* * * MY TEETER KIN * * *

as part of TEETER KIN (2003), genealogy by Laurie S Dunham

There are three (3) parts to this extensive document. First: My TEETER Lineage. Second: My WHITE Ancestry. Third: My BLACK Heritage.

* * * * * My TEETER Lineage (Part I) * * * * *

[1] *** CONRADT TEETOR (grandson of Johan Henrich Dieder bc 1670 age 39, per 1709 from Germany) d 1771 Sussex NJ (Will, at Trenton NJ) married at Northampton PA to MARIA KATHERINE WEVER/WEBER born 3/19/1724 of Knowlton NJ (from Hinzwiler, Rhineland, Pfalz Germany) (as d/o Johan Jacob Wever/Weber b 12/27/1694 who died 1744, a tailor, and his wife, Anna Cecilia Reichard (Rikard/t) Wever born 5/1699); Maria Katherine Wever Teeter remarried JACOB RIES who died 1794 ~ a Jacob Ries/Rice was first married to Zeruriah lnu.

The variations of Teeter are sundry: Tetor, Teter, Tetter, Tieter, Teator, Deter, Dieter, Dieder, Dieterlie, Dieterich, etc.

Coonrod Teetor who died 1771 NJ had a Will; wife not listed. Children listed were: *Henry, Jacob, Peter, Michael, Elias , Coonrod, Elizabeth, Catey, Seviles, Charlette. Executors: William Dilts, Jacob Rice. Witnessth: Daniel Moore, John Crissman, Rachel Dilts.

Coonrod Teeter, Michael Butz, Philip Jacob Overbeck, and Andrew Raup were the husbands of the Wever/Weber sisters (Maria Catherine, Elizabeth Margaret, Charlotte Margaret, Maria Sarah, of which one was born in Germany); the first 3 men bought land 1764, Hamilton Township, North Hampton PA near Michael's Creek (Stroudsburg) as partners.

Notes: Michael Raub (Raup) of Knowlton NJ married Charlotte Weber 1735-91. Cecelia Raup was born 4/4/1757 to Andrew and Charlotte Margaret; sponsors, Cecelia Weber and Conrad Dither.

Conrad Teter bought land in Knowlton and Paulingskill NJ. Conradt settled in Springfield Township, Bucks Co PA buying land 1747, 25 acres, adjoining Michael Butz and John Logan, and in 1755, 20 acres, next John Lesier and Nicklaus Hess. Henry Dietterlie bought land nearby in 1730. Henry and Peter Teeter, of Milford Township, Bucks Co PA, were naturalized 1734; Peter bought lands also that year. Michael Ditthart bought lands in 1738 Bucks Co PA. Michael Dirstein naturalized 1743. Elias Teeter bought lands 1744 and died 1760 leaving 7 children. Hartman Dettermer bought lands Bucks Co PA 1754 adjoining John Beas and William Allen lands.

*Elias Peydleman (Beutelman/Beidelman) (brother to *Jacob who was father to my Mrs. Henry (Elizabeth B) Teeter), bought land 1747 (50 acres) adjoining widow Wilson 3 miles from Durham Furnace. Matthaus Kerr bought land 1747 next to Hans Teeter Hauffman. Jost Henry Sassanhause bought land 50 acres of land, also, in Macungie. Peter Doll bought land 1746 near William Teeter, at Logan Creek, PA. In 1751 Teeter Bowman also bought land, PA. In 1765, Ed Barthomolew bought land near Welgar Teeter and Jacob Boyer, PA. The Beidelmans were friends of Michael Ditthard. Have found a Johan Michael Beydelman b 1676.

I find a Johan Jacob Dietrich 1749-1819 and wife, Maria Eliz 1751-1842 at Northampton PA. Ch: Elias, John, Jacob, George, Abe, Adam, Elizabeth, Catherine, Elena. An Elizabeth Weber married Michael Butz who died 1779 at Northampton (remarried Michael Messenger). George Weber married 3 times: Maria Elisabeth (lnu), 1748 to Cath Barbara Keler, and 3rdly to Magdalena Meyerhoff, PA. Matthaus Teeter (Dieter) (bc 1689 arrived age 20 with Sybella Marie age 21 and Anna Maria Matthes age 27) has Will of 1758 (Staunton VA) with heirs, Put Matthias John Christian.

Jacob Rice born 1721 Harmony Northampton PA had wife, Zeruriah ~ their daughter Cattrean married Peter Sausman/Sasshausen in NJ. Cattrean was previously married to Jacob Teeter who died 1786, of Knowlton NJ, leaving ch: Henry, Conerod, Zackarias (minors), and Elizabeth, Catterean, Christine, Rachel. Witness was Elias Teeter. Per 1727, John Rice died leaving wife, Catherine, brothers Edward and Henry of Bendon Ireland. Executors: Alex H and William Waldon: witnesseth: Joseph Reyner, John Ninsadl, Nathaniel Pickle. Per Sussex NJ records: Philip Congle died 1813 leaving wife Catherine Keper. Matthias Conkle died 1814, leaving wife, Christine.

European records: Year 1632: Catharina Dieterlin as daughter of Conrad Dieterline from DaGersheim married Michel Schantz (s/o Jacob); 1632: J"org Dieterline, a widow, married Dorotha Walter, d/o Jacob; AND, in 1672 on Nov 4th: Conrod (Jung) Dieterlin married Anna Entenmann, d/o Niclas from Weilim Sch"engbrech.

OKAY, Teeter kin, whom do you find for our Conrad Teetor as possible parents....AND, when do you think that this family came to America. There is varying data on this.

