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Henry and Anna Gerken home at New Vienna, Iowa - Click for the contents page of the Gerken-Larson Heritage The Gerken - Larson Heritage
  • The Gerken - Larson Heritage is a narrative of Tom's family history as gleaned from interviews, newspapers, books, and official records. In addition to the Gerkens and Larsons, you'll encounter the Schulte, Winter, Schumacher, Uthe, Kieler, and Nyborg families as they made their way through life at New Vienna, Dyersville, and Dubuque, Ia; Argyle and Kieler, Wisc.; and East Dubuque, Ill.
  • The Kieler · Uthe · Schumacher Heritage - homepage for Tom's heritage through the lineage of his maternal grandmother, Anna (Schumacher) Gerken.

The Great Outdoors
One Fine Fall Day on the Heritage Trail
Split Rock on the Heritage Trail - Click for a ride with Tom on the trail Join Tom for a bicycle ride on the Heritage Trail, from Dyersville to Sageville, in Dubuque County, Iowa. (2007)
Winter Canoeing on the Upper Iowa River
Upper Iowa River - Click to join Tom and friends on the river Join Tom and chums on a virtual winter canoeing and camping trip. (from a couple decades or so ago)

Click to read Tom's master's thesis about F. Scott Fitzgerald's Babylon Revisited F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Babylon Revisited"
Read Tom's master's thesis on "Babylon Revisited," the premier short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Of Special Interest ...
These webpages contain various writings and photographs of particular interest to the Larsons and their relatives and friends.
    Birthday Greetings:
  • 40 - songs to celebrate the 40th birthdays of Tom's canoeing chums, Bubba, Steve, and Clark (1999, 2000, and 2002, respectively) and a song composed by the canoeing chums for Tom's 40th (2002)
  • The Birthday Hymn of the McDaniels - Aunt Marian celebrates 75th B-day; Cousin Dave his 50th! (1998)
  • Happy, Happy Anniversary! - Deb's folks last 40 years (1998)
  • O, Gene and Cath! - former Dubuque barkeep and wife celebrate 50 years (1998)

Click for the Larsons' favorite links webpage - Favorite links to other WWW sites.

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