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Nancy Meleta "Nannie" Tarno



Nancy "Nannie" Meleta Tarno  was born 05 January 1869 (Mo?). After the death of her parents, Nancy lived with her sister, Mary Margaret Lindsey in Woodruff County, Arkansas. Nannie was listed as a resident of Tupelo, Jackson County, Arkansas when she married Joseph Tolbert 16 February 1896.


Joe and Nancy Tolbert


Marriage License
State of Arkansas, County of Jackson
To any Person Authorized by Law to Solemnize Marriage Greeting:
You are hereby Commanded to solemnize the rite and publish the bans of Matrimony between Mr. Joseph Tolbert of Riverside in the County of Woodruff and State of Arkansas, aged twenty-six years and Miss Nannie Tarno of Tupelo in the County of Jackson aged twenty-five years, according to the Law, and do you officially sign and return this License to the parties herien named.
           Witness my hand and official seal this 11th day of February 1896.
                                          Geo. A. Lockard       County Clerk  
I   James V. Ard do herby certify that on the 16th day of February 1896 I did, duly and according to Law, as commanded in the foregoing License, solemnize the rite and publish the bans of Matrimony between the parties therein named.
          Witness my hand this 16th day of February 1896 .
     My credentials are recorded in the Recorder’s Office,
                                                                                 James V. Ard  J.P.                                                          Certificate of Record   State of Arkansas, County of Jackson
I , Geo. A. Lockard , Clerk of the County Court of said county certify that the above License for and Certificate of the Marriage of  Mr. Jasper Talbot and Miss Nannie Tarno was filed in my office on the 17th day of February 1896, and the same is duly recorded on page 346 of Book D of the Marriage Records.
Witness, my hand and the seal of said Court this 26 day of February 1896


Children of Nancy (Nannie) Meleta Tarno and Joseph Tolbert are:

  1. Ader Myrtle Tolbert  was born 21 May 1897 in Woodruff County, Arkansas  and died 07 July 1899 in Woodruff County, Arkansas (Nannie's Bible.)

  2. Robert Lee Tolbert was born 03 March 1899 in McCrory, Woodruff, Arkansas and died 01 July 1972 in Nashville, Howard County, Arkansas

  3.  Mary Ella Tolbert

Joe, Nancy, and children

Joseph Tolbert holding Mary Ella, Robert Lee and Nannie (Tarno) Tolbert. The little girl standing in the back is Nora Bates, an orphan the family raised.

Joe Tolbert died 23 August 1915 in Woodruff County, Arkansas - DeView Township. He is buried in Fakes Chapel Cemetery which is a short distance from McCrory, Arkansas. After Joe died, Nannie left McCrory and moved to Howard County, Arkansas to be near her brothers and their families.

Nannie bought land in Howard County, Arkansas....... her difficulty in paying for the land is documented in Chancery Court Records.

Nashville, Howard County, Arkansas
Chancery Court Records Book D Page 550 Number 128
Henry Gilbert VS Nancy M. Tolbert....... Decree

On this 8th day of November, 1922, this cause coming to be heard, the defendant came not, but made default, and the cause is submitted to the Court upon the complaint, the summons and four notes, dated November 16th, 1918 each for two Hundred ($200.00) Dollars, one due November 15th, 1923.
From which the court finds that said notes were for a part of the purchase money of the South Half (S1/2) of the Southwest Quarter (SE1/4) of the Northwest Quarter NW1/4, and the Northwest Quarter (NE1/4) of the Southwest Quarter (SW1/4) of Section 32, Township 8 South, Range 27 West, containing 60 acres. all bearing interest at the rate of 10% per annum from date until paid.
That a lein was retained in said notes, as security for the purchase money; also said notes was recited in the Deed executed by the plaintiff to the Defendant, and a lein retained therein as security for the purchase money.
The court finds that there is now due on the notes maturing November 15th 1920, and November 15, 1921, the sum of Four Hundred ($400.00) Dollars, with interest thereon at the rate of 10% per month from November 15, 1919, amounting to the agregate to Five Hundred Eighteen ($518.00) Dollars.
It is therfore by the court considered, ordered and decreed that the plaintiff have and recover of and from the defendant the sum of Five Hundred Eighteen ($518.00), the same being the amount of the principal and interest due on the notes above referred to, and that the same be, and is hereby declared a lien on the land above described, subject, however, to the lien retained in said Deed for the two notes maturing November 15the, 1922, November 15th, 1923.
That said lien be foreclosed and said land be sold for the purpose of forclosing said lien and the Clerk of this court is hereby appointed commisioner for the purposes of foreclosing said lien and he is hereby directed that if said money be not paid within ninety days from this date to proceed forthewith to advertise said land, in the manner prescribed by law for sale for the highest and best bidder on a credit of three months.
And he is further ordered to sell said land on the date advertised by him if the judgement herein rendered be not sooner paid, He will take from the purchaser a bond with approved security for the purchase money and will also retain a lien on the land for the payment thereof.
It is decreed and adjudged that the land be sold and the clerk will so notify the prospective purchaser at the day of sale of at the time he offered said land for sale, subject the the notes abode set out, which are not now due and which are not involved in this suit.
The Clerk is also ordered to report his proceedings under this decree to me next term of the court.

Note: Received Satisfaction in full of the Decree herein mentioned.
H. F. Gilbert
This 27th December 1922 Attest C. R. Littlefield(surname?)

Nannie died 30 December 1945, in the home of her daughter, at Center Point, Howard County, Arkansas. She is buried in Center Point Cemetery.

   Nancy M. Tolbert
Jan. 5, 1869 - Dec, 30, 1945

I wrote requesting Nancy's Death Certificate, Arkansas Vital Records twice. They replied with "There is no record of the death in our files".


Died at Home of her daughter
on December 30,

Mrs Nancy Tolbert, age 76, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. L.V. Harding, near Center Point, on December 30, following a long illness. Funeral services were held in the Baptist church at Center Point Monday afternoon January 1, at 2:30, conducted by the Rev. Hollis A. Purtle of Nashville. Burial followed in the Center Point cemetery. Surviving are the two children, R. L. Tolbert of Arizona and Mrs. Harding; also seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

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