:: CHILDREN OF (1) Conradt Teetor and Maria Katherine Wever :: *HENRY TEETER (see next), :: ELIZABETH TEETER 1746-1845 md 1767 Abraham Smith d 1779 md 2nd John Gibbs d 1815 Lansing NY, :: JACOB TEETER who died 1786 near Blairstown NJ md Cattrean Rice (Schneider) 1750-1836 (d/o Jacob Ries/Rice) - Cattrean R Teeter remarried Peter Simeon Sausman of NJ 1760-1831 (s/o David). Note: Jacob and Cattrean Rice Teeter had a son, Conrad c 1774 who md unknown and had a Jacob who married Elizabeth Waldron and had Nelson C Teeter b 1836 of PA, :: PETER TEETER 1749-1832 md Christina Rice and 2nd Margaret Rice 1757-1847 (both d/o Jacob), :: ANNA MARIA CATHERINE TEETER 1751- md John Dilts (s/o William and Rachel), :: MICHAEL TEETER 1754- md Maria Catharine Congle Keefer, a widow of George, she died 1835 (their lineage found in Canada), :: SYBELLA TEETER 1755- md Carl Cressman, John Mushback d 1793 and thus married 3rd Jonathan Jones in 1795, :: CONRAD TEETER 1757-1843 (rev. war hero) md Eliz Dietz 1775-1832 (d/o Peter and Maria Catharine Dietz) - (Conrad and wife and dtrs, one of whom md Hanson Smith, buried at Lake Ridge, Cayuga Co Ny), :: ELIAS TEETER 1760-1830 d NJ md Catharine HuffSmith, and :: CHARLOTTE TEETER 1765-1841 d Virgo Co Indiana md 1792 Daniel Britton who died 1803.

[2] *** HENRY TEETER (Teter/Theater) 1743-1804 of PA bd Asbury Cem Lansing NY Tompkins Co md ELIZABETH BEIDELMAN born 1748 PA who died 1804 NY in their family owned tavern as a result of a fire, in April, he died in December of the same year. Henry Teeter was a revolutionary soldier; he served as Pvt PA PS DAR. His wife, Elizabeth was the d/o Jacob and Susanna (Hockday) Beidelman.

Henry Teeter's Will is at Genoa NY Cayuga Co. Henry had mail route into Chemung Co NY; also had church at Milton (Genoa) NY; church grounds became a cemetery. Teetertown now Lansingville NY. Henry received lands of his father in 1771 and again from his mother, Maria Katherine Wever Teetor Rice in 1784 and 1793 - he arrived at Ludlowville and Lansing NY then. Henry transferred his share to his brother, Elias who stayed in NJ all his life. Other kin came to NY also.

:: CHILDREN OF (2) Henry Teeter and Elizabeth Beidelman :: CATHERINE TEETER b 1767 md ? Miller or ? Bloom, :: *CONRAD TEETER 1770-1840 md Christine Keller (see next), :: JACOB TEETER 1772-1847 md Mary Keller 1782-1859 (d/o Christopher), :: SUSANNA TEETER 1774-1812 md Honteter Bauer (Hondida) (s/o Tillman and Maria Eva Bower) 1769-1843 and thus he remarried widow Elizabeth Broak, :: HENRY TEETER II 1777-1838 md Winche Sly/Schlee 1782-1872 (d/o Michael and Catharine), :: DANIEL TEETER 1789-1853 md Cath LaBar 1789-1853 (d/o William and Elizabeth Bloom LaBar), :: ELIAS TEETER b 1782 md Rachel lnu, :: ELIZABETH TEETER 1785- md ? Hayt or ? Miller, and :: CHRISTINE TEETER 1789-1854 md Joseph E North 1789-1862 (s/o Thomas and Naomi Davis North).

[3] *** CONRAD TEETER 1770-1840 md CHRISTINE KELLER 1772-1852) (d/o Jacob and Susanna Bossert Keller) buried Teeter/Anderson Cemetery, Enfield NY Tompkins Co (Alan and Debbie Teeter property presently) known as the Isaac Teeter farm 1847 - has historic marker). Christopher Bosser arrived 1742 as infant to PA.

Conrad Teeter was proprietor of a stagecoach line (the "oldline mail"); and he was in business with Miller Horton (bro-in-law), Charles Huntington, Solomon Hyatt (?Haight/Hayt) another bro-in-law, selling his business 1826 to Oliver Charles Phelps (1779-1851) of Ludlowville NY. One of Conrad's oldline mail routes was between Wilkesbarre PA and Athens (Tioga Pt) NY. Per Will of Philip Bossard 1810 of Genoa NY, Christopher Johnson (Bossart) is listed as Guardian and Kelekiah Conrad as Administrator with heirs being: Susanna, Malekiah, John, and Joseph. Conrad Teeter bought land 1800 from Andrew Keller of North Hampton PA in 1800 (exchanged lands); and in 1807 he also bought land (Broome Co) from a Mr. Lyons; Conrad also bought land 1827 and 1832 (Newfield/Enfield NY). His son, Andrew also purchased land 1836 at Newfield NY borrowing from Tompkins County Trust Co which had its start in Trumansburg NY as Tompkins National Bank. Conrad Teeter deposited money for the government with the Chemung Bank at Elmira and Owego NY. The first stagecoach line began in New Jersey in March 1732, with masters Solomon Smith and James Moore. Other stagecoach history 1790-1849: Jason Parker from Mass md Roxanne Day/ton, as father of the oldline mail. Samuel E Stanton's route of Mt Pleasant PA was taken over by Conrad Teeter in 1811. Teeter sold to Phelps around 1826. Some drivers were: Levi Pease; Miller Horton; Elijah Miller; Oliver C Phelps; Hiram Reed; and Stephen B Leonard who took over one of Conrad's lines in 1825.

:: CHILDREN OF (3) Conrad Teeter and Christine Keller :: SUSANNA TEETER b 1794, :: *ANDRUS TEETER (see next), :: JACOB TEETER c1801 md 1819 Elizabeth Whitlock/Whittlock and went onto Wisconsin and then MN. Per 1870 census: TEETER JACOB 69 b NY (at MN FARIBAULT, BLUE EARTH CITY) with wife Elizabeth 67 b NY and Lucinda 43 and Hattie 12, :: RACHEL TEETER 1802-1894 md Reuben Williams Whitlock 1801-62 (both buried Rolfe Cem, Enfield NY), ::ISAAC TEETER c 1804 (his historical listed Farm 1847) md Phoebe Carl 1810-1876 and 2nd Sarah Nelson (there is a Will for Isaac in Tompkins Co NY), :: ANNA ELIZA TEETER ? 1809-54 as w/o Matthias Dill), :: GEORGE KELLER TEETER 1809-95 (Cmsnr of Highways Tompkins Co NY) md Sally Ann Grover 1816-95 d/o Abel H Grover & Sarah Gray). George K Teeter is the father of Henry Duane Teeter who md Harriet Stevens (buried Hayts Cem, Ithaca, NY who had Luther Teeter (whose sister is Mrs. Anna Louise Jones) who md Mary Edith Freese and had Margaret who is grandmother to Elaine ~ contributor to that particular line ~ "THANK YOU ELAINE PERRY!". (See brief history of Elaine's line on home page, in foto section), :: CATHERINE TEETER 1815-53 md Charles Budd 1815-96 (buried Enfield NY - Budd School named in honor of Budd family), and :: CHRISTINE (Christian) TEETER ?1817-61 md ? Peter A. Deal.

