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Descendants of John Sackett-2

Fifth Generation

36. Samuel Sackett-254 (Samuel , John , John , John ) was born on 20 Mar 1740/1741. He died in 1826.

of North Haven, Conn.

Samuel married Abigail Blakeley-254sp on 24 Dec 1767.

They had the following children:

  52 F i Elisabeth Sackett-695.
  53 M ii Eli Sackett-696.
  54 M iii Solomon Sackett-697.
        Solomon married Ruth Turner-697sp on 1 Sep 1790.
  55 F iv Amelia Sackett-698.
        Amelia married Joel Turner-698sp on 9 Feb 1790.
  56 M v Joel Sackett-699 was born in Apr.
        Joel married Lydia Todd-699sp daughter of Hesekiah Todd and Lydia Frost in Dec 1789.
+ 57 M vi Samuel Sackett-694

38. Solomon Sackett-256 (Samuel , John , John , John ) was born in 1748. He died in 1828.

of New Haven and Norfolk, Conn.

Solomon Sackett, 1748-1828, was twice married. He and both of his wives are buried in the "North End Cemetery," at Norfolk. Several of their descendants resided in 1904, in the adjoining town of Colebrook.

He had the following children:

+ 58 M i Solomon Sackett-700
+ 59 M ii Thomas T. Sackett-701
  60 F iii Sylvia Sackett-702 was born in 1805. She died on 4 May 1833.

39. Sarah Sackett-259 (Jonathan , Jr. , Jonathan , John , John ) was born on 9 Aug 1721. She died on 5 Dec 1780.

Sarah married Elisha Booth Lt.-259sp.

of the Township of New Haven, Conn. In the cemetery at Hamden Plains, Conn., there stands a stone bearing the inscription:

This Stone is erected to the Memory of
who died Jan. 5, 1793. A 70 Also to his Wife
Who died Dec. 5, 1800 A 80.
"The Ritious shall be in everlasting remembrance."

Elisha and Sarah had the following children:

+ 61 M i Jonathan Booth-704
+ 62 F ii Hannah Booth-705

40. Richard Sackett-267 (Richard , Jonathan , John , John ) was born in 1701. He died in 1771.

Weygant, p. 111-112
"Immediately after the death of his father, in 1746, he purchased an improved farm at New Milford, Conn., and removed with his family from Dover, Dutchess County, N. Y., to this farm, which became henceforth his permanent place of abode. It is recorded in Dutchess County records that he refused to qualify as one of the executors of his father's estate, not caring to become involved in several suits at law then pending relative to title to certain extensive tracts of land, covered by his father's will. Not much has been learned of the life of Mr. Sackett at New Milford beyond the
Page 112
fact that he was a well-to-do farmer. He seems to have left a will that was not recorded, but several documents are extant, including an inventory of personal property and a memorandum, evidently prepared for the person who was to draw his will, and which undoubtedly cover the bulk of its contents. From these we learn that among his possessions, in addition to several pieces of real estate which he directed divided between his wife Mary and his children Richard Sackett, Jr: Margery, wife of David Green, and Mary, wife of Israel Camfield, there was a "Great" Bible, a sword and belt, a gun, a service book, household goods, farming utensils, and some tools for coopering. Also that said will was dated Jan. 1, 1771, and proven April 2, 1771, and that the larger share of said estate went to his son Richard."

[Note: On page 60, Weygant has the year of his death as 1772. From the date of probate of his will it is obvious that the year was 1771. - T. King]

Richard married Mary-267sp.

They had the following children:

  63 F i Margery Sackett-709.
        Margery married David Green-709sp.
  64 F ii Mary Sackett-710.  
From Hemenway's Vermont Historical Gazetteer:
Arlington, Vermont Bennington County
Vol. 1 pg. 136
"Israel Canfield was in the American service, but his wife was a most active loyalist. It is said that important messages between the British in Canada, and their friends in this region, passed through her hands. "Aunt Ann :Hawley, the bolder of the two, usually carried food to her son Eli, while to "Molly Sacket,: as she was called, a more quiet woman, was entrusted the duty of transmitting his messages. She died June 18, 1817, in her 75th year."
        Mary married, 6 Apr 1758 in CT, Israel Canfield-710sp.
From Hemenway's Vermont Historical Gazetteer: Arlington, Vermont Bennington County Vol. 1 pg. 136;
"... Israel Canfield, who is supposed to have been a cousin of Nathan Canfield, married Mary Sacket and came to Arlington from Connecticut about the same time.  Their children were , Sacket, John, Isaac, Nathaniel and Anson Bassett.  Israel Canfield was in the American service ... [he died] March 20, 1827, aged 97. Professing religion at the advanced, age 82, he was nevertheless regarded as an exemplary Christian.  His strictness in observing the Sabbath and other religious duty was specially marked."
+ 65 M iii Richard Sackett , Jr.-711
  66 F iv Elisabeth Sackett-712 was born on 14 Oct 1751.

Probably died in infancy
  67 F v Catherine Sackett-713 was born on 14 Oct 1751.

Probably died in infancy

41. John Sackett M. D.-268 (Richard , Jonathan , John , John ).

of Dover, Dutchess County, N. Y., and Stephentown in the present County of Rensselaer, both in the state of New York

He is frequently mentioned in early records of Dutchess County in connection with sales of real estate. In a deed given by him to one Moses Harris for 3,497 acres of land that had been a part of his father's estate, he is referred to as "John Sackett of Dover, sole executor and youngest son of Capt. Richard Sackett." In Hunting's "History of Little Nine Partners," a facsimile of his signature is shown. After about 1760 he resided at Stephentown. - [Weygant]
Note: There is one unnamed child with a spouse whose surname is given. Because of the fact that the surname is given and the given name is not, I have assumed that this Sackett child is a daughter. - T. King

John married Elizabeth Maston.

