George's Heritage

George Evans Taylor, Jr. Welcomes You

The Taylor Heritage Articles

Pertaining to Malvern, Arkansas

These articles I have penned are published in The Hot Spring County Historical Society's Heritage Magazine.
Others are yet to be published.
In the writing of the articles I have been as accurate as my memory allows!
Hope you enjoy! George Taylor, Muscle Shoals Alabama

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Dedication~~~To Dad and Mom
Chapter One~~~At Home With Mom and Dad
Chapter Two~~~The House on the Rocky Hill
Chapter Three~~~The Malvern I Remember
Chapter Four~~~Taylor Home Remedies
Chapter Five~~~Our Model A Ford
Chapter Six~~~A Piece of Malvern Went North
Chapter Seven~~~When I Think of Malvern
Chapter Eight~~~Our Farm Food
Chapter Nine~~~A Visit With Eudor Fields
Chapter Ten~~~Hog Killing Time on the Rocky Hill
Chapter Eleven~~~The Marriage of George and Betty
Chapter Twelve~~~We Visit Hot Springs
Chapter Thirteen~~~Lawn Mower Purchase
Chapter Fourteen~~~My Wife's Parents
Chapter Fifteen~~~My Wife's Home
Chapter Sixteen~~~Soldier John Hubert Tillery
Chapter Seventeen~~~My Employment at Malvern
Chapter Eighteen~~~ Ancestor Rowland Taylor
Chapter Nineteen~~~First AoG Church Photo
Chapter Twenty~~~Watching Television in the 1950s
Chapter Twenty-one~~~Cooper School
Chapter Twenty-Two~~~The Games we Played
Chapter Twenty-three~~~My Arkansas Cars
Chapter Twenty-four~~~Cooper AoG Church
Chapter Twenty-five~~~My Crystal Radio
Chapter Twenty-six~~~No Utility Bills
Chapter Twenty-seven~~~Dad's Religion in Practice
Chapter Twenty-eight~~~How it was when I Grew Up
Photo Page~~~The Taylor Clan