Per 1825 (Ithaca NY) Conrad Teeter is shown with wife and 7 children; there are also other Teeters in said census: George, George P, Jacob, Melchiah, Peter Teeter. There are intestate records for Sarah (Gray) Grover 1872, as wife of Abel H Grover, (mentions George and Caroline Teeter, etc) ~ see Tompkins Co NY website.

[4] *** ANDREW (ANDRUS) TEETER 1795-1886 of Northampton PA md *ABEAH HARTSOUGH 1796-1845 (Peter) buried old Ovid cemetery near Fayette NY (there is a Hartsough's Hollow in Wyoming PA; also a Peter, Lewis, and Zack Hartsough/Hartseif/Hartseph). Abeah J as d/o Angelburt and Christiana Owens Hartsouph. Buried near Abeah are Peter S 1835-36 and John L 1823-29. Abeah Hartsough's brother was a circuit rider (Rev.). ANDREW TEETER md 2ndly CAROLINE SINSABAUGH ROAT 1819-1894 (they buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Newfield NY Tompkins Co).

:: CHILDREN OF (4) Andrew Teeter and wives are :: *GEORGE TEETER b June 1822 d Dec 1905 Newfield NY md Caroline Grover (see next), :: FRANK TEETER md Emma Hern, :: ANDREW TEETER JR c 1832; :: SARAH TEETER 1828-72 md Orrin Mc Daniels, :: MARY ANN TEETER 1838-1902 md William Hine 1827-1905, :: ANTOINETTE TEETER b 1848 md Davis Sinsabaugh, Job Hine, Isaac VanOstrand, Joseph Shaw, and :: CARRIE TEETER b St. George, Ontario Canada 1851-1939 md 1872 David Dassance.

[5] *** GEORGE TEETER b June 1822 d Dec 1905 Newfield NY (Death Cert #50824) married Caroline Grover b 1823 d 19 July 1898 Newfield NY (Death Cert #26151). In 1900 subject George Teeter lived with his son Putman Teeter and family. Caroline Grover (w/o George Teeter) was the daughter of Abel H Grover and Sarah (Gray). George found 1850 with Caroline and daughter Mary A age 1 at Newfield NY. George also found in Newfield NY Tompkins Co 1880 census with wife Caroline, and son Frank and wife Angeline (Doll) Teeter), and their infant daughter, Anna Bell.

Abel H Grover b 7/6/1790 Coventry CT as son of Benjamin and Theodora (House) Grover, Jr. Theodora may well be the daughter of a John House who married 1782 Esther Hooker at Glastonbury CT (Berlin). A half-brother to Abel Grover, is a Joseph, who had son Anson b 4/20/1799. Abel Grover, and father Benjamin, go back to the Grover/Wilks families of England. Per 1850 census of Newfield NY Tompkins County: Abel Grover b. abt 1790 in Connecticut; also listed: Anson age 20, Peter age 17; and Emma J age 14. Appears that Abel Grover is s/o Benjamin Jr s/o Benjamin Sr s/o Mathew 1677. Ben Sr married a Mary Schailler. Caroline Grover Teeter w/o George per 1880 census in Tompkins Co NY (Pony Hollow, Newfield) her being born NY with parents born CT and PA.

:: CHILDREN OF (5) George and Caroline Grover Teeter :: ORLANDO G TEETER 1852- 2/19/1934 Newfield NY (Death Cert #13563) (hermit of Cincinnatus/CT Hill), :: *FRANK TEETER (see next), :: ORRIN E TEETER 1857-86 md Fanny J Carpenter 1857-95 (d/o Lorenzo T), :: JOHN PUTMAN TEETER 1860-1926 md Mrs. Harriet Vanatta (wid of Ted) and Ms Alice Vanatta 1874-1951 (a large family; one son, George Gulliver Teeter md Lena Bush and had Lee), :: JENNIE TEETER 1863- ) md Colombus Christopher ("Clum") Russell bc 1855, and :: MATILDA (Mary) A TEETER (1849-1881)md ?Hines or Hymes.

Jennie Teeter Russell (d/o George and Caroline Grover Teeter) was the wife of Christopher Columbus ("Clum") Russell and they had a son, James Russell 1883-1962 who married Cora Eliz Callahan 1883-1964 and had a son, Steve Richard Russell 1904-81 who married Myrtle May Jared 1905-2001 and had Clarke Richard Russell born 1926, who married Shirley Yvonne (private) 1927-95, parents of Prof. STEVE F. RUSSELL, of Iowa (his pic on Fotos Plus page). Cora E Callahan Russell remarried Frank Teeter Jr., s/o Frank and Angeline Doll Teeter, and had a son (see Fotos Plus page). Cora was the daughter of Ulysses M and Susan Callahan of PA. Clum Russell was son of Richard who was son of John and Elizabeth (found per 1850 census at Newfield NY. Cora also had another child who was half-brother to Steve Richard Russell, a Harold Beuter bc 1905.

CALLAHAN, Ulysses M. (Susie Focht, wife) age 87 died at home on Tioga St. last Sat. (born Lycoming Co. to the late Hiram and Rachel Callahan) (married Susie Focht of Wellsboro who died several years ago); engaged in gardening. Buried Wellsboro Cemetery. Survivors: four daughters, Mrs. Jeanette Prosser of Brooklyn, NY; Mrs. Ada Fredericks of Rochester; Mrs. Cora (Frank) Teeter of Ithaca; Mrs. Myra Moore of Corning; and a son, John W. Callahan of Wellsboro; one sister, Mrs. Ella Campbell of Williamsport. (Wellsboro Gazette, Thurs Feb. 15, 1940) 1876-2-April: Ulysses M Callahan, of McHenry, Lycoming Co PA, married at home of bride's parents by Elder SH Durand, to Susie Focht, of Delmar, Tioga Co PA.