Sackett, Andrew P.; Ancestors and Descendants of Frederick Plummer Sackett; p. 62:
"...John Sackett, "Chirurgeon", and his wife Elizabeth Maston, who lived in Stephantown, Rensselaer County, N.Y."
Post on Sackett Family Forum on GenForum:
"...Elizabeth Masten, daughter of Art(Aert) Masten and Pieternella Viele who lived in Ulster and Dutchess counties in New York. Ulster probate lists Aert as the son of Cornelius Masten who was the son of John Marston of Flushing, New York."

John and Elizabeth had the following children:

+ 68 F i Mary Sackett-721
+ 69 F ii Elizabeth Sackett-720
+ 70 M iii John Sackett , Jr.-719
+ 71 F iv Lois Sackett-723
+ 72 M v Richard Sackett-717
+ 73 M vi Benjamin Sackett Capt.-716
+ 74 M vii Ezekiel Sackett-715
  75 F viii Margery Sackett-718.
        Margery married Josiah Beardsley-718sp on 6 Jan 1763.
  76 F ix Catherine Sackett-722.
  77 F x Sackett Miss-724.

Because of the fact that the surname of the spouse is given, I have assumed that the Sackett child is a daughter who was mentioned as Mrs. Wadsworth. - T. King
        Miss married Wadsworth Mr.-724sp.

44. Josiah Crego Sackett-271 (Richard , Jonathan , John , John ) was born in Dover, Dutchess County, N. Y. He died after 1765 in New Milford, Litchfield Co., CT..

Josiah Sackett resided for several years previous to his death at New Milford, Conn. He married about 1650 [sic 1750] a Miss Douglass whose mother is supposed to have been a sister of Col. Philip Skeen, of Albany County, N. Y. Mr. Sackett and his wife died several years previous to the commencement of the war of the Revolution, and their orphan children were distributed among their mother's people. [Weygant, p. 113]
Note: Weygant has two children listed which are of an uncertain sex:
726. Prime Sackett.
728. ______ Sackett.

Josiah married Douglas Miss-271sp about 1750. Miss died after 1765.

They had the following children:

  78 F i Nelly Sackett-725 was born about 1753 in CT..

Weygant, p. 113
        Nelly married Simeon Kelsey-725sp in 1754 in CT..
  79 M ii Prime Sackett-726.

Weygant, p. 113
  80 M iii Prince Sackett-727.

Weygant, p. 113
iv Sackett-728.

Weygant, p. 113
This individual is possibly the same individual as 714-Aaron Sackett who m. Phebe Hart.
+ 82 M v Skene Douglas Sackett-729
+ 83 M vi Aaron Sackett-714

50. Samuel Sackett-280 (Joseph , Joseph , John , John ) was born in 1747 in New Haven, CT.. He died on 20 Aug 1816.

Samuel Sackett, 1747-1816, was born at New Haven, Conn. In 1767 he was married to Thankful Wood, daughter of John Wood, and in the same year settled on a 250 acre section of Big Nine Partners, in Dutchess County, N. Y., near Huns Lake. There had been an Indian settlement on the property and a number of their deserted wigwams were yet standing when he took possession. He constructed first, for himself and his bride, a substantial log cabin, but later erected a commodious farm house, in which all but the two oldest of his nine children were born, and all grew to maturity. Gradually, as his children became able to assist him, his wilderness section was transferred into a cleared and exceedingly productive farm, and at his death, which occurred Aug. 20, 1816, he was reputed a man of large means. Several of his children had died previous to his demise and were buried in a family plot on his farm, and there he too was laid to rest. His wife Thankful lived to her 92nd year. In the war of the Revolution he was an active patriot, serving through several campaigns in the Sixth Dutchess County Regment. By the terms of his will his Dutchess County farm passed to his sons Isaac and Joel.
[Weygant, pp 113-114]
Abstracts of Wills of Dutchess County, New York, 1752 - 1834.
Volume 7 page 25:
Samuel Sacket, Stanford
Dated April 1, 1812 probated September 3, 1816
Mentions: wife Thankful
sons Gehiel, Samuel, Jr., James, Joel and Isaac
daughters Hannah, wife of Mathew Scott
" Phebe, wife of James Germond
" Polly, wife of Lasher Row
" Betsy, wife of Derias Sweet
my Sister Ester (Hester?)
Executors: two sons Gehiel (Jehiel) and Samuel Sacket, Jr.
Witnesses: Jesse Thompson
Gurdon Miller
Jesse P. Thompson
Signed: Samuel Sacket

Samuel married Thankful Wood-280sp daughter of John Wood in 1767.

They had the following children:

+ 84 M i Jehial Sackett Hon.-730
+ 85 M ii Samuel W. Sackett-731
  86 M iii James Sackett-732.
        James married Susan Pulver-732sp.
  87 F iv Hannah Sackett-733 died after 3 Sep 1816.
        Hannah married Matthew Scott-733sp.
  88 F v Phoebe Sackett-734 died after 3 Sep 1816.
        Phoebe married James Jermond-734sp.
  89 F vi Polly Sackett-735 died after 3 Sep 1816.

Abstract of her father's will gives her husband's name as Lasher Row
        Polly married James Rowe-735sp.
  90 F vii Betsey Sackett-736 died after 3 Sep 1816.
        Betsey married Darius Sweet-736sp.
+ 91 M viii Joel Sackett-737
+ 92 M ix Isaac Sackett Capt.-738

51. Rebecca Thompson (Sarah Alling , Sarah Sackett , John , John ).

Rebecca married Lieut. Samuel King.

They had the following children:

+ 93 F i Deborah King

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