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The Kelly Family

Marie Dickert married John J. Kelly in 1913. John was the only child of Catherine and Patrick Kelly.

Rita Kelly Karpinski, Marie's daughter, said to me, "You donít really want to get into my grandmotherís family, do you?" Sometimes I ask myself the same question.

Catherine Kelly was born on June 12, 1870 to Patrick Kelly and Catherine Travors. According to her niece, Rose Dickert, Catherine came from County Sligo in Ireland. Catherine reported her year of immigration as 1870 on the 1920 Federal Census Table. Catherine came from a large family. Her brothers and sisters included:

  1. Patrick T. Kelly, born in Ireland in August 1872. In 1896, Patrick married Catherine Shannon, born in June 1876. Their Marriage License appeared in the Allegheny County Marriage License Docket. Patrick and Catherine Shannon Kelly had six children:
    1.     Catharyn Kelly born in May, 1896 who married Andrew Quinn
    2.     Patrick Leo Kelly - March 1, 1900 - October 1973
    3.     Margaret Kelly born about 1906 who married Carl Neumont
    4.     Helen Kelly born about 1909
    5.     Anna
    6.     John

    Patrick T. Kelly died on June 16, 1940. His wife Catherine died in December, 1959 and was buried with her husband in Section G, Lot 73 of Calvary Cemetery, Pittsburgh.

  2. James Kelly was brother to Catherine and Patrick T. Kelly. James married a woman named Elizabeth. Their daughter was was Katherine Kelly, who was born in Pennsylvania in December 1919.

  3. Mary Kelly was sister to Catherine, Patrick, and James. Mary was born in Ireland about 1887. Mary married Patrick Gannon, born in Ireland about 1881. Mary and Patrick Gannon's children were:
    1.     John Gannon born in Pennsylvania about 1908
    2.     Mary Gannon born about 1911
    3.     Catherine Gannon born about 1914
    4.     Edward Gannon - February 9, 1917 - February 14, 1917
    5.     Margaret Eva Gannon born in October, 1918 John J. Kelly, Jr.

  4. Elizabeth Jane Kelly was sister to Catherine, Patrick, James, and Mary. Elizabeth Jane was born in Ireland about 1892. She married Edward Hennigan, born about 1888 in Ireland. Their sons were:
    1.      Edward P. Hennigan - January 23, 1917 - February 8, 1917
    2.      Edward Hennigan born in February 1919
    3.     Regis Vincent Hennigan born in 1922
    4.     Norbert "Norm"Hennigan, born September 15th, 1931, the father of Kelly, Karen, Kathryn and Carol Hennigan Felton.

    Elizabeth's son, Norm writes, "We lived in Garfield at 420 N. Evaline St. We both attended St. Lawrence grade School. Rege went to Peabody High School in East Liberty and I attended Central Catholic HS for two years and when we moved Aspinwall I finished my last two years at North Catholic.

    Mom's house is located in Greagnafarna. It is a farmining area in County Lietrim. About five miles northwest of Drumshanbo. The parish is Killanummery." Elizabeth died in 1952 of bone cancer. Edward Hennigan died in 1974. He was 89.

  5. Norm writes that Elizabeth's "youngest brother, Andrew, who was called Andy Paddy lived in the house [in Greagnafarna] until he died in 1970. He was 78. He was married to Jane McKenna (Scotland). No children. They adopted one child (boy) but I haven't located him. He is supposed to be living around there."
Catherine Kelly's son, John J. Kelly, Sr. was born on May 29, 1889 in Pennsylvania. According to Johnís death certificate, his father was Patrick Kelly and his motherís maiden name was Catherine Kelly. Diligent search of frames and frames of microfilm of Patrick Kellys has failed to yield the Patrick Kelly who John J. Kelly's father. Catherine's granddaughter Rita says, "we were all born at home because grandma was a midwife. She carried a bag and was sometimes gone for days at a time because she stayed to help care for the new baby." This picture shows Catherine's great-grandson, John J. Kelly Jr., son of Jack and Lucille Kelly, in front of Patrick T. Kelly's house on Hillcrest Street, August 1946.

Catherine Kelly married Patrick Shalloe on August 10, 1901. According to the 1901 Allegheny County Marriage License Docket, Patrick Shalloe was living in East Pittsburgh when he married Catherine Kelly. His occupation was listed as Machinist's Helper. Since John J. Kelly's father was Patrick Kelly and Catherine's maiden name was Catherine Kelly, this made her name Catherine Kelly Kelly Shalloe!

Patrick Shalloe died in March 1906 and was buried in the Kelly plot in Calvary Cemetery with his wife, his stepson and his brother-in-law. Catherine Shalloe died in February, 1933, and was buried in Section G, Lot 73, Grave 5 of Calvary Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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