Richey Family Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions Penn Hills, Allegheny County, PA


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This listing was recorded on October 29, 1999 and contributed by
Tom & Nancy McAdams
of Penn Hills, (Allegheny County) PA.


(1) MC KELVEY, MARGARET Apr. 28,1867 Mar. 26,1944

               OLIVE Apr. 2,1898 Jan 31,1943

(2) W.C. RICHEY 1859-1940

(3) Father WM.M. RICHEY July 9,1830 Nov 3,1915

(4) LUCINDA WIFE OF WM. M. RICHEY Died July 26,1888 47 years 3 mo&24 ds

(5) MILTON July 14,1875 Died aged 10yr 5m&23d EVA July 7,1875

     Children Of WM. M. & LUCINDA RICHEY

(6) JACOB & TALLY RICHEY July 22,1852 Died (OBSCURE) 1865 or 1868

     ANNIE RICHEY June 24,1869 Died Oct 9 (OBSCURE)



(9) New Large Granite Marker   CONDRON

     ANGUS B CONDRON Jan. 10 1875 - Nov.25, 1904

     EMMA RICHEY His Wife July 22,1877 - Mar.13 1903

(10) MOTHER SARA A. GRAY His Wife 1836 - 1916

       FATHER GEORGE RICHEY 1836 - 1916

(11) JOHN SWARTSWELDER 1863 - 1936

(12) SARAH SWARTSWELDER 1863 - 1920

(13) E.R.G. (small marker)

(14) A.R.G. (small marker)

(15) Large Granite Marker (markings on 3 sides) A) left B) front C) right

 A) EMMA J. TARR Daughter Of J&M Mc COLLUM Died Apr. 1, 1895 In Her 23 Year

 B) MARY Wife Of JOSEPH MC COLLUM Died Nov.11,1896 Aged 59 Years

 C) JOHN Died 1866 SARAH ELIZABETH Died 1877 Age 2 Years MARY MARTHA Died

     1872 Age 5 Years CHILDREN OF J&M McCOLLUM

(16) SHADE                   BELLA K. 1867 - 1923  MAMIE A. 1888 - 1891

(17) (OBSCURE)

(18) MOTHER    MARY RITCHEY Born May 25, 1810 Died May 20, 1886



*NOTES: from David McCall: 

"I was born in Penn Hills and was Superintendent of Mt. Hope Cemetery in Penn Hills for 16 years.  (1957-1973)  At that time Harry 

Pahlman was President of the Board of the cemetery.  Harry Pahlman's wife was Ida (Richey) Pahlman.  This was always called the  

"Richey" Family Cemetery.

"When this housing development was built the builder wanted to move the cemetery but Ida wouldn't allow it, as this was her family's 


"Harry and Ida Richey Pahlman are buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery... they had no children.

"Hope this info will be of some help to you.

David McCall -- December 21, 2000."

Victoria Hospodar Valentine writes
I just happened across your listing of the Richey Family Burial ground in Penn Hills. I believe that these people are of my husbands family. My husbands great-grandfather was a child of Wm. M. and Lucinda STALEY RICHEY. Besides him, James, I have no listing of the other children. The dates for Wm. M and Lucinda are close to those that I have, but off by a year or so. My husband's grandmother was also Ida Richey, but not the one mentioned in the listing.

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December 8, 2001

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