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Last Updated: June 25, 2001
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If you participate in the mail list and would like to have your picture (or your family's) added, e-mail it to [email protected]. Please also include some information about yourself (e.g, general location, what you do or did for a living). If you don't have a scanner, I do have one and I'm willing to scan a few photos for this page. [Or check you local photo shop or Kinko's; they may be able to scan them for you.] Send copies of your photos to Ted Smith, 7053 Enright Drive, Citrus Heights, CA 95621. Please include SASE if you want them returned. If you want a higher-resolution copy of the resulting file(s) in PC format (no Mac disks), also send one or two blank 3.5-inch floppy disks and/or your e-mail address.

A Note About the Photos

I don't have the original photographs (unless the individuals shown are part of my own family, of course). I optimize the images that people send me, shrinking them down to a fairly uniform size and using one or more programs to reduce the number of colors or shades of gray. That sacrifices some detail but makes the pictures load much more quickly. The images that you see below are thumbnails. Click on them to view larger images. If you'd like better quality images than you see here or more information about these individuals, please contact the person who sent me the original images.

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Thurmon KingThurmon KING ([email protected])

Rev. Thurmon Eugene King a Baptist pastor who served five small churches over 17 yrs. in Nevada, California and Washington before retiring from the ministry in 1974 and becoming an Owner/Operator in the trucking industry until 1994. Born 30 Jul 1930 in Love Co., OK.; moved with parents to Yuma, AZ. December 1941; married high school classmate four days after graduation in 1950; attended classes at: Arizona Bible Institute, Phoenix, AZ.; Western Baptist Bible College, El Cerrito, CA.; Western Baptist College, Salem, OR, majoring in history and theology.

Thurmon is a descendant of Grace Mabel SACKETT & James Duffield KING, Jonathan Andrew SACKETT & William Opheliah SMITH, Samuel SACKETT & Jemima BEEMAN, Samuel SACKETT & Julia Ann HEATH, Cyrus SACKETT Sr. & Nancy Ann STAPLETON, Reuben SACKETT & Mercy FINNEY, Jonathan SACKETT & Ann FILER, William SACKETT & Hannah GRAVES, John SACKETT Sr. & Abigail HANNUM, Simon SACKETT Sr. & Isabel PEARCE, Thomas SACKETT Jr. & Martha STROWDE, Thomas SACKETT & Joane.


Denzil KlippelDenzil KLIPPEL ([email protected])

Denzil James Klippel has been in the securities transfer and quality fields for over 30 years. He served for 28 years in a corporate transfer agent capacity as Assistant Secretary/Assistant Treasurer and in-house Transfer Agent for Santa Fe Pacific Corporation and The Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. He also served as Assistant Vice President - Quality for First Chicago Corp. He now is President of Investor Services Consulting Group, Inc. He was an active member and director of the Corporate Transfer Agents Association and the editor of THE OUTPUT, the CTA newsletter for eleven years. He was also a member of the American Society of Quality Control and was associated with the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators and the Unclaimed Property Holders Liaison Council. Denzil serves as an arbitration Judge for the National Association of Security Dealers, a member of The Association of the Bar of The City of New York and a Commissioner of Deeds for the City of New York.  Mr. Klippel has his Bachelor's degree in Finance from California Coast University and Master of Science degree from the University of Southern California. He is descended from: PRIVATE; Lottie May SETTLE & Benjamin Franklin KLIPPEL; Emily (Ella) Josephine SACKETT & Marcus George SETTLE III; Thompson Davidson SACKETT & Rebecca Matilda EVANS; David SACKETT & Margaret VILES (VOYLES); Almeron SACKETT & Rachel WHITE; Capt. Jonathan SACKETT, Jr. & Hannah PHELPS; Jonathan SACKETT, Sr. & Ann FILER (FYLER); William SACKETT & Hannah GRAVES; John SACKETT & Abigail HANNUM; Simon SACKETT & Isabel PIERCE; Thomas SACKETT, Jr. & Martha STROWDE; Thomas SACKETT, Sr. & Joanne.


