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Stella Sznarbach and William Sladek

Stanislawa or Stella was born on January 23, 1906. She married William Sladek. Bill had a brother named Fred. His sisters were Elsie [later Mrs. Gretchko] and Rose [later Mrs. Ternansky].

My father recalls that Bill Sladek spent most of his working years operating a chain making machine. Bill had curly black hair and was always cheerful and fun to be around. Bill built two houses for his little family, one on Wolf Avenue and the second one on Granger Road. Stella worked for the Telephone Company for many years. Their daughter, Irene married William Oravec on February 5, 1953. They had five children: William, Joan, Janet, Joyce, and Robert.

  1. William Steven, born on March 28, 1955, is the oldest of Bill and Irene's children. William writes, "I'm the eldest of Bill & Irene Oravec's five children. My wife Cheryl and I live in Burlington Connecticut. Our son Stephen is now 14 and a high school freshman. Stephen is a percussionist in the high school band. He also enjoys skiing, rollerblading and using computers (especially for gaming). Our adopted daughter Andrea is now 24. Andrea lives in Centreville Virginia with Mark and their 2 year old daughter Summer.

    I've been working in the Information Technology field since graduating from the State University of New York at Albany in 1977. I'm currently a Systems Consultant at Phoenix Home Life Insurance Company in Hartford Connecticut, where I've been employed for the past 14 years. Cheryl is working as a Medical Assistant at a Dermatology office in Avon Connecticut." Andrea was expecting at the time William wrote this e-mail.

  2. Joan Louise, born on April 17, 1957, married Paul Haibon on July 27, 1991 in Patchogue, NY. Joan works as a high school science teacher. Joan and Paul have a daughter, Emily Ann Haibon.

  3. Janet Marie,, born on August 31, 1959, married John Davaros ,

  4. Joyce Ann, born on June 23, 1963 married William Nichols on September 24, 1988 in Rensselaer, NY. Joyce is a client billing representative and William is a telephone company technician. Joyce and William currently live in Malta, NY.

  5. and Robert John Oravec, born on October 16, 1964. Bob introduced himself via e-mail:

    Attached is a Christmas picture of our daughter Renee Oravec. She is the daughter of Bob and Tracey [Schmidt] Oravec. I am the youngest of the five children of Irene Sladek and William Oravec Sr. My wife and I live in Severn, MD which is nearly in between Baltimore and Washington D.C. We have lived here since 1988. I am a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Camp Springs, MD which is just outside of D.C. I forecast weather conditions for the entire U.S. out to 7 days. I graduated from Albany State University with a B.S. and M.S. in Atmospheric Science. My wife is a special projects coordinator for Metrocall Inc., a telecommunications company based in Arlington, VA. Since the birth of our daughter in June [1999], Tracey has been working only part time. She works around my schedule since I have days off in the middle of the week every two weeks. Tracey and I met freshman year at Albany.

    Oravec Girls I am an avid runner and have run in 16 marathons. I have run for about 20 years, but started running marathons in 1992 after seeing the NYC marathon and thinking it would be interesting to try. My best time is 3:05:23. I have run the NYC and Boston Marathons once. I usually run two a year, the Marine Corps Marathon in Oct and the B&A Trail Marathon run in Severna Park, MD in March. Our daughter is just getting big enough to fit safely in our baby jogger so I will be able to take her running soon. This of course depends on the weather being warm enough. Hopefully, it will be another mild winter in the mid-atlantic. I use to love cold and snowy weather when we lived in Albany, NY, but since moving south to MD we have both become weather wimps.

    I am not as passionate about football as my brother Bill. He keeps on reminding me of how he hates Art Modell for moving the Browns to Baltimore. I am a big baseball fan of the Orioles and the Mets. The Orioles have recently been very disappointing, but the Mets have begun to become exciting again. I suffered through many years of bad Met teams when I grew up in the 70's and early 80's. The world series victory of 1986 is still one of the more exciting sporting events ever. Bill Buckner is my favorite RedSox.

    My parents (Bill and Irene Oravec) visited recently and we began to make a family tree with the information that Nancy sent and my parents recollections. I plan on putting this info on a spreadsheet and will forward it to everyone for accuracy and for additional info that each can offer.

    Hopefully everyone will be able to view the attached picture. If you have trouble, right click on the picture attachment and save it to your hard drive and then open it from their. I sent a test of this picture to myself here at work and had this trouble. However, when I sent it to my home I had no trouble.

    Bob sent new pictures of Renee with his 2000 Christmas Letter.

William Oravec is now retired from Western Electric (AT&T).

Bill Sladek died on September 30, 1961. Stella died on July 7, 1997 and was buried in Calvary Cemetery in Cleveland, as were her parents, her sister, Wanda, and her brother, Ted.

Special thanks to Hank Snarbach for connecting the family via e-mail.

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