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Descendants of John Sackett-2

Sixth Generation


74. Ezekiel Sackett-715 (John , Richard , Jonathan , John , John ).

of Dutchess County, N. Y.

was married Nov. 13, 1759, to Mary Atherton, Daughter of James Atherton,who came from Canterbury, Conn., to Dutchess County, N. Y., and removed from there in 1769 to Wilkesbarre, Penn., where he died in 1790.

Ezekiel married Mary Atherton-715sp daughter of James Atherton on 13 Nov 1759.

They had the following children:

  182 M i Jesse Sackett-1690.
        Jesse married Blackmeath. Miss-1690sp
  183 M ii Reuben Sackett-1691.
        Reuben married Dibble Miss-1691sp
  184 M iii Nathaniel Sackett-1692.
+ 185 F iv Anne Sackett-1693
  186 F v Joanna Sackett-1694.
        Joanna married Reuben Delano-1694sp on 7 Jan 1779. 
  187 F vi Della Sackett-1695.
  188 F vii Polly Sackett-1696.
        Polly married Reuben Martin-1696sp
82. Skene Douglas Sackett-729 (Josiah Crego , Richard , Jonathan , John , John ) was born in 1765. He died on 9 Jun 1852 in Windsor, Astabula County, Ohio.
Weygant, p. 113, 167-168
of New Milford, Conn., and Astabula County, Ohio

Conn. Both of his parents having died while he was quite young, he was sent to live with a Mr. Bull, who had married one of his mother's sisters.

According to family tradition he was a strong, healthy lad, who in appearance was a full grown man before he had completed his 14th year. The records of "Connecticut in the Revolution: show that:

"Skene Douglas, residence N. Milford, enlisted Jan. 23, 1780, for three years, in Captain Samuel Comstock's Company, of Colonel Heman Swift's Second Regiment of the Connecticut Line." Also that "Skene Douglas, a member of Captain Joseph Allen Wright's Company, of Second Regiment of Connecticut Line, commanded of Colonel Heman Swift, was paid from January 31, 1781." And also that "Skene Douglas Sackett, a Connecticut Revolutionary soldier, residing in the State of Ohio, was a pensioner, under the law of 1818."

The traditional explanation of the dropping of his surname when he enlisted is that he hoped by so doing to prevent his uncle discovering his whereabout and securing his discharge on account of his being under the prescribed age, the inference being that his uncle was a Tory.

The following additional records relating to him were furnished the compiler of this volume by Mr. F. J. Sackett, of Cincinnati, Ohio, one of his lineal descendants: "Skene Douglas Sackett removed from Connecticut to the Whitestone country, as it was then called, in 1798, where he rented a farm on the reservation of the Brotherton Indians, in Oneida County, N. Y. About 1800 he came to Thompson, Geauga County, Ohio. . . . and lived on land that is now a portion of the city of Painesville, until about 1803, when he removed so the township of Mesopotamia, Trumbell County, Ohio, where he lived some two years, removing from there to Windsor, Astabula County, Ohio, where he lived the balance of his life, dying June 9, 1852."

Skene married Hannah Saxton-729sp about 1788.
of Waterbury, Conn.

Weygant has her surname as SEXTON and as SAXTON.

Skene and Hannah had the following children:
+ 189 M i Gery Sackett-1744
+ 190 F ii Polly Sackett-1745
  191 F iii Elisabeth Sackett-1746 was born on 7 Sep 1793. She died in died before reaching maturity. 

Weygant, p. 168

+ 192 M iv Chauncey Sackett-1748
  193 M v Horace Sackett-1749 was born on 25 Sep 1803. He died on 22 Mar 1870. 

Weygant, p. 168

        Horace married Dirmeriss Olin-1749sp
83. Aaron Sackett-714 (Josiah Crego , Richard , Jonathan , John , John ) died after 1803 in prob VT.
[Discussion of Aaron's disputed ancestry]

