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Click on the thumbnail to see the full size image. These unlabeled slides were found among others belonging to my late aunt and uncle. He was in WWII in Europe, but not in these areas (since some pictures include occupied Poland), so I surmise he found the film, brought it home and mounted them as slides (Kodak ready-mounts, made in U.S.A.). There is damage to some of the slides - scratches, spots, etc. Originally they were in color, but presumably some kind of heat damage turned them all into shades of blue-green with spots of red. I have made them greyscale for better viewing. Colorized versions of the slides have also been added. If the place in the photo could be identified, it is in the caption of the picture, often with a link to a current photo from the same viewpoint. Thanks to Scott Pinkowski and his contacts for help in identification. His website is Lost Images of World War II. For maps of the known photo locations, see here.