William C. McAdams and Margaret Porter

William C. McAdams and Margaret Porter

William C. McAdams [1834 - 1922] and Margaret Porter [1837 - 1916] had eleven children.

  1. William and Margaret's first child was Elizabeth [1857 - 1947] who married David Grannis [1852 - 1887].

    In 1880, Elizabeth and David Grannis were living in Wilkins. David, born in Pennsylvania, was 28 at the time. He listed his trade as "carpenter." Elizabeth was 23, Harry was 4 and William was 1.

    David Grannis died in 1887 and was buried in Section 2, Monongahela, Monongahela Cemetery, North Braddock, PA. Elizabeth married her second husband, Augustus M. Shutterly, on January 13, 1891. Their daughter was Vivian. Vivian Shutterly married Robert W. Dempsey in 1915. Source: Allegheny County Marriage License Docket, Vol. 92, Page 217

    In 1920, Elizabeth Shutterly was living at 809 Washington Street in Braddock with 22 year old Vivian Dempsey, suggesting that both women were widowed at that time. Vivian's occupation is listed as "Clerk - Shoe Store." Source: 1920 Braddock Borough Census, Enumeration District 33, Page 5A.

  2. William and Margaret's second child was Mary, born about 1859.

  3. William and Margaret's third child was Margaret, born about 1861, who married William P. Fowler, Sr. Their son was William P. Fowler, Jr.

    In 1920, 64-year old William Fowler was living at 813 Washington Avenue, Braddock with "Margarurette," then 59. A 36-year old William was a second head of household, with his wife, Anna H., 38, and their daughter, Margurette, 5. Also in the house was William McAdams, 85, grandfather.

    Source: 1920 Federal Census for Braddock Borough, Enumeration District 33, page 5A

  4. William and Margaret's fourth child was William C. McAdams Jr. [January 1862 - June 22, 1941] who married Mary Tomlinson.

    William McAdams and Mary Tomlinson's Marriage License was issued on April 23, 1890.

    William McAdams listed his birthplace as Braddock PA, his date of birth as May 9, 1868, and his occupation as laborer.

    Mary Tomlinson also listed her birthplace as Braddock PA and her date of birth as July 24, 1867. The couple was married on April 24, 1890. Source: 1890 Allegheny County Marriage License Docket, Volume 14, page 228.

    William and Mary had five children:
    1.     Lois, born in December 1893. Lois died on June 20, 1920. Her obituary appeared in The Pittsburgh Gazette Times.
    2.     Virginia.
    3.     Lillian [1891 - 1895].
    4.     Leona B. who died in infancy in 1897.
    5.     William C. McAdams, III.

    William C. McAdams Jr. died in 1941. According to his obituary, he was living at 120 Linden Ave., Edgewood at the time.

  5. William and Margaret's fifth child was Elverette. Elverette married George Snyder in 1885. Their Marriage License was recorded in the Allegheny County Marriage License Docket.

    George gave his date of birth as July 20, 1863 and his place of birth as Westmoreland County, PA. He gave his residence as Borough of Braddock and his occupation as Laborer.

    Elveretta gave her date of birth as July 3, 1863 and her place of birth as Braddock Borough, PA.

    The marriage license was issued on October 22, 1885, and the couple was married on October 22, 1885. Elvretta died in 1890 and was buried in Section 2 of Monongahela Cemetery.

  6. William and Margaret's sixth child was Emma [1864 - 1928]. Emma married Harry Lewis. Their children were Frank, Jessie, and Ruth Lewis.

  7. William and Margaret's seventh child was James Dorsey [May 1873 - March 18, 1947]. Dorsey married Carrie McMillen. Lou Ann Cunningham, a descendant of the McMillen family tells me that Carrie was born on March 9, 1873 in New Bethlehem, Clarion County, PA. Carrie's parents were Thomas McMillen and Anna Elizabeth Waterson. Lou Ann writes, "Carrie's parents were cousins. Have been told by other McMillen researchers that the McMillens intermarried with alarming frequency."

    In 1900, Dorsey McAdams was living with his family in North Braddock. He was working as a day laborer.