------------ Time Line for AARON SACKETT m. PHEBE HART ----------
Aaron Sackett, son of __________ , b. ????
Phebe, dau of Timothy Hart and Phebe Fenn, b. 3 May 1764, Wallingford, New Haven Co., CT.[Hart Genealogy]
Aaron SACKETT (SACKET) m. Phebe HART, 06 Jul. 1786 in Litchfield, Litchfield Co., CT [Vol. 1, p. 201, Litchfield Vital Records]
Huldah, dau. of Aaron and Phebe, b. 25 Jun. 1787 [Vol. 1, p. 201, Litchfield Vital Records]
Elizabeth, dau. of Aaron and Phebe, b. 08 Apr. 1789 [Vol. 1, p. 201, Litchfield Vital Records]
1790 Census, Litchfield Co., CT. Aaron Sacket, 2 males over 16; 3 females
Clarissa, dau. of Aaron and Phebe, b. 26 May 1791 [Vol. 1, p. 201, Litchfield Vital Records]
Charles, son of Aaron and Phebe, b. 23 May 1793 [Vol. 1, p. 201, Litchfield Vital Records]
Amanda, dau. of Aaron and Phebe, b. 23 Aug. 1795 [Vol. 1, p. 201, Litchfield Vital Records]
Phebe Hart, dau. of Aaron and Phebe, b. 27 May 1798 [Vol. 1, p. 201, Litchfield Vital Records]
1800 Census Litchfield Co., CT. Aaron Sacket 32010-1001000 [No match unless son and daughters are switched]
William, son of Aaron and Phebe, b. 2 Sep 1800, CT. [1850 IN. Census, Eden, La Grange Co., Roll 157, page 4B]
Electa, dau. of Aaron and Phebe, b. 28 Sep 1802
In 1803, Aaron removed to Rutland Co., Vermont. [Source: Andrew P. Sackett, page 62.]
25 Jun. 1804, Warning Out: SACKET, Aaron and family; copy given to his wife. [Wallingford [VT.] Warnings Out Vol. 2, p. 116]*
Nancy, dau of Aaron and Phebe, b. 3 Jan 1805
Malinda, dau of Aaron and Phebe, b. 29 Oct 1807
* It is interesting to note that the 1810 census for Vermont has only one Sackett listed, Derick Sacket of Tinmouth, Rutland Co., VT. In the account of Aaron's children given by A. P. Sackett, three of the daughters were married and remained in VT.; Hulda, b. 1787; Elizabeth, b. 1789; Phebe, b. 1797. The first two would have been age 17 and 15 in 1804 when the Warning Out was issued. But the daughter Phebe would have been only 7 years old at that time and she would have been 13 in 1810 and her husband, Levi Nichols would have been 19. This would seem to indicate that Phebe was married after 1810 and that her family was still in Vermont in 1810. The last two children of Aaron and Phebe were born in 1805 and 1807. The question then arises; why was the family not listed in the census? One possibility is that Aaron died before 1810 and his widow and children were living with one of her relatives in Rutland Co., VT.
Weygant, Charles; The Sacketts of America
Sackett, Andrew P.; Ancestors and Descendants of Frederick Plummer Sackett
Federal Census for Litchfield Co., CT. 1790 and 1800
Litchfield Vital Records
Hart Genealogy
Wallingford [VT.] Warnings Out Vol. 2, p. 116

Aaron married Phebe Hart daughter of Timothy Hart and Phebe Fenn on 6 Jul 1786 in Litchfield Co., CT. Phebe was born on 3 May 1763 in Wallingford, New Haven Co., CT..
Hart genealogy has her birth as May 3, 1763
Aaron and Phebe had the following children:
  194 F i Hulda Sackett was born on 25 Jun 1787. 

From Kathy Campbell :
Barbour Collection Vol. 1, p. 201, Litchfield Vital Records
Huldah, dau. of Aaron and Phebe, b. 25 Jun. 1787
Hulda, married Stephen HYDE, and they were living in Wallingford in 1810 (Rutland Co. Census, p. 216 (written): Stephen HIDE).
Stephen and Hulda were also ancestors of Alonzo Hyde, Jr. who m. Emma GREGORY.

        Hulda married Stephen Hyde
+ 195 F ii Elizabeth Sackett
  196 F iii Clarissa Sackett was born on 26 May 1791. 

From Kathy Campbell :
Barbour Collection Vol. 1, p. 201, Litchfield Vital Records
Clarissa, dau. of Aaron and Phebe, b. 26 May 1791

        Clarissa married Mr. Thompson
+ 197 M iv Charles Sackett-12721
+ 198 F v Amanda Sackett
+ 199 F vi Phebe Hart Sackett
+ 200 M vii William Sackett-12720
  201 F viii Electa Sackett was born on 28 Sep 1802. 
        Electa married Mr. Hammond
+ 202 F ix Nancy Sackett
+ 203 F x Malinda Sackett
84. Jehial Sackett Hon.-730 (Samuel , Joseph , Joseph , John , John ) was born on 24 Jul 1768. He died in 1832.
of Stamford, Dutchess County, N. Y.

Weygant has the year of his death as 1822 and as 1832.

Jehial Sackett was a life-long and highly respected resident of Dutchess County. He took an intelligent interest in public affairs. In 1805 and for several years thereafter he was Superintendent of the Poor. In 1816 and 1817 he represented the town of Bangall in the County Board of Supervisors, and in 1818 was a member of the Lower House of the State Legislature.

Jehial married Samantha Knapp-730sp daughter of Phineas Knapp and Mercy Rundle. Samantha was born in 1771. She died in 1845.

