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Tarno / Tarnow (and surname variants)

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Mary K. Jones Joe and Lena (Willis) Tarno
Dan Tarno Henry and Nancy (Sheffield) Tarnow


Jefferson County, Missouri
Henry Tarnow Nancy Sheffield 26 August 1855 Pg.91 c3415
Howard County, Arkansas
Elbert Tarno Dollie Payne 14 Sept 1910 BK. I pg. 211
Elbert Tarno Mary Hyatt 11 Nov 1938 BK. T pg. 312
Earnest Tarno Myrtle Ellis 27 Nov 1920 BK. M pg. 261
Ester Tarno Willie Dixon 28 Aug 1907 BK H pg. 194
Evie Tarno Oscar White 30 Nov 1913 BK J pg. 415
Harles Tarno Louise Blaine 26 Sept 1936 BK S pg. 408
Arthur Tarno Nellie Adams 8 Mar 1919 BK L pg. 402
Edith Tarno Berlin Evans 14 Mar 1936 BK S pg. 300
Edith Tarno Edmond Annis 5 Mar 1940 BK T pg. 628
Note: I noted the following marriages from the Howard County "Index" book.....
applications? correct date of marrige unknown..........
O. M. Tarno, 28 Alice Chandler, 17 3 June 1917 BK. K pg. 549
O. M. Tarno, 34 Alice Chandler, 23 29 Aug 1923 BK. N pg. 296
Jackson County, Arkansas
H. E. Tarno Lille May 27 May 1892 BK C  Pg. 724
H. E. Tarno Minnie Greer 24 February 1899 BK E Pg. 21
Nannie Tarno Joseph Tolbert 16 February 1896 BK D Pg. 346
Joe Tarno Lena Willis 30 September 1916 BK I Pg. 104
Woodruff County, Arkansas
Mary Tarno W. A. Lindsey 17 December 1879 BK B Pg. 296
A. M Tarno Callie Lindsay 11 August 1886 BK D  Pg. 493
Pike County, Arkansas
Lois Tarno Walter James 5 December 1931 BK H Pg.131
Source: Pike County Marriages Books G, H, I & J (1925-1948)
Ola Tarns (Tarno) Dock Chandler 28 August 1907 BK B Pg. 339
Source: Pike County Marriage Records by Dorothty Kennedy Partain and Linda Meek - Published by Pike County Archives and Historical Society
Flint, Michigan - will be added soon


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