Chris SackettChris SACKETT ([email protected])

Christopher Robin Sackett is a Chartered Management Accountant and was, from 1980 to retirement in 1998, CEO of the Guernsey Press group of companies, publishers of the Guernsey Evening Press, commercial and book printers, history book publishers, wholesale & retail stationers, & office equipment suppliers. He married Rosalind (formerly Wheadon, nee Morgan) in 1990 in San Francisco, the witnesses being Ros's four sons, and a destitute street-dweller on the City Hall steps. As well as members of the Sackett Mailing List, Chris has other important friends such as Pooh, Owl and Eeyore. Chris is presently coordinating the compilation of "The Sackett Family: its History and Genealogy", a successor volume to Weygant's 1907 book. Chris's Sackett line is: Douglas SACKETT & Mary Emma SUTTON; Alfred James SACKETT & Lydia HATFIELD; Jabez SACKETT & Sarah Anne YOUNG; Benjamin SACKETT & Mary Anne COOPER; Benjamin SACKETT & Ann COX; Jeremiah SACKETT & Hannah NEWING; Henry SACKETT & Elizabeth CLIFFORD; Thomas SACKETT & Elizabeth NUBY; Thomas SACKETT & Anne BROWN; John SACKETT & Mary ---; Thomas SACKETT & Martha STROWDE; Thomas SACKETT & Joane ---.


Nancy Cluff SidersNancy Cluff SIDERS ([email protected])

Nancy Cluff Siders lives in Roswell, New Mexico, the alien capitol of the world.   She has been working in the computer field for 21 years; mostly in educational institutions both in Ohio and New Mexico.  Working with her husband Bill for the last 16 years, they've kept employees happy getting their paychecks on time at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio (6) as well as for the faculty and staff at the New Mexico Military Institute (10).  At NMMI besides the paychecks, the center emphasis is on Project 2001, requiring every cadet to have an Internet capable computer.   This implies building Internet connections and utilities including a firewall against inappropriate material, web-based instruction, email, ftp and all that stuff.   Support for 1200 users is demanding on a staff of 10.  As Manager of Information Services' Operations, Nancy handles all the numerous details.  Nancy will be relieved when January 1, 2000 arrives, whatever the results, since they have been preparing for Y2K since 1996.  In Nancy's spare time the COUNTRYMAN-L surname mailing list was developed in 1996 on the RootsWeb server.  SACKETT-L followed in 1997 and LETSON-L in 1998.  No new lists were created in 1999, but she did set up 8 GenConnect Surname Boards on RootsWeb. Nancy and Bill have three grown children, two grandchildren with two more on the way.   So in other circles than work, she goes by the alias of Nana.     Nancy relates to the SACKETT's through John the Colonist; John and Agnes TINKHAM; Jonathan and Hannah (Unknown); Richard and Mrs. Margery L. Sleade (maiden name unknown); John and Elizabeth MASTON; Mary and Alexander McKAY; Sylvester McKAY and Elizabeth BOSTWICK; Joseph McKAY and Rachel LETSON; Philander McKAY and Sally PARTRIDGE; Willis Elery McKAY and Lucy Rose OLDEN; her parents, Marian Inez McKAY and David Newton CLUFF.   Nancy is married to William D. (Bill) SIDERS, Director of Information Services, NMMI.


Ted SmithTed SMITH ([email protected])

Theodore (Ted) Cabot  Smith is a Supervising Geologist for the California Division of Mines and Geology and lives in Citrus Heights, northeast of Sacramento, with his wife and two sons. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Geology from Humboldt State University and a Master's in Environmental Planning from the Consortium of the California State University. A licensed engineering geologist, he is a descendant of Ernest MASON & Millua Ethel JAMES, Jacob Horner JAMES & Sarah SACKETT, Samuel SACKETT & Julia Ann HEATH, Cyrus SACKETT Sr. & Nancy Ann STAPLETON, Reuben SACKETT & Mercy FINNEY, Jonathan SACKETT & Ann FILER, William SACKETT & Hannah GRAVES, John SACKETT Sr. & Abigail HANNUM, Simon SACKETT Sr. & Isabel PEARCE, Thomas SACKETT Jr. & Martha STROWDE, Thomas SACKETT & Joane.

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