Tubbs Family Records
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The "Tubbs Family Records" are a collection of 200 unpublished Tubbs family group sheets, gathered by the Hon. Charles Tubbs of Tioga County, Pa. in the late 1880's. The originals are stored at the Tioga County Historical Society in Wellsboro, Pa.

Procedure for viewing:

  1. Read the Title/Introduction page
  2. Check for your family of interest in the Head of Family Name index.
  3. Whether or not they are listed in the family index, check the Complete index (linked to the pages) to see if they are mentioned on another page under a different family. This may lead you to siblings, parents, etc. The Family Group index will also help you locate relatives of your family.
  4. Look at the appropriate "chapter" for the page number you want. The 200 pages have been divided into groups of 10 pages per chapter.

Images of the original pages are being added. Click on the page number when you are viewing the chapter to view the digital image of that page. (There are a few images here and there not yet uploaded.) To view the image larger, hold the mouse over the image, depending on the browser, and a box or magnifying glass should appear that will allow you to click on it to enlarge the picture to its actual size.

Title page
Head of Family Name index
Complete Name index (linked)
Family Group index
Chapter 1, pages 1-10.
Chapter 2, pages 11-20.
Chapter 3, pages 21-30.
Chapter 4, pages 31-40.
Chapter 5, pages 41-50.
Chapter 6, pages 51-60.
Chapter 7, pages 61-70.
Chapter 8, pages 71-80.
Chapter 9, pages 81-90.
Chapter 10, pages 91-100.
Chapter 11, pages 101-110.
Chapter 12, pages 111-120.
Chapter 13, pages 121-130.
Chapter 14, pages 131-140.
Chapter 15, pages 141-150.
Chapter 16, pages 151-160.
Chapter 17, pages 161-170.
Chapter 18, pages 171-180.
Chapter 19, pages 181-190.
Chapter 20, pages 191-200.

Thanks to the Tioga County (Pa.) Historical Society for permission to publish this online. TCHS Facebook page.