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Genealogy, authored by Laurie S Dunham ~ online since 2003

TEETER KIN is a genealogical record of many families, to include descendants of Conrad Teeter.


[2]-HENRY TEETER 1743 PA -1804 NY married ELIZABETH BEIDELMAN 1748 PA -1804 NY.

[3]-CONRAD TEETER 1770 PA -1840 NY married CHRISTINE KELLER 1772 PA -1852 NY.

[4]-ANDREW TEETER 1795 PA -1886 NY married *ABEAH HARTSOUGH 1797 -1845 NY (d/o Angelburt/Christiana Owens Hartsough); married 2ndly CAROLINE SENSABAUGH ROAT 1819 NY -94 NY.

[5]-GEORGE TEETER 1822 NY -1905 NY married CAROLINE GROVER 1824 NY -1898 NY.

[6]-FRANK TEETER 1853 NY -1908 PA married ANGELINE DOLL 1864 PA -1943 NY.

[7]-WILLIAM TEETER 1883 NY -1965 NY married ANNA WHITE 1899 NY -1976 NY (my grandparents). Photo above of their 50th wedding anniversary.


"MY TEETER KIN" *** consists of three parts: (1) my detailed TEETER lineage; (2) my WHITE/POINTER ancestry; and (3) my BLACK/CURRENT/ROBACKER heritage.

Said document has a 1905 historical biography of my great grandfather FRANK BLACK 1863 OH - 1927 CA (RR conductor, So Pacific), grandson of Henry and Susanna Carey Black.

"TEETER FOLKS" *** an expansive families outline for those searching their roots, as descendants of CONRADT TEETER.

"BEIDELMAN ANCESTRY" *** contributor, Betty Boyle, of PA. Henry Teeter (son of Conrad and Catherine Weber Teeter) married Elizabeth Beidelman (daughter of Jacob and Susannah Hockday Beidelman).

"FOLEY LINEAGE" *** contributor, Mrs. Jill (Ed) Foley. Olive Mabel Teeter (daughter of Frank and Angeline Doll Teeter) of Tompkins Co NY married 1917 Thomas Foley.

"TEETER KIN NOTES" *** obituary snippets.

"MISCELLANEOUS" *** data regarding Frank and Angeline Doll Teeter and their respective families.

"JOHN AUNGST OF OHIO, ET AL" *** other kin to include: Crunkilton, Robacker, Black, Current, West, Bresler, etc. Ophelia Robacker (d/o Sam/Mattie Aungst Robacker) married 1912 Clinton Black who had three children (my line).

"THE DUNHAM TREE" *** with two additional files: Deacon John Dunham history; and an expansive Dunham tree. See 1872 photo of John and Wealthy Barber Dunham's male offspring.

"FOTOS PLUS" *** contains assorted family photographs, with ancestral histories, to include: Black, Current, West, Robacker, Aungst, Eckerts, Sleichter, and Bresler, as well as Teeter, White, Pointer, Russell, Foley, McIntyre, Callahan, etc.

"COMMENTARY" *** special memoir.


"TEETER TOTS" *** ancestral tidbits.

"TEETERBOARD" *** New file per April 2012, where ongoing data unto the whole of Teeter Kin will now be added; even whilst tweaking other files.

"GREAT LINKS" *** resourceful databases; and notes.

My mottos: "Tree a twig...leaves you rooted." AND "Hoot for Genealogy!"

"Mom" 1917 OR - 2004 VA

In remembrance of loved ones who rest eternally: "YOUR memory stayeth my lifetime and that of others ~ SORROW follows loved ones passed ~ INDESCRIBABLE, soulful sadness ~ EASED by time, never erased ~ PAINS stilled, void remaining ~ MEMORIES, with courage sustained ~ STRENGTH for life's earthly journey ~ TOWARD a higher spiritual peace ~ WHEREIN, all shall follow."

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Disclaimer: TEETER KIN represents research data from many sources; said contents not without error. Rely upon other verifications should there be discrepancy within and of any compilation or record.

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"ARCHIVE.ORG" *** internet archives.