1860 Steuben Co NY Greenwood: Ted Vanatta 15 at Dan and Eliz Be?je; 1870 Tompkins Co NY Enfield: Ted Vannatta 28, Harriet 20, Cora 3/12; 1880 Tompkins Co NY Newfield: Ted Vannatta 33, Harriet 30, Cora 10, Alice 5, Le... 3.

[6] *** FRANK TEETER born 12/27/1853 NY died 3/6/1908 PA, having lived at West Branch and Emporium; to Coudersport County Home 1908; buried Germania or Lymansville Cemeteries. Frank Teeter married (of Newfield NY) at Ithaca NY 5/22/1878 ANGELINE DOLL born 2/23/1864 PA who died 1943 NY (buried Sebring Cemetery, Newfield NY). Angeline (Angelena) was the daughter of Samuel J Doll b 1822-1911 [German] and Sophia Boyer b 1826-1895, of Cameron Co PA; they are buried at Newton Protestant Cemetery, Emporium PA along with a son, George Doll 1853-1936 and a child, Emma D Whitmer). Angeline Doll Teeter married twice after her husband Frank Teeter died (Joseph D Bardwell 1909; Henry (Hank) J Marean 1913), all of whom predeceased her.

Sylvester B Doll of PA md 1872 Sarah D Stanton of Newfield NY; he being the eldest son of Samuel and Sophia Boyer Doll of PA who also had my great grama Angeline Doll Teeter, as little sister to Sylvester. There is also a Flora Doll who married Ted Baker of Ithaca NY.

:: CHILDREN OF (6) Frank and Angeline Doll Teeter :: ANNA BELL TEETER 10/18/1879-1934 md George Underwood 1872-1957 (vs b 11/2/1863 Renova d 1939 PA bd Clermont Cem PA), :: GEORGE SAMUEL TEETER 8/14/1881-1951 md Joyce Reed, Georgia M Babcock, and Katherine Seeley 1877-1957, :: *WILLIAM HYMES TEETER (see next), :: AMANDUS MANTON TEETER 1886-1959 md Ruby Hovey, :: FRANK TEETER JR 12/9/1888-1968 md Cora Elizabeth Callahan Russell 1883-1964 (they buried Cayuta NY) ~ they had a son, Merrill Franklyn Teeter, who married Hazel Barwell (d/o Charles), :: HOWARD ARTHUR TEETER 4/15/1891-1976 md Eunice Drake d 1978 AZ and 1922 Marguerite Keppel, :: MILDRED TEETER 11/29/1892-1973 of Poney Hollow (Newfield NY) md a Mr. Mordoff, a Mr. Chaffee, and perhaps a Mr. Brown, :: OLIVE MABLE TEETER 7/14/1895-1976 md Thomas Foley and Joseph G Harris (See the Foley Tree), :: LENA EDITH TEETER 3/16/1897-10/1952 md a Mr. Halliday and Joseph A Cesaroni b 3/28/1895 FL d 10/1952 (buried in Jacksonville FL; had shrimpboat company; both murdered (Wm Collins convicted), :: PEARL TEETER 6/19/1899-1978 md Frank Terwilleger, :: LAURA TEETER 10/31/1900-1972 md Carl Lingle (and had 3 children), Jamie Parsons, F. Terwilleger, :: MERRILL FRED TEETER 8/19/1902-1985 md Florence Bell Davenport whose mom was a Markle 1908-1980, and :: MARJORIE TEETER 10/16/1903-1994 md Robert M McGuire 1895-1951 s/o James B and Jane F (nee?Brown) McGuire.

[7] *** WILLIAM HYMES TEETER 9/17/1883-2/1 0R 2/4/1965 md ANNA LOUISE WHITE 3/5/1899-4/13/1976 (d/o *Charles Wm White 1847-1923 b Ludlowville NY of Lansing NY and Anna Elizabeth Poynter/Pointer 1858-1939 of Kent England, d/o Edward). William and Anna Teeter buried Ithaca NY (West Hill~old side).

William Hymes and Anna Louise (White) Teeter had 17 CHILDREN: (1) Glenn William Teeter 7/29/1913-12/2/1988 NY md Mary Snow 5/7/1916-9/6/2000 Homer NY; (2) Harvey Gordon Teeter 3/23/1915-1/20/1993 NY md twice (1stly md 1936 as young Marine in California to Ellen M Black 3/16/1917 OR-3/12/2004 VA d/o Clinton and Ophelia Robacker Black); Harvey md 2ndly Elizabeth A Rafferty b 5/11/1923 NY d/o Leo and Cora Rafferty of Kings Ferry NY (Cora E Harvey Rafferty b 4/24/1900 Saranac Lake d 1942 d/o of William); (3) Edwin Charles Teeter 1/8/1917-10/3/1991 NY md 2nd Loretta Miller; (4) Herbert Kenneth Teeter 10/23/1918-12/10/1993 NY md Rose Bannister b 3/29/1926 NY; (5) Richard Carlton Teeter 8/28/1922-1/28/2007 NY md Ruth Schroeder 12/28/1916-3/2000 NY; (6) Donald Robert Teeter b 7/21/1924 md Juanita Barber b 4/17/1931 NY d 3/14/2009 Greer, Greenville SC; (7) Anna Louise (Ann) Teeter b 8/19/1926 NY md John J Sladish b 7/26/1924 NY d 12/1/1995 NY; (8) Amandus (Mike) Howard Teeter b 2/10/1928 NY md Grace Bartlett; (9) *William Hymes Teeter 12/3-12/20/1928 NY; (10) *Carl Lester Teeter 4/30-8/19/1929 NY; (11) *Gerald Francis Teeter b and d 6/15/1931 NY; (12) Myrtle Alina Teeter b 10/24/1932 NY d 8/3/2009 Jacksonville NC md Anthony Tafaoa (predeceased her as well as their son Eric; has daughter Tanya Sloan); (13) Mabel Marie Teeter md Clarence Rundle; (14) Florence May Teeter md F Mattocks md Richard LaPorte; (15) Franklin Clifford Teeter md twice; (16) John Phillip Teeter 1/2/1941-9/27/1998 NY md Marilyn Johnson; and (17) Mary Elizabeth Teeter md H Spanier md Al Seifert. * Three children did not achieve adulthood. See obituary snippets for more.

