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Last Name; First Name; Middle Name; Prefix or Other Name; Maiden Name; Age; Publication Date; Page; Column; Notes

UNKNOWN;;;;;Infant;4/5/1945;;1;6;See also 6/21/1945, Page 1 Column 6
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Bro. HOUSE;;;8/3/1974;;6;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of H. K. Breeding;;;5/11/1882;;3;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Jess DAILY;;;4/3/1952;;6;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Miss Thelma NAPIER;;;9/27/1956;;4;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Mr. and Mrs. Roy & E. T. MCCREERY;;;5/9/1940;;4;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Mr. Billy SHELTON;;;9/28/1974;;5;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Mr. Clifton CADDELL;;;3/29/1962;;12;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Mr. Don HOOK;;;11/17/1960;;10;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Mr. Roy HENRY;;;8/24/1961;;15;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Mr. Roy SANDLIN;;;12/23/1948;;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Mr. Wm. A. LAWRENCE;;;3/27/1902;;4;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Mrs. Bert DEAN;;;11/23/1960;;12;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Mrs. Blanche MOSER;;;12/31/1953;;1;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Mrs. CAMPBELL;;;8/24/1961;;6;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Mrs. Casper RICE;;;4/24/1952;;6;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Mrs. George BARTLE;;;1/27/1937;;1;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Mrs. Gilbert MATTHEWS;;;5/26/1937;;1;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Mrs. Howard RICE;;;6/4/1959;;5;7;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Mrs. John HARTLEY;;;9/13/1933;;1;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Mrs. John W. MARTIN;;;9/26/1907;;4;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Mrs. L. E. KLINE;;;10/29/1953;;8;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Mrs. Maud LEWIS;;;10/6/1955;;8;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Aunt of Mrs. Ola Williams;;;4/14/1926;;1;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother of Mr. Lester WALKER;;;12/1/1970;;2;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother of Mrs. Alfred KING;;;1/19/1961;;7;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother of Mrs. Alton AUTRY;;;5/15/1947;;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother of Mrs. Billy MCCLELLAN;;;8/6/1964;2;2;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother-in-law of Mrs. Chas. EVERITT;;;8/8/1940;;1;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother of Mrs. Clarice QUARRELS;;;10/24/1963;1;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother of Mrs. Claude IRVIN;;;4/17/1958;;7;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother of Mrs. D. R. DISMORE;;;1/21/1954;;8;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother of Mrs. Elizabeth;;;4/4/1967;;6;8;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother of Mrs. Ellovene COLWELL;;;12/31/1964;1;6;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother of Mrs. Emma SAGE;;;6/18/1942;;1;6;See Page 1 of this issue reprinted in the 6/4/1980 Scott County Journal
UNKNOWN;;;Brother of Mrs. Floyd KERR;;;6/10/1954;;9;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother of Mrs. Fred COMBS;;;10/14/1965;1;2;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother of Mrs. Helen NOWLIN;;;11/21/1957;;8;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother of Mrs. Henry HAMPTON;;;2/15/1962;;3;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother of Mrs. Jakey SHIELDS;;;7/18/1940;;1;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother of Mrs. John Bennett;;;4/17/1929;;1;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother of Mrs. Mishie MEREDITH;;;10/4/1962;1;3;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother of Mrs. Robert CLIFT;;;4/28/1955;;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother of Mrs. Roy WILLIAMS;;;1/22/1959;;3;7;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother-in-law of John MITCHELL;;;3/5/1942;;1;5;See Page 1 of this issue reprinted in the 3/7/1992 Scott County Journal
