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The Ancestors and Descendants of Thomas Barnum
the Immigrant

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April vol.1:1
Family of Thomas Barnum the Immigrant and Hannah Hurd

May vol.1:2
The Family of Sir Francis and Elizabeth Lennard Barnum
Hannah Hurd of Boston
Sarah Thompson
Elizabeth (Barnum) Hickok

June vol. 1:3

The Families of Sir Martin Barnham
Will of Martin Barnham
Link to Martin Barnham's Memorial

July-August vol.1:4
The Family of Sampson Lennard and Margaret Fiennes, Baroness Dacre

September-October vol.1:5
Nathan Barnum, The Loyalist

March vol.2:1
Thomas Fiennes, Baron Dacre of the South
The connection of Thomas Barnum to the Family of Lennard/Fiennes has not been
proven by primary sources, but is shown as such in all secondary sources
I have seen. It has not been disproven either so is included here.

April vol.2:2
5 Gereration Ahnentafel for Margaret Fiennes, Baroness Dacre
This page is under construction. Watch for additional generations.

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