Tancook Island Map


1. Government Wharf15.
2. Fossil Beach16. Tancook Island Museum
3. Popplerock Arts, Gifts & Collectibles17. Site of former Mason Boatyard
4. Devil's Footprints18. Old Gold Mine
5. Cable Crossing19. Flat Reef
6. 20. Long Reef
7. Carolyn's Cafe & Crafts21. Southeast Cove Swimming Beach
8. I - Land Gallery22. Southeast Beach Ponds
9. Tancook Elementary School23. Sou'west Beach
10. Tancook Recreation Centre 24. Crooks' Hill
11. Tancook Island Post Office25. Red Bank
12. Tancook Island Baptist Church26. The Ovens
13. Tancook Baptist Cemeteries27. Old Government Wharf
14. Pentacostal Church28. The Kaffel