UNKNOWN;;;Brother-in-law of Lora RICHARDS;;;1/7/1965;2;6;8;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother-in-law of Mr. Carl CALLOWAY;;;10/15/1959;;11;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother-in-law of Mr. Denver MCDONALD;;;2/26/1959;;10;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother-in-law of Mr. E. A. STOCKER;;;3/15/1956;;8;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother-in-law of Mr. Frank RICHARDS;;;2/27/1958;;7;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother-in-Law of Mr. Geneva ROYCE;;;6/21/1962;1;2;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother-in-law of Mr. Lawrence KEITH;;;7/9/1964;2;7;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother-in-law of Mr. W. V. PEDIGO;;;6/17/1954;;8;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother-in-law of Mr. Woolery COLWELL;;;1/14/1965;2;2;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother-in-law of Mrs. Berniece KAY;;;3/9/1977;C;4;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother-in-law of Mrs. Dora Collings PICKETT;;;8/8/1963;2;5;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother-in-law of Mrs. ETOWELL & Miss SCHULTZ;;;11/20/1958;;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother-in-law of Mrs. J. C. ROBERTS;;;2/11/1965;2;6;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother-in-law of Mrs. Margaret MEAGHER;;;11/11/1965;2;7;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother-in-law of Mrs. Marshall JOHNSON;;;12/2/1965;1;2;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother-in-Law of Mrs. Mary LORD;;;6/7/1962;3;4;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother-in-law of Mrs. Otto STANIFER;;;4/30/1964;3;2;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother-in-law of Mrs. Roy ST CLAIR;;;1/28/1965;2;5;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Brother-in-law of Pvt. Marvin E. GULLETT;;;12/6/1962;3;4;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Child of the niece of Mr. and Mrs. James JEFFERIES;;1y6m;12/11/1958;;3;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Child of the sister of Mrs. Vern RANDALL;;2m;3/1/1951;;6;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Cousin of J. C. JOHNSTON;;;4/20/1944;;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Cousin of Mr. John ABBOTT;;;7/4/1928;;1;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Cousin of Mr. Kenneth KLINE;;;9/21/1893;;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Cousin of Mr. Noel MASTER & Mrs. Ella SMALLWOOD;;;7/2/1964;1;7;7;
UNKNOWN;;;Cousin of Mr. Ollie SMITH;;;11/14/1957;;2;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Cousin of Mr. or Mrs. Fred GRAHAM;;;9/13/1956;;8;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Cousin of Mr. RICHARDS;;;10/31/1963;1;4;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Cousin of Mrs. Cecil OWEN & Mrs. John CALDWELL;;;4/30/1908;;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Cousin of Mrs. Dorene GORDON;;;2/12/1959;;7;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Cousin of Mrs. Elizabeth BUSH;;;1/21/1960;;2;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Cousin of Mrs. HEDRICK and Mrs. PLESSINGER;;;12/9/1948;;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Cousin of Mrs. Lawrence CARLILE;;;5/7/1959;;3;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Cousin of Mrs. Martin MCMILLEN;;;9/29/1960;;11;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Cousin of Mrs. Pluma REED & Mrs. Usta WALKER;;;11/12/1953;;5;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Cousin of Mrs. Qwyneth MANAUGH;;;11/6/1958;;5;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Cousin of Oren HIGHFILL;;;7/8/1954;;8;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jackson ROBISON;ROBISON;;3/17/1892;;3;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Daughter-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Iva WHEELER;;;5/25/1961;;16;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Austin HALL Jr.;;;11/4/1965;1;3;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Bernard SCHAFER;;;6/7/1951;;6;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Boyd BROWNING;;;11/28/1963;2;3;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Chester MEEKS;;;12/27/1962;1;2;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Conley BOWMAN;;;2/12/1953;;8;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Douglass HALL;;;1/1/1953;;3;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. E. L. GILLENWATER;;;10/11/1962;3;2;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Ellen BOYD;;;7/22/1965;2;4;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Floyd W. ROBBINS;;;3/29/1956;;5;3;See also 4/5/1956, Page 4 Column 3
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Henry WESTMORELAND;;;1/11/1962;;5;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Hester TURNER;;;2/15/1962;;3;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. HUTCHIN;;;6/5/1941;;4;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. James BRIDGEWATER;;;11/26/1953;;4;3;See also 12/3/1953, Page 4 Column 4
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Joe VANNOY;;;2/26/1953;;8;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. John DEPUTY;;;10/27/1955;;8;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Kenneth WEST;;;9/1/1976;B;2;7;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Manse ZINK;;;8/9/1956;;7;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Margaret WILLIAMS;;;1/10/1963;2;7;7;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Marie HOLSCLOW;;;8/27/1953;;7;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. MIDDLETON;;;5/22/1941;;6;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Nora COLWELL;;;1/6/1973;;5;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Ona FELTNER's son-in-law;;;3/5/1959;;9;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Ralph NAPPER;;;4/23/1959;;10;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Ray ROBISON;;;6/2/1955;;5;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Robert CLIFT;;;11/26/1953;;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Ruth STOREN;;;12/31/1942;;1;6;See Page 1 of this issue reprinted in the 4/21/1982 Scott County Journal