    In 1910 Dorsey and Carrie were living in 2nd Ward of North Braddock Borough. Dorsey was 36 years old, and was born in Pennsylvania, as were his parents. His trade is listed as "Driver" and the "General Nature of Industry" is "Livery" With him were Carrie McAdams, age 37, who was born in Pennsylvania, as were her parents, and five children. They report that they were married 18 years. Carrie reports that she is the mother of 6 children, five of whom are living. The five children, all born in Pennsylvania, listed in the 1910 Census are:

    1.     Otto Dorsey McAdams - 16
    2.     William McAdams - 11
    3.     Henrietta McAdams - 9
    4.     John McAdams - 6
    5.     Twila McAdams - 1 11/12

    Source: Allegheny County Pennsylvania, Federal Census Table, 1910, Enumerator District 173, page 5 line 96 through page 6 line 2.

    Two more children were born after the 1910 Census: Clarence McAdams [December 1, 1910 - January 21, 1997], and Thomas Ralph McAdams.

    Dorsey's children are discussed in more detail on the Dorsey McAdams Page.

    Dorsey died in 1947 and was buried in Monongahela Cemetery, North Braddock, PA.

  8. William and Margaret's eighth child was Olive Blanch [1875 - 1931] who married Ed O'Donnell.

    According to the Allegheny County Marriage License Docket, Edward S. O'Donnell was a resident of Homestead, PA in 1916. He reported his age as 42, his birthplace as Pennsylvania, and his occupation as carpenter. He reported a previous marriage dissolved by death in 1904. Source: 1904 Allegheny County Marriage License Docket, page 451.

  9. William and Margaret's ninth child was Frank, born about. 1878

  10. William and Margaret's tenth child was Mark Bennett McAdams. He married Estella V. McCahill.

    Mark and Stella's Marriage License is recorded in the Allegheny County PA Marriage License Docket, Volume 59.

    Mark B. McAdams listed his residence as 813 Washington Street in Braddock on his 1902 Marriage License. He listed his birth date as January 29, 1878, his birthplace as Braddock, PA, and his occupation as "laborer."

    Stella V. McCahill listed her birth date as January 1, 1880, and her birthplace as Westmoreland County, PA. The license was issued on June 3, 1902 and the couple was married on June 3, 1902 by Rev. O. H. Philips.

    In the 1910 census, Mark was living next to William McAdams in Braddock. His profession is listed as "Livery Stable."

    Mark and Stella had four children:
    1. Mark Bernard McAdams, Sr. [April 9, 1903 - December 17, 1929] who married Lena Tesh. Mark an Lena had two children: Mark Bernard McAdams, Jr., [1927 - 1984] who married Theresa Agnes Lutfy, and John William McAdams [1929 - 1995] who married Marianne.

      Mark Bernard McAdams, Jr. died in 1929. His obituary read:
      M'ADAMS - On Tuesday, December 17, 1929, at 6:25 p. m., Mark B. McAdams, beloved husband of Lena M. Tesh McAdams, in his 27th year. Funeral from the residence of his mother, Mrs. Stella McAdams, 311 Holland avenue, Braddock, PA., on Saturday, December 21 at 8:30 a.m. High mass of requiem at St. Brendan's Church, Braddock, Pa., at 9 a. m. Friends invited. [Johnstown (Pa.) papers please copy.] Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Thursday, December 19, 1927 Page 30
      Mark was buried in Braddock Catholic Cemetery.

    2. Mark and Stella's second child was Margaret Elizabeth [April 5, 1905 - July 26, 1990] who married Thomas F. McCarthy. Their daughter was Ursula Jane McCarthy who married Jack Connor.

    3. Mark and Stella's third child was William Alan McAdams [January 15, 1907 - November 1984] who married Cecelia Catherine Murphy.

      William and Catherine had four children:
      1.     Mary Ann McAdams who married Charles Edward Busse.
      2.     Thomas Alan McAdams [1942 - 1998] who married Susan Pindroh.
      3.     William John McAdams who married Alice Rasmusen.
      4.     Jim Francis McAdams.

    4. Mark and Stella's fourth child was Mary Alice [1911 - 1949] who married Bernard McGartand. Mary Alice and Bernard had two children: Mark, and Mary Jo.

    Stella died on July 3, 1973. Her obituary appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

  11. William and Margaret's eleventh child was Laura [April 1880 - 1918]. Laura married James M. O'Donovan.
Thanks to Mike McAdams and his father's cousin, James Francis McAdams for the information about their family and to Lou Ann Cunningham and her uncle Thomas P. Cunningham for the information about the family of Carrie McMillen, James Dorsey McAdams' wife.

     William's parents, George and Elizabeth McAdams.
     William and Margaret's Son, James Dorsey McAdams

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