Pittsburgh Map Showing Homes of the Meyer and Dickert Families

Pittsburgh Map Showing Homes of the Meyer and Dickert Families

This map highlights some of the homes of the Meyer and Dickert families:

The map above shows the 8th Ward of the City of Pittsburgh, an area that runs from Penn Avenue on the North to Centre Avenue on the South. I would consider these streets to be in the Bloomfield section of Pittsburgh, although the upper part of Ward 8 including Woolslayer Alley might better be classified as Lawrenceville.

In the 1880 Census, Frederick, Mary, Elizabeth and Lottie were living on Cedar Street in the 16th Ward. When the City of Allegheny was annexed into Pittsburgh, city wards were re-numbered and many street names were changed to minimize duplication. Cedar Street became the Cedarville on the map above, highlighted by red mark at D11, the furthest left of the three red marks, representing homes of the Meyer family.

In 1890, Elizabeth married Ferdinand Dickert and moved out. The 1900 Census shows Frederick, Mary and Lottie living at 423 Cedar Street.

In the 1900 Census, Frederick, "Lizzie," and five of their children; Lottie, Edwin, Marie, Edna, and Walter were living at 4742 Corday Alley, the yellow mark at D9, the lower of the two yellow marks representing the homes of the Dickert family.

By 1910, Frederick Meyer had passed on. In the 1910 Census Mary, then widowed, was living with Lottie on Sciota Street at D9, the middle of the three red highlights on the map.

In 1919, the Pittsburgh City Directory contains five entries for the name Dickert, all of whom are living at 4412 Woolslayer Way at A10, the upper of the two yellow marks.

The 1919 Pittsburgh City Directory for Dickert reads as follows:

Dickert, Edna, ironer, Starks Model Lndy, r. 4412 Woolslayer Way
" Edwin, Brass wkr, r. 4412 Woolslayer Way
" Fred, inspr, h. 4412 Woolslayer Way
" Lottie, dom [domestic?], r. 4412 Woolslayer Way
" Walter G., electn, r. 4412 Woolslayer Way

Ferdinand continued to live at 4412 Woolslayer Way until his death in 1947.

The furthest right of the three red marks highlights Millvale Avenue D9, the last home of Lottie [Charlotte] Meyers who died on June 14, 1965.

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