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Thomas J. Cooley;;;10/3/1923;;4;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Mrs. Watson DIXON;;;8/3/1950;;4;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of Ruby JONES;;;2/9/1974;;4;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Father of W. I. BRUNTON;;87y;5/27/1954;;5;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Father-in-law of Mr. Bert WATSON;;;2/17/1908;;1;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandchild of Mr. Oba THOMAS;;;10/15/1908;;4;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandchild of Mr. Robert EWING;;7m;8/18/1904;;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandchild of Mr. S. H. MURPHY;;;11/3/1904;;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandchild of Mrs. Esra Hanger MUNSAN;;Stillborn;1/17/1952;;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandchild of Mrs. George TASH;;4m;6/28/1922;;1;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandchild of Mrs. HOGAN;;5y;11/10/1904;;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry JACOBS;;;9/22/1938;;1;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Noah BARTON;;;4/3/1918;;1;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Granddaughter of Mr. James REID;;1y1m;7/16/1903;;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Granddaughter of Mrs. Mabel PEACOCK;;;12/30/1954;;8;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandfather of Earnest NEEDLER;;;2/29/1940;;4;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandfather of J. Ezra THOMAS and Walker WILLIAMS;;;1/20/1898;;;;See "Looking Backwards" of 5/25/1944, Page 4 Column 1
UNKNOWN;;;Grandfather of Mr. Carl MEREDITH;;;1/3/1957;;5;5;Scott County Library Microfilm
UNKNOWN;;;Grandfather of Mrs. E. M. CRANE;;;4/7/1904;;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandfather of Mrs. Harry JONES;;;12/17/1959;;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandfather of Mrs. Kenneth APPLEGATE;;;10/24/1963;1;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandfather of Mrs. Robert BUCK;;;2/20/1958;;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandfather of Ms. Diane HALL;;;3/9/1977;C;5;8;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandmother of Ellis HAZELWOOD;;;3/17/1955;;4;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandmother of Mr. Edison GLENN;;;4/22/1954;;12;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandmother of Mr. George GOODWILL;;;4/9/1953;;5;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandmother of Mr. J. M. COLLINS;;;2/16/1893;;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandmother of Mr. Wm. J. FEWELL;;;10/3/1907;;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandmother of Mrs. ALCORN & Mrs. BRADING;;;4/12/1962;;16;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandmother of Mrs. AYERS;;;4/9/1953;;2;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandmother of Mrs. Dorothy Spry EVERROADS;;;1/29/1953;;5;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandmother of Mrs. Early SATTERWHITE;;;7/21/1926;;1;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandmother of Mrs. Gerald BRIDGEWATER;;;10/11/1962;3;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandmother of Mrs. Junior MCCLELLAN;;;6/15/1974;;5;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandmother of Mrs. Lee PEDIGO;;;4/16/1959;;11;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandmother of Mrs. Marion BRIDGE;;;11/9/1977;A;3;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandmother of Mrs. Rev. Robert WILSON;;;8/28/1941;;1;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandmother of Mrs. Richard CLEMENT;;;1/26/1961;;12;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandmother of Mrs. Robt. LYONS;;;4/2/1959;;8;3;Same as Mrs. Jennie MCALISTER?
UNKNOWN;;;Grandmother of Mrs. Thomas ANDIS;;;7/20/1944;;1;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandmother of Mrs. Walter GATT;;;12/1/1960;;7;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandmother of Ruby BERRY & Imogene GATES;;;2/13/1964;2;8;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Grand-nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Randall BOWEN;;;6/4/1959;;4;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandson of A. M. CARLYLE;;;8/10/1927;;1;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Miles BUCHANAN;;2y;9/8/1915;;1;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas FEELER;;;6/12/1935;;1;3;Same as "PRINTZ, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn"??
