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Mary Ella's Book of Memories
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In memory of:
Vic and Mary Ella Harding, Perry Harding, Joe Lee Harding, and R. L. Tolbert

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Mary Ella (Tolbert) Harding

Recently my Aunt Doris decided it was time to look in Mary Ella's old trunk. She found a scrapbook which has brought a lot of joy and quite a few questions. The book contained newpaper clippings, postcards and other memorabilia; birth announcements, and many old photographs. Most of the photos within the book were pasted to the pages and any notations on the photo lost. A few of the pages had names beside the photos, others did not.

More photos.....................
Dad passed away in 1998 and he had a box of old photos, several of which I had never seen. He had a picture of Joseph and Nannie (Tarno) Tolbert. There was a Center Point class picture (linked below) which I felt must be his classmates until a sharing individual, from Nashville, sent names of some of the students.

More photos........
R. L. Tolbert did not father children but he was fortunate to inherit a son, Lloyd, when he married Mrs. Susie Eads. I met Lloyd's wife, Ester, through a Rootsweb mailing list. Ester answered one of my queries and we discovered a connection. This lovely lady sent pictures that she and Lloyd felt were images of my family members. One of the pictures was of Nannie, Joseph, Mary Ella, and R.L. Another photo was of R. L. and his cousin, Earnest Tarno. My most recent *find*, in the box of photos, was a picture of great-aunt, Betty Tolbert Nesbitt and her family. There were many more pictures in the box. I'll be adding them to my scrapbook and willing to share copies with you. Thanks Ester!

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I don't know about you but I love pictures! My goal is to make a genealogical photograph album for my grandchildren. The album will include photos with Group Sheets for each branch of the family.

GENEALOGICAL WISH: ...... add names to the faces in all my family photos.

Thanks to Tarno kinfolk and one Tolbert cousin, some of the photo pages will include names. This is a FUN, and rewarding, project!

The Chair
A little boy (and the chair)
A little girl (and the chair)
A small child (and the chair)
Another little girl (and the chair)

Henry D. and Betty (Tolbert) Nesbitt with their daughters

Center Point Students 1940's ?

Mr. Jess Vanloay / Vanlay / Vanbay

Babies and children:
Ardetta Jaye ? 1939

The Beard
2nd Beard
3rd Beard
4th Beard

Unidentified lady
Unknown lady

Couple # 1
Couple # 2

Unidentified soldiers:
Soldier# 1
Soldier # 2
Soldier # 3
Soldier # 4

Henry Tarno / Tarnow
Tarno Family Group Photo
Clarence Tarno
Ules Garland, Clarence, and Otis Glen Tarno

A Tolbert connection:
R. L., Susie Tolbert, and visitors

Tolbert children 1973 & Spring 1974

I'll be adding more photos
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