Frederick and Mary Meyer

Frederick and Mary Meyer

Frederick Henry Meyer, born in November, 1828, and his wife Mary, born in October, 1839, were both from Bremen, Germany. Frederick immigrated in 1864 and Mary immigrated in 1870. They were married about 1874. In 1880, Frederick, then 54 years old, was living with his family on Cedar Street in Pittsburgh. At that time, Mary was 45. They both reported Hanover as the birthplace for themselves and their parents. With them was daughter Elizabeth, born in Pennsylvania on October 21, 1873 and her sister, Charlotte, more commonly known as Lottie born on August 10, 1876.

Elizabeth married Ferdinand Dickert on November 18, 1890. Their Marriage License was recorded in the Allegheny County Marriage License Docket. Together they had twelve children:

  1. Lottie Dickert, born on March 21, 1891.
  2. Edwin Dickert, born on November 16, 1892.
  3. Marie Dickert, born on October 11, 1894.
  4. Edna Dickert, born on June 28, 1896.
  5. Walter Dickert, born on June 14, 1898.
  6. Alma Dickert, born on March 9, 1901. Alma died on December 18, 1904.
  7. Esther Dickert, born on July 14, 1903. Esther died on November 12 of the same year.
  8. Hilda Dickert, born on August 13, 1905. She died on December 13 of the same year.
  9. Freda Dickert, born on February 18, 1907.
  10. Alfred (Albert) Dickert, Sr., born on June 12, 1909.
  11. Ethel Dickert, born August 15, 1910.
  12. Harry Dickert, the youngest of Ferdinand and Mary's twelve children, was born on December 11, 1912.

Lottie never married. In 1900, Frederick, Mary, and Lottie were living at 423 Cedar Street. Lottie's occupation was listed as "Dress Maker."

Frederick died on September 13, 1906. In the 1910 census, Lottie was living with her widowed mother on Scioto Street. Mary died on December 28, 1920.

Elizabeth died at 5:50 p.m. on Saturday, April 6, 1963 at the home of her daughter, Freda Dickert Behm in Cleveland, Ohio. She was brought to Pittsburgh for burial on April 10, 1963. She was originally interred in Oakland Cemetery, but was moved when the University of Pittsburgh purchased the property. She now rests in Mt. Royal Cemetery with her sister, Lottie.

Lottie died on June 14, 1965. Her obituary described her as "formerly of 8 Millvale Ave.," just blocks from Cedar Street.

This summarizes five genrations of the Meyer family. In front is the matriarch, Elizabeth Meyer Dickert [1873 - 1963]. Behind her left-to-right are Catherine Kelly Helbling, [1914 - 2000], Elizabeth's granddaughter and Marie Dickert Kelly Bainbridge Woolslayer [1894 - 1979], Elizabeth's daughter. Next in the picture is Carol Helbling Siford Feris, Marie's granddaughter, born in 1938 holding her son Mark Siford, born in 1959.


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