UNKNOWN;;;Grandson of Mr. Theo. BOLLING;;;9/1/1938;;1;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandson of Mrs. Elsie BUNNELL;;;7/17/1952;;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Grandson of Mrs. Nellie I. TEAGUE;;;9/3/1930;;1;1;See Page 1 of this issue reprinted in the 4/8/1987 Scott County Journal
UNKNOWN;;;Grandson-in-law of Mrs. Margaret HUBBARD;;;10/24/1963;1;6;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Great-uncle of Mrs. RIGHTHOUSE & Mrs. REED;;;8/1/1957;;8;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Married daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac DEAL;;;11/10/1915;;1;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Married daughter of Mr. Andrew J. COOMBS;COOMBS;;5/30/1889;;3;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Married daughter of Mr. Samuel SHAW;;;5/12/1887;;3;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of H. W. GAITHER;;;2/29/1940;;4;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Marjorie MONTGOMERY;;;5/27/1965;1;5;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Messrs. Sam and Jack WILLIAMS;;;1/25/1962;;13;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mr. Ernest NEEDLER;;;3/29/1962;;8;3;See also Page 12 Column 1
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mr. OR Mrs. Lawrence BOYD;;;3/4/1954;;2;3;See also Page 8 Column 3
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Albert MCCRADY;;;1/8/1959;;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Alice SIPE;;;9/26/1940;;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Anna TRABUE;;;8/2/1933;;1;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. BULINGTON;;;9/19/1946;;4;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Carl Ernest HARRIS;;;11/28/1957;;5;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Cleveland REDMAN;;;12/24/1908;;4;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Donald BROCK;;;3/10/1973;;4;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Earl BOYD;;;1/30/1964;1;4;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Earl PETTY;;;6/5/1941;;4;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Felex FELTNER;;;2/14/1952;;8;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. FITE;;;6/15/1974;;4;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Frank DENZLER;;;11/19/1953;;4;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Frank LEE;;80y;3/29/1951;;6;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Glenn CATHCART;;;7/2/1953;;4;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. H. E. DENZLER;;89y;8/8/1946;;1;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Hazel COOK;;;11/16/1927;;1;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Hilda KELLEY;;;3/3/1960;;11;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Howard WILSON;;;8/26/1954;;8;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Jacob TAFLINGER;;;4/2/1924;;4;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. James BRIDGEWATER;;;9/25/1958;;3;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. James TURPLE;;;12/10/1896;;;;See "Looking Backwards" of 10/21/1943, Page 4 Column 1 (Original held by SCGS)
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. John SANDLIN Jr.;;;12/26/1957;;5;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Joseph HEPWORTH;;;3/19/1885;;3;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Lee DOWNEY;;;1/31/1907;;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Leo MANUS;;;9/7/1932;;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. M. WERTENBERGER;;;5/22/1958;;5;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Nellie RIGSBY;;;11/13/1958;;2;3;2 articles
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Nora HUNT;;;4/16/1953;;3;7;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. O. O. OUTCULT;;;11/18/1909;;4;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Ollie MILLER;;;5/21/1959;;5;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Paul CATHCART;;;6/22/1974;;4;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Raymond COMBS;;;1/27/1955;;5;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Robert COONS;;;10/3/1957;;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Robin GOODWIN;;;6/7/1951;;6;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Roy OWEN;;;8/1/1957;;3;2;Same as Mrs. Sophia CHITWOOD?
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Roy WILLIAMS;;;10/21/1954;;3;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Sidney BUZZARD;;;10/25/1933;;1;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Sidney DAVIS;;;12/29/1937;;1;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Viola PETERS;;;10/29/1975;A;2;7;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Wallace JONES;;;5/22/1952;;4;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. William BRANHAM;;;2/16/1956;;2;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother of Mrs. Worley CAMPBELL;;;5/1/1947;;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Mother-in-law of Mr. David REED;;70y;11/28/1901;;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Nephew of Claude STCLAIR;;;10/24/1957;;6;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Nephew of Herschel COUCH;;24y;11/4/1965;1;2;8;
UNKNOWN;;;Nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Charles BLADES;;Infant;3/10/1938;;1;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Delmar MCNEELY;;;5/15/1958;;6;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Harold SMALLWOOD;;13y;9/3/1953;;4;2;See also Page 4 Column 4
