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Life and Legend of

Lawrence County Alabama


Dorothy Gentry



The Life and Legend of Lawrence County Alabama was written and privately published in a limited edition (1500 copies) by Dorothy Gentry in 1962. I wish to acknowledge her efforts in the creation of this book and the fact that she chose not to copyright the material thereby allowing me to scan the book and make it available on the internet for people interested in Lawrence County, Alabama.


The information contained on this site were scanned and uploaded by Tommy D. Wiggins.  It is not copyrighted, but if you chose to use this information on another site or publication, I would appreciate acknowledgement of my efforts and those of Dorothy Gentry.  The printed book is 235 pages long including the index.  I have chosen to scan and upload only a portion of the printed book, consisting of pages 1 thru 118 and pages 223 thru 235.  The remaining pages 119 thru 222 is a list of Marriage Licenses issued between 1828 and 1884 and is available elsewhere on the internet.


I have made the following minor changes to the material presented here that are not in the printed book:

1.     I have added page numbers to pages 1 thru 11 that were un-numbered in the book.

2.     I have removed illustrations from individual pages and marked where they belong and included a link to them on this Index page.

3.     Blank pages in the book are included here and notated with “Blank Page”.

4.     Pages are separated by 11 lines of white space for readability.

5.     Index in book is in double column format, in this file it is a single column and index page numbers were removed.



This file can and does contain errors. 

Some were in the original material, and some have been introduced during the scanning process. 

Please report any errors you find to Tommy D. Wiggins




Page 001 thru 235        Scanned text pages are in a single large file (approximately 300kb) in plain text format.





Illustration Name                          Found on Page in Book


Historical Marker                                                   1


Early Roads                                                        24


Second Courthouse, Moulton 1860-1936                               32


Third and Present Courthouse, Moulton 1936-                        32


The Dr. J. T. Masterson Home, Built in 1890                        34


Moulton Hotel                                                      34


"Aunt Jenny Brooks" Johnson                                        40


Confederate States Envelope Showing Jefferson Davis Seal           47


Lawrence County High School, 1909-1925                             65


First Football Team, Moulton, 1915                                 65


Graduating Class of 1912-Lawrence County High School               66


Graduating Class of 1921-Lawrence County High School               67


Former Boarding House of Mountain Home Academy                     70


Pine Torch Church in Bankhead National Forest                      86


Tulip Tree 150 Feet Tall                                           89


Dr. James W. Fennell and Wife                                      93


Thomas J. Burch                                                   101


Lucy 0. (Norwood) Burch                                           101


Burch Family Reunion, 1921                                        102


The Old Preuit Home                                               106


Castled Shell of Saunders Home, Courtland                         109


"Fightin' Joe" General Joe Wheeler                                111


Miss Annie Wheeler, Daughter of General Joe Wheeler               112



If you have any comments or corrections to errors, please send them to Tommy D. Wiggins

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