They had the following children:

+ 204 F i Camelia Sackett-1750
+ 205 M ii Stephen Sackett-1751
  206 F iii Sally Sackett-1752 was born on 2 Nov. 
        Sally married George Guernsey-1752sp
+ 207 M iv Niram Sackett Col.-1753
+ 208 M v Artemus E. Sackett-1754
  209 F vi Tamena Sackett-1755 was born on 28 Nov 1801. 
        Tamena married Ezekiel B. Guernsey-1755sp
+ 210 M vii Phineas Sackett-1756
+ 211 M viii Samuel J. Sackett-1757
+ 212 M ix John T. Sackett-1758
  213 M x Isaac H. Sackett-1759 was born on 28 Nov 1810. 
+ 214 M xi Asa Alling Sackett-1760
  215 F xii Semantha Sackett-1761 was born on 20 Apr 1816. 
        Semantha married Smith Tompkins-1761sp
85. Samuel W. Sackett-731 (Samuel , Joseph , Joseph , John , John ) died on 10 Feb 1845.
of Stamford, Dutchess County, N. Y.
Samuel married Anna Hammond-731sp before 1796.
of New Haven, Conn.

Weygant gives her surname as Hanmore and as Hammond.

Samuel and Anna had the following children:
  216 F i Lucinda Sackett-1762 was born on 11 Apr 1796. She died on 8 Jan 1839. 
        Lucinda married Levi Terry-1762sp
+ 217 M ii Orville Sackett Capt.-1763
+ 218 M iii Harry Sackett-1764
  219 M iv William Sackett-1765 was born on 20 May 1802. He died on 8 Dec 1805. 
  220 F v Clara Sackett-1766 was born on 30 Aug 1804. She died on 17 Oct 1872. 
        Clara married John Humphrey-1766sp
  221 F vi Jane Sackett-1767 was born on 29 Sep 1807. She died on 10 May 1815. 
+ 222 F vii Ann Sackett-1768
  223 M viii Samuel H. Sackett-1769.
        Samuel married Amy Case-1769sp
+ 224 F ix Janette Sackett-1770
  225 F x Polly Sackett-1771 was born on 9 Sep 1819. 
        Polly married Leonard Carman-1771sp
91. Joel Sackett-737 (Samuel , Joseph , Joseph , John , John ) died in 1836.
of Stamford, Dutchess County, N. Y.

Weygant gives his birth year as 1786, but this makes him about 13 years of age at the birth of his first child.

Joel married Betsey Husted-737sp.

They had the following children:

+ 226 M i Nathan Sackett-1775
+ 227 M ii Leonard Sackett-1776
+ 228 M iii Theron Sackett-1777
+ 229 M iv Egbert Sackett-1778
  230 F v Maria Sackett-1779 was born in 1804. She died in 1883. 
        Maria married Gildersleeve Mr.-1779sp
  231 F vi Cynthia Sackett-1780 was born in 1806. 
        Cynthia married Ward Mr.-1780sp
+ 232 M vii John Sackett-1781
  233 F viii Julia Sackett-1782 was born in 1810. She died on 18 Dec 1883. 
        Julia married Edward Latham-1782sp
+ 234 M ix Hiram Sackett-1783
+ 235 M x Morgan Sackett-1784
+ 236 F xi Eliza Sackett-1785
  237 F xii Emma Sackett-1786 was born in 1822. 
        Emma married Richard Bartlett-1786sp
92. Isaac Sackett Capt.-738 (Samuel , Joseph , Joseph , John , John ) was born in 1786. He died in 1836.
of Dutchess County, N. Y.

He was in 1815 commissioned a Lieutenant in 29th Regiment N. Y.
Infantry, and the following year was promoted to a Captaincy in same organization.

Isaac married Betsey Barnum-738sp.
Source for Betsey's surname:
"Elizabeth Case Richie wote in 1914 the following: 'Mother (Minerva Sackett) died at cousin Georte Sanford's house in Tekonsha Mich. His wife was Mary Barnum, an own cousin of mother's' She also wrote, 'Mother was a relative of P. T. Barnum, cousin I believe, the circus owner'" - [From Mary Lou Sackett from Mrs. Irene Case Sparks files in the Grand Rapids Public Library, Grand Rapids, MI.]
Isaac and Betsey had the following children:
  238 M i Edward Sackett-1787 died in In childhood. 
+ 239 F ii Minerva Sackett-1788
+ 240 F iii Mary Sackett-1789
93. Deborah King (Rebecca Thompson , Sarah Alling , Sarah Sackett , John , John )

Deborah married Rev. Joseph Avery.

They had the following children:

+ 241 M i Samuel Avery

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