[8] *** MOM and DAD (deceased 2004 and 1993)

[9] *** ME (Laurie S Dunham) ~ 5 siblings; 3 half-siblings. Patricia died 5/2008; my youngest sister Janice died 12/2009; my oldest sister Ellen died 12/2012; Judith died 3/2013.) To date (9/2013) I have two living brothers, one sister, and a half brother.

[10] *** My CHILDREN

[11] *** My 10 GRANDCHILDREN

[12] *** My GREATGRANDSON 1/12/2009

Some Wills for Teeter folks, Tompkins Co NYS: Abram of Groton; Andrew of Enfield; Edwin of Ithaca; *Henry of Lansing; Isaac of Ithaca; Jacob of Lansing; Lafayette of Lansing; Mary A of Ulysses; Peter of Lansing; Ruth of Lansing; Sly 1810-75 of Dryden; had son Ed.

* * * * * My WHITE Ancestry (Part II) * * * * *

NOTES: *CHARLES WILLIAM WHITE (b Ludlowville NY 1847 died Ithaca NY 1923) md Anna Elizabeth Pointer (1858-1939) (daughter of Edward) and had children: (1) Andrew W vs J White md Gertrude B Cornell, (2) Raymond Leonard White md Edna Moore Smith, and (3) Anna Louise White md William Hymes Teeter. Charles White and family lived at Enfield NY Tompkins Co where my grama Anna L White Teeter was born in 1899. *Charles Wm White was the son of JAMES E WHITE b 1822 PA who married Mary E Scott b 1826 from CT. Charles had siblings: Michael A b 1845 Wayne, and (twins) Francis H and Frank H bc 1850, per 1850 census living at Lansing NY with their parents, James and Mary White. Frank H White's son, Walter had twins also. Am told that the Whites came from Bedford or Bradford PA and that James is the son of a James (and Cath M), of a Daniel.

1860 Tompkins Co NY Lansing: Michael A White 15; works for Lorenzo Ayres 40 and wife Mary J 34 with ch: Emaline 14, Lucy J 9; and Carnum Butler 21 b CT. 1860 Lansing NY: Francis H White 11 works for Timothy B Woodruff and wife Eliza A 56 with their ch being: Harriet 23, Phebe 18, Mary 16, Mabel 14, and Lucy E 11. 1860 Lansing NY: Hiram Scott 60 b PA and Jemima 62.

I find for Wayne Co NY, at Williamson: gravestones for J H White 1822-1905 with wife, Betsey E 1822-1908 along with M L White 1849-19__ and wife, Mattie 1857-1920 ~ these may or may not be the parents of my Charles W White. I find, with certaintly, brother to Charles W and Michael A White, a Frank H White 1850-1923 and wife, Marie S (?Smith) 1855-1938, buried near Howard Smith 1872-1953 and wife, Josephine M Chase (Simkin), at Ledyard NY. James E White was s/o JAMES WHITE 1792-1886 who married Catherine M lnu (?McClary) 1798-1860 (both buried W Groton NY). The greatgrandfather of *Charles Wm White b 1847 appears to be DANIEL WHITE b 1767 and wife Anna (Knapp), of Freeville NY and White Church (buried Peruville NY, from PA).

1880 Tompkins Co NY Enfield: Charles White 32 b 1847, Ruth 32 b NY NY PA, Jenny 6 (adopted dtr), Hiel F Haven 57, Louisa (?Lanning) 50, Rozie 15, Phee 87, Minnie Dean 8 niece. It appears Charles may have married a first time a Ruth and then married Elizabeth Pointer later. Elizabeth arrived in America in 1871.

OTHER: An *Annie Poynter is found Middlesex Ontario Canada per 1881, born 1858 age 23, living with William *Evans born 1853 as head of household, from England; also James *Gibbs. *William E/H Poynter born 1825 AR 1870 and per 1901 is widow (Sarah E born 1828) and has family to include a Wm Jr born 1859 and Eliz born 1858/9 and boarders, Minnie Kelly born 1878 and Sarah Morris born 1869.

Herbert E Poynter born 1868 per 1901 found Ontario Canada with Emelia born 1869 and William H born 1859. For 1871, Ontario CA, James E Pointer age 35, born 1836, a tanner, and member of the Wesleyan Methodist Church.

I have pics of Charles William White 1847-1923 as well as his wife, Anne Elizabeth Pointer 1858-1939 taken at Ithaca NY at the CWE/CWR *Evans/McGillivray Foto Studios on Fulton (then Porter St) and Lynn St also called Laurence Studios. There is also a picture of A E P White with her sister (or relative or friend) on the Foto Plus page of this site, who appears to be Hattie Eleanor Evans. I am told that Anne (Anna) Elizabeth Pointer White had siblings: Charles and Eleanor.

I have found an Edward Pointer born Dec 1834 England and per Soldiers and Sailors Home records of 1900, he is at Bath NY Steuben Co., having come to America in 1859. In 1880 he is living with his wife Magdalene (nee ?Keeney) at Albany NY 2nd ward. An Edward Pointer was christined June 30, 1837 at All Saints Leighton Buzzard Church, in Bedford England as son of Edward and Hannah Pointer ~ do not know that this is my Edward. At any rate, Edward Pointer 1834-1906 is found in 1860 at Marcellus NY (Onondaga County) living with James and Mary Smith both born about 1830; also there in 1865.

