). Curtis was only in this world a few days when he was rushed to the IWK (Isaak Walton Killam) Hospital and diagnosed with the ecoli strain of spinal meningitis. Miraculously he survived this ordeal with no damage, being tested yearly at the IWK for any conditions that may have been latent. His personality was quite different than Kyle...he was a thinker, very artistic, and somewhat quieter than his brother but very content watching TV or drawing pictures. He had a fantastic command of the English language and many times cracked us up with his use of very adult words.curtis
Curtis liked crafts and many times raided my craft chest for something to do, whether it was making a macramé bracelet or trying to make pictures with my embroidery threads. The family had a cat that he liked that eventually adopted the schoolhouse as its second home, entering with the children and sleeping in a corner of the classroom while school was in session. He loved helping the younger children in the school sometimes with their projects and sometimes just pushing them on the swings in the playground.

Both boys loved going camping with "auntie" in Parrsboro, where we searched for dinosaur fossils, and visiting their cousin, Hillary, in Halifax for a weekend now and then. Hillary would take them to fairs, shopping, lake swimming, renting home videos, etc. just for a change of pace from Island living. Also they liked driving the dirt roads of the Island with cousin Hillary who let them sit on her lap and steer, giggling constantly, and begging her to go faster. By the end of those wild rides they were both in hysterics!!!

They both had wonderful senses of humor and constantly kept everyone laughing with their antics. Their latest prized possessions were enormous water guns that held about a gallon of water.....when they weren't washing their Mom's picture windows with them, they were drenching each other!!!

As you can see, I'm a doting auntie and I loved these boys as if they were my own.....they will be sorely missed, not only by their relatives but by any who came in contact with them during their lives. Both boys have given others a chance at a new life with the donation of their corneas, hearts, and heart valves. May the recipients of these organ donations live wonderful lives as "the boys" did.

There has been a scholarship fund set up in their names at the Chester Middle School, Chester, NS, B0J 1G0 and a "rebuilding" fund (Acct.#101730035726) set up in the Bank of Nova Scotia, Chester, NS, B0J 1G0, for Sherry, their mother, to help her continue her life without a staggering financial problem.

Created with love by Martha J. Farrar

Segment from funeral service by Hillary

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