Obituary and Death Notice Index to The Chronicle, Scott County, Indiana 1880-1978

Obituary and Death Notice Index to The Chronicle, Scott County, Indiana


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The Chronicle was a weekly Republican newspaper published in Scottsburg, Scott County, Indiana with issues available on microfilm beginning in February 1880 and ending in late 1978 when The Chronicle, in effect, merged with the Scott County Journal. Soon afterwards, The Chronicle was published again as a local paper for the town of Austin, but not as a county-wide paper as before. The deaths in these issues will not be indexed here as they are also found in the Scott County Journal of the same period.

Indexing of the obituaries and death notices from microfilmed copies has been completed. Additional obituaries from early issues of The Chronicle that are not available on microfilm have also been added to the index with the latest update. If you have checked for an older obituary before and did not find it, you will want to check again in case it is among those I have been able to add.

If more issues are found that fill in gaps, they will also be added to the index, so check back.

Obituaries and death notices range from very brief mentions to extensive and detailed obituaries. The index often gives an indication of the extent of the obituary or notice, the more detailed the index listing, the more extensive the obituary or notice. Not included in the index are deaths for individuals such as national or state political figures or others not related to Scott or surrounding counties in some way, such as those listed in statewide "curiosity" type columns.

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