Edward Pointer ("Porter") also found 1900 and 1905 at Bath NY (Steuben County); where he died June 1906. Edward Pointer 1834-1906 enlisted from Syracuse NY via Elmira in April 1861 with Co H 12th Infantry Reg NY as 1st Sgt and mustered out May 1863 at Elmira NY (Chemung Co). He then enlisted in 1863 with Co A 15th Calvary Reg NY and was full Lt 2nd class effective March 7, 1865; he then transferred to Co L 2nd Provisional Calvary Reg NY in June 1865 and mustered out on August 9, 1865 at Louisville, Kentucky. Note: I found records that said he was Sgt in Co A 5 NY Calvary. He is listed as Lieutenant Co A 15 NY Cavalry per his tombstone. Lt. Edward Pointer buried (Plot G-9-26) at Bath National Cemetery at Bath NY (Steuben Co); he died June 14th, 1906 at the Soldiers and Sailors Home there. He served under Capt. George W. Cole and Col. Ezra L. Walrath. An Edward Pointer, infantryman and calvalry man, of the Civil War received bounty lands (spelled as Edward Painter ~ also have found as Poynter and Paynter) in 1870-74 for Lot 15, Cicero NY (Onondaga Co)...do not know that he lived there or took monetaries instead or perhaps sold.

I visited Lt Edward Pointer's gravesite July 2003.

Thanks to LINDA Z. O'HALLORAN, webmaster for Schuyler Co NY for all of her support, input, and direction in pinpointing and finding my White and Pointer ancestors. THANK YOU LINDA so very much!! AND, Thanks to RAYMOND W LeMAY III, Chaplain, SUVCW Camp Williard #154 of Albany NY, who helped me pinpoint Edward Pointer's military history, giving me direction and support. The "fraternity, charity, and loyalty" of our military people is the best! Thank you Chaplain for also sending me Lt Edward Pointer's pension application (can order military and pension records).

I have found an **ANNE G PAINTER 1835-1914 (AR 1892 Ship Umbria) buried Ridgeway Cemetery, Popular Ridge, Scipio/Town of Venice at Cayuga County, NY; who arrived 1892, whereas my Annie Pointer arrived 1871, and Edward Pointer arrived in 1859. There is an Anne G Painter also listed in another Onon Co NY cemetery as Anne G Evans with same dates, as wife of William! This particular "Anne" may be the wife of Lt. Edward Pointer (1834-1906) or kin. Was she an Evans or a Gibbs or Galloway? My *Annie Poynter is found at the Howard Chase family nearby (Ledgyard NY) in 1880 along with a Mr. Armistead (see notes below); then in 1881 an Annie Poynter born 1858 (same year as the other) is in Ontario Canada living as a clerk with the Gibbs family along with a William Evans who worked there.

There was an Evans photo place in Tompkins along with Hattie E Evans. I also found a William and Louisa and child, Anna Lou in another county, the child being born 1857, coincidentally. I have found an Edward Pointer age 60 born 1836 who arrived May 2nd 1896 (Ship Lucania). An Charles F Pointer also arrived 1896 age 39, born 1857. An Eleanor Painter arrived age 64 born 1850 onto Hoboken NJ. My grama Anna Louise White Teeter, as daughter of Anna Elizabeth Pointer White, was born 1899 Enfield NY and is there when she was age 6, along with some Pointers, a Joshua (Joseph) E who married a Spicer and family, to his include mother, Anna (possibly Anne G Painter aka Hanna).

Per 1880 census for NYS, there is an Edward Pointer age 23, born 1857 and wife, Emily b 1860, with a brother George age 15 and sister-in-law, Nellie Richards born 1868, all at Brooklyn NY 17th Ward, Kings Co. And then, there is Elizabeth H. Poynter b 1864 as daughter of Mary born England 1835 living at Brooklyn NY. In this particular family, there are also: Emma E born 1855, Francis T born 1857, and Charles W born 1860. Per 1880 (NYS), there is an *Annie Poynter born 1858 who is nursemaid to the Howard and Eliza Griffen Chase family at Ledgyard NY (Cayuga Co) who appears to be my great grama ~ this my Annie Elizabeth Pointer White 1858-1939.

My great grampa *Charles Wm White (1847-1923) found 1860 age 13 in Enfield NY living (as helper) with Hiel F/T Havens 1822-1908 and wife, Louisa 1829-98 (Havens buried Rolfe Cem, Enfield NY); as possible kin to them. His grampa, James White md Catherine M and some of their children and grandchildren carried H (?Hiram) as the middle name. Note: Charles Wm White grew up and married the daughter of an Edward Pointer, Anne Elizabeth Pointer 1858-1939; Charles and Elizabeth Pointer White are buried (along with a grandchild) at Inlet Valley Cemetery (Tompkins Co) ~ no tombstones.

Eaton Express House, Madison Co NY

* * * * * My BLACK Heritage (Part III) * * * * *

AN IMPORTANT DOCUMENT follows for my Great Grampa FRANK E BLACK 1863 OH - 1927 CA, RR Conductor, who married MARGUERITE A CURRENT 1869 IN - 1932 CA who had my Grampa CLINTON E BLACK 1886 OH - 1973 CA:

"An Historical Story of the State's Marvelous Growth from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time", by Prof. J. M. Guinn, A.M., author of A History of Los Angeles and Vicinity, history of Southern California, Secretary and Curator of the Historical Society of Southern California, Member of the American Historical Association, Washington, D.C. Also containing biographies of well-known citizens of the past and present. The Chapman Publishing Co. Chicago IL 1905

FRANK E. BLACK (pages 1104 and 1105): The personality of FRANK E. BLACK has won for him many friends, while his business ability has given him a competence among the the citizens of Tulare Co CA. Liberal, broad-minded and enterprising, he takes a keen interest in the public affairs of the community, and at the same time gives his attention to the advancement of his own welfare. A native of Ohio, he was born near Maxville, Perry County on July 19, 1863. He was reared in the home of his maternal grandfather, HENRY BLACK, who with his five sons, served in the Sixty-second Regiment Ohio Infantry during the Civil War, one son dying in service.

FRANK BLACK'S education was received through the medium of the public schools, which he attended for a short time, but became dependent upon his own efforts while still a lad. When sixteen years of age he secured a place as section hand, then became a brakeman on the Ohio Central Railroad, September 26, 1884, his run being between Bucyrus, Corning, Columbus and Toledo. In the spring of 1885 he was employed in the same capacity on the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad, between Fort Wayne IN and Crestline OH. He remained with that company for six years, when in 1891, he came to California and secured employment with the Southern Pacific Railroad Company, as a brakeman, working out of Tulare. In June 1894, he was promoted to conductor, running out of Fresno and November 1, 1901, he took his present run, which is between Portersville and Mendota, going twice over the road each day, a distance of two hundred and thirteen miles traveled. He is a very successful railroad man, stands high with the officials, and enjoys the confidence and esteem of the traveling public. He has been in the work for twenty years and has never had an accident.