UNKNOWN;;;Nephew of Mr. Carl CALLOWAY;;;2/18/1960;;12;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Nephew of Mr. Charles VANWINKLE;;;10/27/1926;;1;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Nephew of Mr. Clifford NEVILS;;;6/4/1959;;9;7;
UNKNOWN;;;Nephew of Mr. TINDLE;;;1/15/1953;;5;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Nephew of Mr. William PLAGRAVE;;;9/12/1963;1;2;8;
UNKNOWN;;;Nephew of Mr. Wm. W. JAMES;;;9/14/1905;;4;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Nephew of Mrs. Beulah BUXTON;;7y;9/19/1963;2;5;1;See also Column 7
UNKNOWN;;;Nephew of Mrs. Bruce KINNEY;;;6/4/1964;3;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Nephew of Mrs. Ezra HALL;;;6/16/1955;;5;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Nephew of Mrs. Geo. RUEHL, Sr.;;;1/2/1958;;8;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Nephew of Mrs. Irene VANNOY;;;6/4/1959;;10;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Nephew of Mrs. Jarves OWENS;;;2/20/1941;;1;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Nephew of Mrs. Minnie STOLL;;;9/8/1955;;8;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Nephew of Mrs. Walter CHAPPEL;;;2/15/1945;;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Niece of Mr. and Mrs. Dave CUTSHAW;;;9/27/1933;;1;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Niece of Mr. E. E. ERVIN;;;12/10/1908;;4;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Niece of Mr. J. R. MARTIN;;;4/19/1950;;4;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Niece of Mr. Thomas STOUT;;;8/3/1899;;;;See "Looking Backwards" of 3/1/1945, Page 4 Column 1 or Page 4 reprinted in the 1/16/1993 Scott County Journal
UNKNOWN;;;Niece of Mrs. Edward EVERITT;;;1/8/1959;;5;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Niece of Mrs. H. H. MCCORMICK;;;10/24/1957;;5;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Niece of Mrs. Mabel CARTER;;;2/29/1940;;4;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Niece of Mrs. MCCLELLAND & Mrs. BROADY;;;1/24/1963;2;4;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Niece of Mrs. Nettie PARKS;;;5/17/1978;A;8;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Niece of Mrs. Raymond COMBS and Mrs. NEWSOME;;;5/5/1955;;2;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Niece or nephew of Mrs. Rev. MILLES;;Infant;6/19/1958;;6;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Relative of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur SEAVERS;;;3/15/1956;;7;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Relative of Mr. and Mrs. DONNAHUE & HOARD;;;10/31/1957;;8;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Relative of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene FERY;;;12/10/1953;;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Relative of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. COOPRIDER;;;8/19/1954;;5;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Relative of Mr. and Mrs. Willie JENNINGS;;;2/20/1958;;2;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Relative of Mr. Frank RICHARDS;;;10/6/1955;;5;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Relative of Mrs. Andy HOLLAND;;;2/1/1962;;3;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Relative of Mrs. W. E. PERRY;;;11/19/1953;;7;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Relative of Rev. and Mrs. PEARCE;;;3/3/1960;;9;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Dora Bennett;;;10/22/1924;;1;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Flemon and Clancey CROSS;;;5/31/1978;;8;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Miss KIRK and Mrs. PROSSER;;;10/28/1897;;;;See "Looking Backwards" of 4/6/1944, Page 4 Column 1
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mr. Albert THORMYER;;;4/14/1955;;8;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mr. Bruce RIGGLES;RIGGLES;;1/10/1895;;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mr. Carl CALLOWAY;;;8/30/1956;;6;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mr. Carl HOYLWOOD;HOYLWOOD?;;6/13/1967;;3;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mr. Charles ROBBINS;;;8/18/1955;;4;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mr. D. ANDREWS;;;1/12/1893;;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mr. Jim THOMAS;THOMAS?;;5/4/1977;B;4;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mr. Lawrence LARSON;LARSON?;;11/2/1961;;3;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mr. Lester WALKER;WALKER?;;12/1/1970;;2;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mr. M. A. Weisman;;;12/9/1925;;1;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mr. Marten HENSLEY;;;6/21/1956;;3;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mr. Robert GROSS;;;9/7/1961;;6;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mr. SIDEBOTTOM;;;3/12/1953;;8;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mr. Ulyss & Mr. Wm. KELLY;;;8/26/1954;;3;7;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mrs. Arba WHITLATCH;;;9/26/1934;;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mrs. Chas. HOWARD;;;3/2/1944;;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mrs. Claude IRWIN;;;4/3/1952;;6;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mrs. Ed HORNER;;;2/12/1936;;1;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mrs. Elizabeth