In Fort Wayne Indianna, MR. FRANK E. BLACK was united in marriage in 1885 with MARGUERITE A. CURRENT, a native of that vicinity, and the daughter of Sylvester S Current, who was employed in the car shops of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company for thirty-eight years, when he retired from active duties. Mrs. Black was brought up in Fort Wayne, where she was educated. They have one child living, CLINTON ELLSWORTH BLACK.

MR. BLACK [Frank] owns a stock farm on White River, thirty-five miles from Portersville, which is their mountain home. He was made a Mason in Portersville Lodge No. 303 and belongs to the Portersville Chapter, R.A.M., of this place, and Visalia Commandery, K.T. He is a demitted member of the Knights of Pythias and a membe5r of the Order of Railroad Conductors No. 404, of Kern City, and politically is a stanch Democrat." END of said historical biography for Frank E Black.

*** FRANK/LIN ELLSWORTH (CHURCH)BLACK was the grandson of Henry Black, b 1809, from PA (d 1879) who married a Susannah Carey from DE (d 1892) and had 11 or 12 children who lived in Perry Co OH and then went onto Ada Ohio Hardin County about 1864. Four of their sons were Civil War veterans; another Avery died in the War. They had 4 daughters, Rachel who married James Firestone (s/o Matthew and Ann), Elizabeth d 1874 who married John C Sleichter d 1879 (s/o George and Phoebe), Matilda who married James Davis, and Mary Jane who died age 1 year in 1854. There were several sons, beginning with William Black. At any rate, my great grampa Frank E Church Black was half-brother to Edward (Chas E) Sleichter born 1872 OH - 1945 CA (s/o John C and Elizabeth Black Sleichter) and his (Ed's) wife Minnie J who was d/o of John and Louisa St Mary Canaday/Kennedy). Ed and Minnie went onto CA and had a son Ray W 1902-70; Ed worked for the railroad as a brakeman with my great grampa and his son worked with the gov't during WW II. See AUNGST file for more.

Margaret A Current Black (w/o Frank/lin Ellsworth Black) was the daughter of Sylvester Sylvanus Current 1833 OH 1906 IN (GAR and teacher who also worked for the Penn RR) who married Alice A West 1840 OH - 1876 OH. Alice was the daughter of Clement West b 1794 NY and Rhoda (Johnston or? Johnson) West b 1812 NY who were in IN in 1860 from OH and in 1870 had moved onto MI (Clement was the son of Clement Sr, a Rev. Soldier born Dutchess Co NY in 1763 who applied for his AP in 1832 at OH. They came to OH from PA and NY.

The Fotos Plus file has data accompanying pictures of the Black and other families. Also see the Aungst file. Franklin E Black who married Margaret A Current had my grampa, an only child, Clinton E Black b 1886 OH. Frank/lin Black was born Frank E Church who was raised by his maternal grampa Henry Black and took the family name of Black after 1880 or so. I have Frank Black's marriage certificate that occurred 1885 at Ft Wayne IN to Maggie Current, with her father being witness. I also have Frank Black's death cert showing his father as James Black with no mother listed. The 1840 census for Perry Co OH Monday Creek shows Henry and wife and 4 children (2 females; 2 males), so there could have been a James Black born to Henry and Susanna about 1838. Or, Elizabeth Black who was the d/o Henry and Susanna firstly married James S Church (s/o Augustus and Margaret Neeley Church) who enlisted in 1864 and died in the Civil War and later married John Sleighter; or Ben F Church. At any rate Frank E Church Black and Eddie (Chas E) Sleighter (Sleister/Sleichter) b 1872 were raised by their grandparents, Henry and Susanna Carey Black.

Grampa Clinton Ellsworth Black 1886 OH 1973 CA (described further on) was a Baptist. Clinton E Black was born at Ada Ohio, Harden County to Frank E Black born 1863 OH who died 1927 at Ocean Beach, San Diego CA (railroad conductor) and wife, Margaret A Current Black born 1869 New Haven City (Adams Township) Allen County IN (died 1932 at San Diego CA). Margaret A Current Black was the daughter of Sylvester Sylvanus Samuel Current born 1833 OH PA PA (s/o Matthew) who married 1858 Alice A West Current b 1840 OH d 1876 IN (d/o Clement West born 1794 NY and wife, Rhoda Johnston West b 1812 OH or NY). Sylvanus Current remarried Caroline D Barney (kin to Harvey Stouder born 1815 who married ?Elizabeth Rogers). Sylvanus and Carrie (Caroline) Barney Stouder Current had one child, Harry S Current in 1880. Carrie had one or two children by a first marriage (Oscar) and/or perhaps a Kyle. These folks were mostly Baptist. Margaret Current Black had siblings: a brother, William H Current b 1859 who married Mary Thomas, Harry S born 1867, and Charles S born 1863, to include Annie May (Mrs W A Dosh ~ the Aunt Doty who introduced Clinton E Black to Ophelia M Robacker), as well as their half-brother Harry S Current born 1880. William A Dosh died 2/11/1937 age 75, at Fremont OH (spouse of Anna May Curren/t). Another child of Sylvanus and Alice West Current: John age 7 per 1870. Aunt Doty and husband adopted a daughter, Elizabeth who became a teacher.

1860 Wells Co IN Jefferson/Bluffton: Sylvanus Current 27, Alice 19, and William H age 1. They live next Clement and Rhoda Johnston West.

1870 Allen Co IN Ft Wayne 6th ward: Sylvanus Currants (Current) 34 b OH and Alice 25 b OH along with children, William 10 b IN, Samuel 8, John 7, Anna 2, Maggie 8/12.

1880 Allen Co IN Adams Twnship: Sylvanus Current 47 OH PA PA and 2nd wife, Caroline D 38 OH OH OH, along with Harvey 13 IN OH OH, Anna 12, *Maggie 10, and Charles 7 and Harvey Stouder 65 as fatherinlaw, b OH VA VA.