SMITH;;;11/13/1884;;3;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mrs. Emory BOLES;;;1/9/1964;2;5;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mrs. Floyd BROADY;;;3/12/1953;;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mrs. G. P. WOODRUFF;;;8/31/1944;;4;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mrs. Lenro MONROE;;;8/15/1963;1;4;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mrs. Raymond STUTSMAN;;;2/24/1955;;7;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mrs. Ruth HOLMES;;;8/23/1978;;9;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mrs. Tommy BUMPUS;;;11/2/1961;;2;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mrs. W. S. MOYER;;;9/5/1928;;1;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Mrs. Wm. HIGHFIELD;;;12/11/1952;;2;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Nora WILSON;;;10/22/1964;2;3;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Pvt. Marvin E. GULLETT;;;12/6/1962;3;4;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Rev. C. Jay REIFF;;;7/19/1956;;8;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister of Rev. W. O. GOODLOE;;;12/23/1909;;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister-in-Law of Mr. Ambrose EVANS;;;11/16/1961;;2;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey TAYLOR;;;1/28/1954;;2;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister-in-Law of Mr. Edward BAKER;;;9/7/1961;;16;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister-in-Law of Mr. ROGERS;;;7/28/1926;;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister-in-law of Mr. Thomas STOUT;;;7/12/1894;;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister-in-law of Mrs. Henry;;;4/26/1900;;;;See "Looking Backward" of 7/12/1945, Page 4 Column 1
UNKNOWN;;;Sister-in-Law of Mrs. MONTGOMERY & Mrs. WATSON;;;11/15/1962;2;3;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Sister-in-Law of Mrs. Naomi MCCLELLAN;;;6/7/1978;B;7;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Son-in-Law of Mr. and Mrs. PETRAKOS;;;12/2/1954;;8;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Son-in-law of Mrs. Adda THOMAS;;;2/25/1965;2;3;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Son-in-law of Mrs. Malissa CALLAHAN;;;9/2/1909;;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Step-father of Mr. Bertie SMITH;;;6/11/1964;1;5;7;
UNKNOWN;;;Step-mother of Mrs. Chas. S. KREIGER;;;8/4/1955;;5;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Step-mother of Mrs. Emma LYTLE;;;12/25/1952;;8;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Step-Mother of Mrs. George ADAMS;;;5/22/1952;;5;7;
UNKNOWN;;;Step-mother of Mrs. Robert LYONS;;;1/14/1965;2;2;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Charles & Albert HARDIN;;;4/25/1963;3;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Doyle MOSIER;;;5/29/1952;;6;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of H. H. RODMAN;;;11/6/1890;;3;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of HARDIN family;;;3/31/1960;;4;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mr. Allen EARL;;;6/4/1968;;5;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mr. Charlie JONES;;;3/4/1954;;8;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mr. E. A. STOCKER;;;5/31/1956;;8;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mr. Fred VOILES;;;1/23/1941;;1;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mr. Homer NORFREY;;;1/5/1939;;4;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mr. Loren GOENS;;;2/19/1953;;5;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mr. or Mrs. James THOMAS;;;3/18/1965;2;7;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mr. or Mrs. Ted Davison;;;3/26/1964;3;3;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mr. or Mrs. VANNOY;;;11/1/1956;;2;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mr. Otto JULIAN;;;10/11/1962;2;5;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mr. Tom DONAHUE;;;1/25/1951;;8;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mrs. Bailey ROYALTY;;;3/10/1949;;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mrs. Belle WEBSTER;;;11/13/1958;;10;1;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mrs. Bernard SCHAFER;;;9/14/1950;;8;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mrs. BURTON, Mrs. DART & Mrs. FAWBUSH;;;10/29/1959;;5;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mrs. Elizabeth MOORE;;;1/21/1965;1;3;5;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mrs. Glen LAMASTER;;;5/10/1956;;4;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mrs. Marshall JOHNSON;;;4/14/1955;;1;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mrs. Marvin BURNETTE;;;4/16/1959;;8;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mrs. Perry DESCHAMP;;;5/28/1953;;5;4;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mrs. Tom COX;;;7/5/1956;;3;6;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Mrs. Vena WILLIAMS;;;2/3/1944;;4;2;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Oscar COLBERT et al;;;5/2/1934;;1;3;
UNKNOWN;;;Uncle of Wayne & Benford TROTTER & others;;;2/10/1949;;4;6;
UNKNOWN;Florence;;Daughter of Mr. Wm. H.;MELOY;;2/4/1892;;;;See "Looking Backwards" of 5/1/1941, Page 4 Column 1
UNKNOWN;Frank;;Son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph;;18y;11/8/1916;;1;5;See also Page 4 Column 4
UNKNOWN;Nora;;Step-daughter of Mr. T. G. LEE;;17y;8/29/1895;;4;3;