FRANKLIN (Frank) ELLSWORTH BLACK, born 1863 Ohio (died 1927 San Diego CA), married MARGARET/MARGUERITE (Maggie) A CURRENT in 1885 at Allen County, IN (born 1869 IN died 1932 San Diego CA)(my great grandparents). NOTE: My great grampa, Frank E Black worked for the Union AND Southern Pacific Railroad (conductor), and was a land patentee ~ as well as the Currents (carpenters and railroad men) and the Aungsts and the Robackers. The Robackers also married into the Sliechter families.

I find Franklin E Black at Tulare Co CA per 1905 and 1908 ~ appears he was there in 1891. Records: Frank E Black, at Citrus, Escondido 3rd ward, San Diego CA in 1920 (Frank, a farmer, and son, Clinton, a sheet metal worker and as widower, with 3 children). In 1900, Frank (railroad conductor) and wife and son Clinton age 14, at Fresno CA. In 1910, the Black family is at Canama, Clackamus County OR. My Frank E Black's son, Clinton Elsworth Black was born at Ada Ohio, Hardin Co. in 1886 and died 1973 at California (his parents also died there). Clinton E Black (grampa) took his three motherless children in 1919 from Oregon City OR to Escondido, San Diego CA. Also, grampa Clinton Black was related to a Harry and Grace Black of California and nephew of Ed Sleister (sp), grandson of Henry and Susannah Carey Black, of Harden Co OH.

CLINTON ELSWORTH BLACK 1886-1973 (my grampa) was born at Ada OH Harden County; he married May 1, 1912 at Oregon City, OR Clackamus County, OPHELIA* MAY ROBACKER 1892-1919 of Upper Sandusky OH Wyandot Co and SD; William Harvey Current (1859 IN - 1935 IN) was witness to the marriage. Ophelia died age 26 of pneumonia, April 3, 1919, in Oregon, leaving 3 behind, her husband and three motherless children: Robert C Black 1913 OR 1986 CA; James W Black 1915 OR 1932 CA; and Ellen M 1917 OR 2004 VA.

Clinton E Black's wife, Ophelia* May Black was the d/o Samuel J Robacker (1864 OH 1945 OR) and wife, Martha (Mattie) 1867 OH 1940 OR (nurse), d/o John Aungst b 1838 OH 1911 IN (master carpenter and contractor and Walpole mason; he built the Masonic building at Crane OH) and wife, Lizzie (Elisabeth) Crunkilton 1844 OH 1919 OR (both buried OH). Elisa was the d/o Robert and Jane Wilson Crunkilton; and Robert was the son of Joseph Cronkleton of OH. John Aungst was born 1838 Belleville OH and lived at Crane OH Wyandot County; son of Richard and Elizabeth Meyers Aungst. Mattie was the biological d/o James Aungst and Martha J Lemley whom John Aungst adopted along with his wife, Eliza (Crunkilton). Martha J Lemley was d/o Gottlieb Lemley and wife whose maiden name was Grise.

Samuel J Robacker was the son of George J Robacker (who emigrated 1837 or earlier; 1831, from Weingarten Germany and Bremmen; 1816-94, of Erie Co OH, Sandusky City) and Sarah Eckerts Robacker (1820-83), from OH and Monroe Co PA. Samuel was brother to a John born 1847 and others (George, etc.), and he was a dye and cleaner owner as well as manager of a grocery store in Portland OR. In 1900, he is found at Ft Wayne IN with his wife, Mattie Aungst Robacker and children, Avery and Ophelia Robacker. Lizzie Crunkilton Aungst was the daughter of Robert C Crunkilton 1814-95 and Jane Wilson 1815-1906 from PA and MD, of Wyandot County OH. John and Lizzie Crunkilton Aungst are buried at Nevada Cemetery, Eden Twp, Wyandot Co OH), along with Robert and Jane Wilson Crunkilton.

Ophelia Robacker Black (w/o Clinton) had a brother, Avery Winfield Robacker 1889-1955 who md 1914 Anna Laura Reardon 1889-1985 (d/o William who married a Miss Fallon) ~ Anna died at Los Angeles CA; buried Oregon with her husband. I am named after her; also have her wedding ring. In her Will, Anna Laura Robacker lists John Bowman as executor, Dorthy Rupert (niece to Anna Laura Reardon Robacker), my mother, and others. Avery and Anna are buried Oregon City OR. I have a photo of Avery Robacker. Ophelia Robacker Black's picture is on my home page. Ophelia J Crunkilton DeJean was wife of T C DeJeaN and had son Avery W DeJean; his wife and son both died 1878. This Ophelia was sister to Elizabeth Crunkilton Aungst. My great grama, Mattie Aungst Robacker named her two children Avery and Ophelia.

Samuel J Robacker (my great grampa) is listed as a land patentee per 1916 at Willamette, Deschutes, Oregon buying 320 acres at the Dalles (also found in South Dakota and Montana); he was born in Ohio in 1864 to George J Rohrbacher (born 1815 Weingarten Germany who emigrated to America in 1837 and died in 1894 at Erie Co OH, Sandusky City who was married to Sarah Ann Eckers 1820-83; Samuel died in 1945 at Portland OR Multnamah Co. It appears that Samuel J Robacker was married four times, divorcing for the 3rd time, in 1917 Mattie Aungst (1867-1940) at Clackamus Co OR and per his death certificate, was widowed ~ Rosa O (?Leith) Drips Robacker died 1941 as 2nd wife to a Samuel (his 4th marriage) ~ Portland OR is in parts of Washington, Clackamus, and Multnamah Counties. Mattie Aungst Robacker had lived in Marion Co OR and died at her son's (Avery) home.

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Clinton Black 1886 OH 1973 CA, of the Baptist faith, and much saddened by the loss of his young and beloved wife, Ophelia* 1892 OH 1919 OR, took his three motherless children and sailed the Yankee Doodle barge to California where his parents had moved and also lived at one time. Clinton later remarried Nana Lois Bresler Biddlecome (daughter of Albert and Rachel Bresler) and had another, Mrs. (Nana) Joseph Hughs.

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